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Ocean (born before 1990)[1] was a botanist and the brother-figure of Safiyah Sohail, as well as a former associate of the False Face Society. Safiyah had erased his memories as a result of his romantic involvement with Alice during their time together on Coryana, after which he moved to Gotham and created the Snakebite for the False Face Society. Due to his botanist knowledge, he was the only one who knew how to make it, but he taught some of the process to Angelique Martin before he was found by Alice, who had also had her memories erased and had been sent by Safiyah to kill him.

However, they started to regain some of their memories upon meeting, so they ran away together instead. Despite their rekindled relationship, Safiyah still convinced Alice to stab him. However, he survived thanks to Safiyah having enhanced the blade with Desert Rose extract, as she just wanted to make him see that Alice didn't really love him. Seeking the truth, he tracked down Alice and they got into a fight, only for Safiyah's memory eraser herself, Enigma, to fully restore their memories as she got tired of the conflict. Subsequently, Ocean forgave Alice for having stabbed him and they got back together. However, Ocean killed Enigma to prevent Alice from getting Kate back. Ocean was eventually killed by Tatiana as punishment for betraying Safiyah.


Early life

Ocean became a botanist who learned how to grow psychedelic mushrooms.[1]

Ocean and Alice in Coryana.

At some point, Ocean came to Coryana[2] and joined the Many Arms of Death. One night during his time on the island, he was strangling another person, and was called by Safiyah Sohail. Then he was introduced to Alice. At first, the two hated each other. Then, they became training partners, with Ocean teaching Alice many techniques about fighting. The two got into a passionate relationship after talking about Alice's twin sister, Kate Kane at a campfire.

During which, Ocean revealed that he had stolen one of the Desert Roses, planning to leave the island and mass produce the plant. His treachery however was discovered. Furious at Ocean's various betrayals, especially stealing Beth's affection when she had grown to desire Beth, Safiyah had Enigma wipe the couple's memories of each other.[3]

Some time later, Ocean managed to escape the island. At some point, Ocean obtained Napier's real painting[4] and created a duplicate for display. Ocean became a dealer in Gotham City, being the supplier for Angelique Martin,[1] giving her a plant which she ultimately gave to Ryan Wilder.[5]

Only Ocean and Angelique knew the formula of making Snakebite.[6]

Rediscovering Alice

Five years after leaving Coryana, Ocean was at a bar where he saw a woman (who without him knowing was Alice) whom he congratulates for making the guy who was hitting on her leave. They drink and flirt until she asks about his origins, which drives him to leave. When he was returning to his room, he saw the woman trying to invade, causing him to knock her out and tie her in his chair. When she wakes up, the two discuss their connection with Safiyah Sohail when the Many Arms of Death arrive. The two fight the killers and flee. They both have strange pains and memories as they talk and get closer. As they escape the hotel in a car, Ocean reveals that he has the Napier painting.[4]

They went to an abandoned train base, where they talked about Coryana and their lost memories of her. Ocean questioned her if she had given it to Safiyah and Alice denied it saying they were together. Afterwards, Alice tried to kill him. In the middle of the fight, Alice touched him and again remembered parts of their past. Then Sophie Moore arrived demanding that Ocean show him the real painting of Jack Napier, which contained Coryana's map, and even though Alice was against it, he did. Then they got a body and disguised it to look like Ocean, so she called Safiyah and said he was dead. Ocean got off part of the train and said that Alice was crazier than he thought, and she thanked him.[1]

After interrogating Tatiana, Alice told Ocean that it was Enigma that erased their memories. He said he would go to Portofino and asked where she would go, with her replying that she is going back to Coryana. He then told her to live her life and left.[3]

Back to Coryana

Safiyah managed to find Ocean and took him to Coryana, where she asked Alice to choose him or her sister. Alice then chose Kate and stabbed Ocean with Safiyah's knife. Later, the knife was removed from Ocean's chest by Safiyah, who explained to Tatiana that her knife was dipped in a potion that caused suspended animation; by removing it, Ocean's life belonged to Safiyah. Ocean then watched as Safiyah stabbed Tatiana, placing her in suspended animation and telling him that when she is forgiven of her trespasses, it will be removed. Ocean said she was insane and she told her guards to take him.[7]

Return to Gotham

Finding Alice

Since Alice had destroyed all of the Desert Rose plants on Coryana,[7] Ocean remembered that there was one plant left, the one he gave to Angelique,[5] causing Safiyah to send him to Gotham to retrieve the plant. Arriving in Gotham, Ocean also decided to pursue his ulterior motive, gaining revenge on Alice for stabbing him weeks earlier.[7]

Ocean abruptly entered the office of Evelyn Rhyme and found Evelyn and Alice both there; a fight between the two former lovers quickly occurred. Suddenly, Evelyn said a phrase which caused the two to regain their lost memories while temporarily paralyzing them.

