For the character who impersonated him, see Damien Darhk.

Odin is a Norse god worshipped by vikings and the ruler of Asgard. He resides in Valhalla.


In the Norse pantheon, Odin was a primary deity and the main god, worshipped by vikings on a regular basis,[1] along with his son, Thor.[2]

Odin resides in Valhalla, located in the realm of Asgard.

In the year 1000, when Leif Eriksson among with his clan visited the territory of Vinland, the future United States, and by accident, started to worship anachronistic Beebo, which would've brought on the aberration of New Valhalla, if it wasn't for Damien Darhk's intervention, impersonating Odin and using magic provided by Mallus to replicate the mythological god's lightning-based powers.

Aberrant timeline: The vikings worshipped Odin once more and, in the process, made Yuletide into Odin Day instead of Christmas.

Current timeline: The Legends were able to defeat Darhk on the occasion, in the process using Beebo's likeness to make them believe that Jesus Christ is the one true God, which doesn't necessarily contradict science and evolution.[1]

Knowledge of Odin was largely preserved through popular culture on Earth-1.[2]

Powers and abilities


Damien Darhk as Odin demands the allegiance of vikings

Damien Darhk replicating Odin's alleged powers with the help of Mallus.


  • Spear: The vikings associated Odin with wielding a spear. Damien Darhk replicated the beliefs by also equipping himself with a spear.[1]


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