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"Escape the event and find comfort in Obsidian Platinum VR!"
—Obsidian North commercial[src]

Obsidian Platinum is technology developed by Obsidian North that allows the user to enter into an augmented reality realm.


"With me as your global ambassador, there won't be an eyeball from Tokyo to Tajikistan without Obsidian Platinum."
—Lex Luthor[src]

Reality can be a very cruel place. It can separate people from loved ones through death, never to be seen again.[1] People can grow up with siblings who get more attention or who get sick to the point that is unbearable. However, all that is different in the virtual reality of Obsidian Platinum. It is a world where one can have superhuman powers,[2] or have a sleigh ride pulled by a giant white tiger with a lover whom one never met in reality.[3]


Lex in Prague.

Andrea Rojas created the virtual reality through the works of her staff at Obsidian North.[4] Lex Luthor, a successful business mogul and charitable entrepreneur [5] came onboard with the project after receiving approval from "Gemma Cooper", Andrea's not-so-silent partner, to promote the reality beyond National City.[4] Kelly Olsen was in charge of beta testing while William Dey, a reporter from CatCo Worldwide Media, was the media coverage. Lex went to over one hundred different countries promoting the lenses that caused people to have their greatest dreams a reality.[5] Andrea wanted the world to be a happier, more unified place with the introduction of the Worldwide Unity Festival, where the virtual reality would be launched globally.

Andrea Rojas and "Gemma Cooper".

However, there was a darker side to which Andrea was naively ignorant; "Gemma" was a member of a secret organization called Leviathan and truly an immortal being named Gamemnae, who allowed Lex to join because he promised that she would be able to conquer the world unfettered, if everyone was in their own reality.[1]

After her father's death, Alex Danvers was devastated and used Obsidian Platinum lenses to create a perfect reality for her, where she was a hero and her father was alive.

Alex in Obsidian Platinum.

Alex then entered the virtual National City, where she was considered the number 1 heroine. After saving the city from a virtual dragon and defeating Hank Henshaw, Alex, J'onn and Brainy went to Al's bar. The barista offered Alex a drink and then did the same when another client dressed as Supergirl arrived, leaving Alex confused and making her go away.


She woke up in her apartment, but in reality it was still part of the simulation. "J'onn" called her and said that Psi had launched a psychic attack on the city to make people doubt the reality, so Alex went out to arrest her. Kelly tried to wake her up and created a simulation of Alex to wake her up. so, the NPCs tried to force her to stay, but she froze them and destroyed them using her super breath and returned to Earth-Prime.[2]

Worldwide Unity Festival logo.

During Obsidian Platinum beta testing, Lex knew[5]that individuals became trapped in their own fantasies or the dark, twisted fantasies of others.[3] Though Kelly would report the glitches and William would find the human cause,[6] Andrea was myopic and would allow nothing to stop the coming of the Festival or to sully the reputation of the company that she inherited from her father.[1]

The day before the Festival, the people who had invested in Obsidian Platinum knew that if they could not escape harm physically, they could mentally. The sun grew darker for a moment, but, instead of facing the crisis, many retreated into their own world until the problem passed.[5]

Andrea and Gamemnae see how many people are at the Unity Festival.

On the day of the Festival, over two billion people connected in a way never seen before; each could do in VR whatever they wanted with mental constructs of whomever they wanted. The biggest problem was that their physical bodies were limp and hapless; one could be killed without even knowing how they died, as Gamemnae could, with the push of a button, kill everyone in the VR. Lex convinced her to wait until at least 1/4 of humanity was enthralled; the other 3/4 would be too mournful to rebel. Supergirl chose to intervene personally and entered the VR for the first time; she spoke personally to over a quarter of the planet, asking each person to end the simulation as a threat was coming to which they needed to be aware and alert.[1] The Paragon of Hope[7]

Supergirl tries to get through to Platinum users.

brought hope to the desperate world by saying that reality was better because it allows one to grow; Leviathan wanted mankind to be a graveyard of mindless junkies as it conquered. Listening to the hero, everyone relinquished their use of Obsidian Platinum.

Meanwhile, Andrea's heart was broken as she learned the truth, brought to her by Gamemnae herself when she wanted Acrata, Andrea's alter ego, at threat to her father, to kill the helpless Supergirl. However, Andrea's best friend, Lena Luthor, guarded the hero and kept Andrea from making a life-altering action.[1]

Lex installed a backdoor program he dubbed "I Love Lexi" in Obsidian Platinum where those who used it would deem him lovable, no matter what he did. The program was to be distributed by the satellites that he had earlier launched. Those who did not use the VR, except Lillian and Lena Luthor, would be killed by the Non Nocere Program that was integrated into "I Love Lexi". Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian combined their powers to destroy the satellites.

Since Obsidian Platinum was a failure, it caused the downfall and bankruptcy of Obsidian North.[8]


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  • Obsidian Platinum is run entirely through wi-fi booster towers.
  • Obsidian Platinum maps outward from the users brain, making the NPCs resemble people from their memories.
  • The users have a variety of fantasies to choose from based on their memories and personalities.
    • Alex
      • Teenager
      • Supergirl
      • Mother
      • Doctor
      • Spy
    • Bonnie
      • Treasure Hunter Tilly
    • Derek
      • Rock star
  • a fail-safe tied to the bio-metrics of the user of Obsidian Platinum's lenses, that is meant to manifest a button the user can push to end the simulation when they are feeling unduly stressed.
  • Obsidian Platinum connects to a person's biology rather than acting through a link to their brain. It causes everything they experience to feel real.
  • Advanced Obsidian Platinum users can customize the virtual world but it takes time for the additions to be cataloged by the games' manager.  As such, there are some places (like The Escape Palace) where the people running the game have no clue what is going on.
  • The new Obsidian Platinum lenses have a 150 petaflop bio-link interface.
  • The Obsidian Platinum cloud has a fail-safe. If power is drained from Obsidian North's generators, it draws power off of National City's grid to ensure the launch takes place. Unfortunately, since the city is run from a Luthor Power Core system that acquires power as quickly as it is lost, it could cause most of the transformers in the city to explode as well as cause a city-wide blackout.
  • The transmitter from the Obsidian contacts uses an ocular interface. Lena is trying to model it directly into the brain.
  • One component of Obsidian North's contact lenses is a Lumus pixellator.
  • Most interesting is that despite this being an Earth-Prime problem, neither Cisco or Curtis (tech experts) were consulted (even off-screen) by the Superfriends to help prove the nefarious purposes the lenses truly posed.
    • However, the Superfriends did have people to investigate the problem such as Kelly Olsen who worked on the tech itself.