Obsidian North, simply Obsidian, is an advanced technology company located in National City.


Andrea Rojas inherited the company from her father, Bernardo Rojas.[1]

Richard Bates was a beta-tester for the Obsidian Platinum virtual reality lenses; he disliked his experience because he caught his wife enjoying time with another man, but when he tried to escape the reality the failsafe did not work. He reported the problem to Kelly Olsen and Margot Morrison continued the exit interview.[2]

Todd Sapphire was fired. Later, Amy Sapphire sought to kill Andrea in the company's elevator.[3]

Alex Danvers came to Obsidian North hoping to enter Virtual Las Vegas so that she could find Trevor Crane; Kelly told Alex the rules of the virtual reality before she entered.[2]

Since Alex did not want to go to her father's funeral, but Kelly did not want to go to Midvale without her, Kelly sat in her office, letting Alex have time alone in their apartment. William Dey asked Kelly why was Lex Luthor launching so many satellites, but Kelly told him that that had nothing to do with Obsidian Platinum.[4]

Lex is greeted by Andrea and Gemma.

When Lex returned from introducing Obsidian Platinum to over a hundred different countries, he was greeted by Andrea and Gemma Cooper. Later, Gamemnae showed her anger with Lex for allowing one of her agents to be captured and for killing Margot Morrison.[5]

William and Kelly told Andrea that Eve Teschmacher might try to stop the Worldwide Unity Festival, making Andrea angry and threaten to fire Kelly.[6]

On the day of the Worldwide Unity Festival, Gamemnae conversed with the Elder in Gemma Cooper's office, but only Lex saw Gemma's transformation during the conversation. Later, Lex talked her into sending Acrata to kill Supergirl, causing Andrea to learn finally that Leviathan and Obsidian North were linked through Gemma.[1]

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  • Obsidian North is beta-testing a line of augmented reality contact lenses which makes the wearer's eyes glow silver.
  • One of Obsidian North's VR projects is a virtual gym that allows the user to work out in several exotic environments.
  • Kelly Olsen's new job with Obsidian North involves using their virtual reality technology to treat patients with dementia and PTSD.

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