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"Why would you hide from me, now that you have seen what you can be, the power you can have?"
"I don't want it. You're nothing but a cancer. I know you think you're gonna escape and take control. But my friend and I are gonna stop you."
Reign and Samantha Arias

"Of Two Minds" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the fifty-eighth episode overall. It aired on April 30, 2018.




Guest starring[]



"Of Two Minds" begins with a lady giving out cookies at City Hall. In the wake of eating one of the treats, the mayor begins to suffer a serious nosebleed.

Kara, Mon-El, Imra, and Alex are looking at one of the dead pigeons from the finish of last week's scene. Alex uncovers that the winged animals didn't move germs between one another. Or maybe, the flying creatures came and direct contact with Pestilence.

An obscure man strolls into the DEO lab, and the group arms their weapons. We rapidly discover that the man is Brainiac-5 utilizing a picture inducer after he created an uproar with his genuine ganders at a neighborhood Piggly Wiggly.

Winn strolls in and tells the gathering of the circumstance at the bank, where a few people are wiped out with fevers and ridiculous noses.

Lena is as yet working with Sam on evaluating how to fix her condition. Lena begins running Sam through more tests, one in which Lena is apparently moved to another measurement where she's compelled to battle her alter-ego Reign.

Supergirl's team shows up at city hall and starts their examination. As they start posing inquiries, the gathering is occupied by an uproar outside. They run outside to discover that Imra has put a force field around the bank, causing widespread panic by individuals downtown.

Imra is attempting to disconnect the bank from the remainder of the city, however Kara's ready to persuade Imra to bring the force field down so they can ship patients to region emergency clinics.

Sam awakens back and reveals to Lena that she had visited a parallel dimension in a dream, where she conversed with Reign.

Mon-El and Imra talk about the strain among her and Kara. Mon-El notices to his wife that possibly Kara is right about Pestilence.

Somewhere else, Alex has a go at persuading Kara to work with Imra on this Pestilence issue. Winn runs in with data that the woman distributing treats at the bank prior has died. Believing she's Pestilence, Kara hurries to the scene just to discover Imra remaining over the dead body.

Back at the DEO, Winn discloses to Alex how he was certain the treat woman was Pestilence and as he's talking, Alex sees Winn's nose begin to bleed.

The group rendezvous back at the DEO to perceive how Winn is getting along, who's vigorously quieted by painkillers. Winn doesn't remember who scratched his hand contaminating him.

Kara sees Imra stroll by and stands up to her about denouncing any and all authority. Imra is willing to kill Pestilence, but Kara still believes she can help Pestilence's human side overcome her alter-ego.

Sam's back in the pocket dimension addressing Reign. Reign tries persuading Sam to give up control, but Sam rapidly awakens.

J'onn and Kara are discussing their fight with Pestilence. Kara inquires as to whether he thinks they'll have the option to bring down Pestilence, and the Martian gives her a quick inspirational talk.

Imra and Mon-El are discussing Kara on the ship. Mon-El discovers that Imra didn't disclose to Kara the entire story regarding why the Legion truly returned. The couple contends and Imra stomps off. Brainiac-5 strolls in and advises something has happened to Winn.

Back at the DEO, Winn is seizing. Brainiac-5 uncovers that the fix they recently utilized on Winn is an inappropriate recipe and for the equation to work, they'll need Pestilence's DNA. Alex breaks down and it's uncovered she's been infected also.

James strolls in to converse with Winn and the two offer a genuine talk where Winn concedes he's afraid to die.

James calls Lena and requests that her work on a pharmaceutical for the infected and acting ignorant to not let on she's working with Sam, she says she's as of now taking a shot at a medication for it.

Sam returns into the Valley of Juru to defy Reign. The two battle and after Reign says she's going to kill Ruby, Sam awakens directly back. Sam asks Lena to go to the DEO or Supergirl for more assistance however Lena can't. Lena vows to protect Ruby and not let anything happen to her.

Kara, Mon-El, J'onn, and Brainiac-5 are as yet taking a shot at the instance of the debilitated individuals. Utilizing online networking, they discover that the specialist whom the group conversed with before in the scene each associated with Dr. Beauty Parker, and they arrives at the resolution that she is Pestilence. As Kara, J'onn, and Mon-El leave to find Parker, Brainiac-5 radios to Imra disclosing to her they found Pestilence.

We see Dr. Parker enter a meeting room as she's holding a baffling gleaming vial. As Dr. Parker is going to assault one of the board members, Kara and Mon-El show up and the previous starts conversing with Dr. Parker. Dr. Parker agrees with Pestilence's goals and refuses to be persuaded otherwise, and she starts battling with the three metahumans.

Kara and Dr. Parker are battling when Imra traps Parker/Pestilence in a force field. Imra tosses a dart at Pestilence in order to kill her, however Purity — the second Worldkiller — appears at save her.

At first annoyed, Imra is diminished the discover that Pestilence left the dart, giving the group enough DNA for Brainiac-5 to change the cure.

Alex and Winn both get the new fix. J'onn notices to Alex that he didn't know whether he'd have the option to overcome the events with his dad without her and the two embrace.

Kara approaches Imra, attempting to improve her feelings about their failed battle before. Imra uncovers that her sister dies later on from Pestilence's scourge. Kara says they'll battle Pestilence together.

Brainiac-5 and Winn uncover they're presently ready to follow Pestilence's heat signature and alerts activate — Purity and Pestilence have found Sam/Reign to Lena's safehouse.

Kara, J'onn, Imra and Mon-El go to Lena's area and are to stunned to discover Lena has been working with Sam, the third Worldkiller. When Purity and Pestilence show up at the area, Sam transforms into Reign and the three Worldkillers fly away.




  • The title refers to Supergirl and the the team finding out that Samantha and Reign are the same person.
  • This is second time that Kara appears only as Supergirl, after "Resist".
  • This is Jesse Rath's first appearance playing Brainiac 5 as a civilian. It was also to save trouble with constantly putting Jesse through makeup.
  • Winn easily recognized what an image inducer was, which is what sparked some respect from Brainy.
  • It makes sense Winn figures out Brainy's disguise quickly; minus the three glowing dots and blue skin, Brainy has the same face.
  • When Brainy attempts to figure out who scratched Winn, Winn begins describing Freddy Krueger, the main antagonist of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, which Kara and Alex quickly catch on to.
  • When J'onn tells Kara that she simply has to try, she tells him that that isn't what Yoda, a character from the Star Wars franchise, would say. J'onn subsequently quotes Yoda, "do or do not", from the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Grace Parker's comment about surgeons like her having a "god complex" was a possible nod to the 1993 thriller film Malice, in which a doctor gave a similar speech.
  • In this episode, it is shown that Reign's suit supposedly materializes out of nowhere, contrary to previous episodes where Samantha was shown to have worn it underneath her clothes.
  • When she's united with Purity and Pestilence, Reign chants, "El mayarah". The phrase has previously been mentioned to be Kryptonese for "stronger together", and is what the House of El coat of arms - the "S" Kara wears on her suit - means.


  • When Kara, J'onn, and Alex are at City Hall, J'onn has a surgical mask wrapped behind his ears. When the shot changes, he is now only holding it to his face.
  • At City Hall, Grace says that if none of the patients are contagious, they should be transferred to the nearest trauma facility. In medical terms, trauma refers to physical injury; a "trauma facility" would not be best equipped to deal with their illness.
  • When Supergirl stops Pestilence with her heat vision, there are two burn marks on the wall behind the CEO. As the scene continues, the marks disappear.