"There's good in the worst of us, and evil... in the best of us. When we know this, we're less able to hate... our enemies."
—Percy Odell quoting Martin Luther King[src]

Agent Percy Odell[1] is a dedicated A.S.A. agent who oversaw the continuation of Martin Proctor's rogue operation.


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Early life

Percy Odell was born in Gotham. At some point, he marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

Working for A.S.A.

Agent Odell interviewed Lynn Stewart about how she obtained the stasis pods containing the Meta-human children from the rogue A.S.A. operation overseen by Martin Proctor. Lynn claimed that she received an anonymous phone call to claim the pods due to her studies on Green Light. Odell did not believe her, and revoked her access to the pods. Lynn later used Peter Gambi's influence to get her access reinstated, which Odell was not happy with.[2]

Agent Odell instructed Lynn Stewart to work with their latest acquisition; Issa Williams. Lynn was shocked that they were treating him like a terrorist, but Odell told her that dealing with these issues was part of the job she wanted. After Lynn had studied Issa and determined that the artificial meta-gene who eventually kill Issa without a cure, she offered him the choice to go into a stasis pod. Issa ultimately refused. Agent Odell questioned Lynn over whether allowing Issa to leave the A.S.A. was the right move. Lynn defended her decision as a chance to study the effects of Green Light in the field. Odell was more hopeful that if Issa's powers could be controlled and contained, he would be a valuable asset.[3]

Agent Odell informed Lynn Stewart that they were actively seeking to recruit Dr. Helga Jace to their program since she was the leading computational chemist in the United States and an expert in protein synthesis simulations. Lynn argued against the move, wanting Odell to bring government resources to convince other scientists instead because Jace was insane and her work had killed her test subjects. Lynn accused Odell of sabotaging her efforts with the move, but Odell told her that if he wanted Lynn to fail, she already would have done. Reminding her that any deaths were on Lynn's head since she had essentially stolen the job, Odell arranged a meeting with Jace so that Lynn could convince her to join the project. When the meeting was conducted, Odell oversaw the interview.[4]


Odell is no-nonsense, blunt, cold, and detached. When handling business he will go through any means necessary to get the job done, even at the risk of possible casualties. He has no qualms of putting people, especially metas, out on the front and commonly displays signs of sociopathic tendencies. He showed no emotion when he put Wendy Hernandez through an experience that almost killed her and claimed metas would be better off dead than in the hands of Markovians.

While keeping the Pierce family separated, he manipulated most of them into serving him for different purposes, notably, he got Lynn addicted to Green Light while she was working for him and groomed Jennifer Pierce as an asset for the A.S.A., tricking her into carrying out assassinations against the Markovians and using her love for Khalil to illicit her willingness to work for him. He went as far as giving her an advanced replica of her original Lightning suit and allowing her to get revenge against some A.S.A. agents who beat Jefferson in the street.


  • High-level intellect/Military training/Expert tactician/Leader/Intimidation: Odell is a highly intelligent individual, an excellent tactician and leader.
  • Network: Odell has connections with several military organizations.
  • Skilled Marksman: Odell has shown being able how to use a firearm.


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