An apartment formerly occupied by Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak and William Clayton is located in Star City.


Sometime after the events of Lian Yu, Oliver Queen, along with his son, William Clayton, started living in this apartment, to fulfil the promise that he made to the late Samantha Clayton, to take care of their son.

Sometime after her marriage to Oliver, Felicity Smoak moved into the apartment.

On May 17, 2018 Oliver was arrested and sent to Slabside Maximum Security Prison. Soon afterwards, Felicity and William went into witness protection and began living in Hope Springs. However, after five months, Felicity decided to return to Star City and send William away to a boarding school in Cambridge, England for his protection. Felicity then started living with Rene Ramirez until Oliver returned.

After Oliver was released from prison, he and Felicity moved in to an entirely new apartment and no longer reside in this one.

Known residents

Former residents

Known staff

Former staff

  • Raisa (William's caretaker)



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