After leaving the office and walking through an alley, Ocean and Alice discussed why Ocean was in the city. With his past returned, Ocean tired of pretending that he was not attracted to Alice and asked her if she was attracted to him. After prolonged pretense, Alice admitted with a kiss that she was in love with him.[8]

Loving Alice

Ocean and Alice spend the night together. The next morning, Ocean is awakened by members of the False Face Society hitting him and Alice as they kidnap him. Ocean is taken to a barge with a chemistry lab, is partnered with Angelique Martin, and is told that they will be videotaped as they make the latest batch of Snakebite. The two hesitate, but the gang member threatens them to comply. As the two work, Ocean tells Angelique about Alice and how much he loves her.

Just as the two complete the drug, the gang member says that he has orders to kill them; Ocean says that they are needed alive because no one can make the drug like them, but the gang member says he has orders to follow and shoots Ocean in the abdomen. Batwoman arrives and destroys the drug, angering the gang member before she beats him up. Ocean and Angelique are told to flee, as Batwoman is approached by another woman.[9]

Alice meets Ocean in the tunnels.

For two days, Ocean hid at the old subway car. When Alice returned he kissed her, but she was not receptive and told him that she was busy. Concerned, Ocean wanted to know the problems, causing Alice to cry in his arms that she learned that Kate Kane was alive and where she was.

Ocean accompanied Alice to Evelyn Rhyme's office, where the women discussed how to free Kate from Evelyn's hypnosis. Ocean listened quietly as Alice relayed how Kate found freedom when riding her motorcycle; Evelyn said that the motorcycle's keys coupled with a hypnotic password phrase would return Kate's memories of who she is and Kate to Alice's life. Suddenly, Ocean twisted Dr. Rhyme's head until her neck snapped. Alice screamed in horror, because Evelyn had not told Alice the password phrase yet. Ocean decided that Alice did not need Evelyn or the phrase because he did not want Kate around Alice. Ocean then gave a list of how Kate was toxic and did not truly love Alice, choosing others over her constantly. In tears, Alice was unresponsive when Ocean finished his speech with how he loved Alice and was not going to allow her to be hurt further.[10]

A few hours later, Ocean returned to the office and told Alice that he planned to remove and hide Evelyn's body; Alice agreed, citing that they do not want the wrath of her father. Ocean was confused until Alice pointed to the "question mark" symbol on Evelyn's walking cane.

After hiding the body, Ocean returned to the abandoned train car where Alice questioned why he continued to stay with her, despite her attempts to push him away. Ocean said that he does not control whom he loves. Alice admitted that she wants both him and Kate in her life; Ocean kissed to silence her.[11]


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Ocean shook Jacob Kane's hand when Alice introduced them and verified Alice's story to her father that Alice was a loving and lovable person until she was hypnotized by Evelyn.

Ocean returned to the subway car where he and Alice stayed and was killed by Tatiana. Alice avenged him by killing her and was saddened by his death.[12]


"Earth to earth. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Ocean to ocean."
Safiyah Sohail[src]

As Alice cried over Ocean's corpse, Mary Hamilton arrives; at knife point, Alice tells Mary to save him, but Mary cites that Ocean is long gone. Later, Alice cremates Ocean and pours his ashes into the ocean. Safiyah arrives and startles Alice by saying a benediction as Ocean's ashes float away.[13]


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When Ocean met Beth Kane, he was a peaceful individual, as he was the only one apart from Catherine Hamilton herself who thought that what she did for the Kane family was a favor and try to make Beth stop her revenge; because it would not bring her any peace. Yet, Ocean did sympathize with Beth for wanting revenge and not be being able to forgive Catherine and her family.


  • Peak human condition: Ocean was in top physical condition. He was strong enough to snap Enigma's neck with his bare hands.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As the trainer of many members of the Many Arms of Death, Ocean was a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. Alice also become a skilled combatant/martial artist under his tutelage.
  • Master botanist: Ocean mentioned he was versed in botany, which was how he was presumably able to innovate a process at extracting oil from psychedelic mushrooms potent enough, even in small doses, to "water down" Fear toxin, which was crucial for the marketing of Snakebite.