"The demon was invited to enter the boy whom the shaman offered as a sacrifice."

Okot was a man possessed by Mnemoth.


Okot possessed by Mnemoth

Okot possessed by Mnemoth.

When Samir was in a rather old age, a hunger struck his village and Samir knew that it was a demon. Trying to stop it he sacrificed Okot, trapping Mnemoth inside him using special scarification techniques. He also cut out Okot's tongue in order not to be cursed by demon himself.

Later freeing himself, a possessed Okot wandered to Khartoum where Gary Lester found him and exorcised the demon, trapping it in a bottle.[1]




  • While Okot's ultimate fate wasn't shown, it can be assumed he is alive as Gary Lester successfully exorcised the demon residing inside of his body.
    • This makes Okot the only known host of Mnemoth to have survived its possession (including two inanimate vessels).

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics a Sudanese boy whom Mnemoth possessed was also otherwise unnamed. While this character was literally a boy, Okot was referred to as such figuratively due to his young age.
  • Okot's name was only seen in the end credits.


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