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"Six months ago The Arrow died, but what he stood for didn't. It lived on in the heroes that took up his mantle: people who believe that this city should never descend in to hopelessness, who believe although life is full of darkness, that darkness can be defeated by light, and tonight I am declaring my intention to stand with them, to fight for this city, to be the symbol of hope that The Arrow never was. I am... the Green Arrow."
—Oliver Queen rebranding himself as the Green Arrow[src]

Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen[1] (born May 16, 1985)[2] is a billionaire and former playboy turned vigilante archer. He previously owned and operated the night club Verdant and was CEO of Queen Consolidated. After being presumed lost at sea for 5 years Oliver returned home with a mission to rid the Starling City of crime and corruption, becoming the hooded vigilante known as The Hood. Armed with a bow and arrow, The Hood was willing to use lethal force, but after his best friend Tommy Merlyn was killed in the Undertaking, Oliver vowed never to kill again unless absolutely necessary, renaming himself The Arrow. After his maternal half-sister Thea was nearly killed, Oliver pretended to accept Ra's al Ghul's invitation to become his heir, earning the titles Al Sah-him (السهم, Arabic for Arrow) and Warith al Ghul (وريث الغول, Arabic for Heir to the Demon). He further earned the title Ibn al Ghul (ابن الغول, Arabic for Son of the Demon) when Ra's forced Oliver and Nyssa to be married. Eventually, Oliver defeated Ra's, inheriting the title of Ra's al Ghul (Arabic: رأس الغول‎ Raʾs al-Ġūl; Demon's Head), before passing on the leadership of the League of Assassins to Malcolm Merlyn. He retired from vigilantism soon after and left Starling City to begin a new life with Felicity Smoak, but returned five months later, taking up the new codename Green Arrow. He has also been referred to as the Emerald Archer.


Early life

Oliver was born on May 16, 1985 to Robert and Moira Queen. During his youth, Oliver befriended Tommy Merlyn, who became his lifelong best friend. He also met and became friends with Laurel Lance around that time. When Robert was a pilot he performed his own maintenance, which Oliver sometimes helped with, gaining some skills in engineering as a result.

When Oliver and Tommy entered their early 20s they got into multiple social scandals together, which, according to Tommy, included assaulting a paparazzi bystander, driving while intoxicated, stealing a taxi, and urinating on a police officer. At some point the two were also acquainted with McKenna Hall.[3] The two also met Laurel's sister, Sara. At one of Tommy's parties Sara sneaked out to see Oliver, as she had a crush on him, and the three were busted by the cops leaving Sara grounded. Oliver later started dating Laurel.

Oliver has also dropped out of four schools, the last one he never told Moira or Robert about until just before the Queen Gambit's trip. Despite Oliver being lazy, he managed to find enough motivation to read The Odyssey, which would help him years later. It is also likely he was a business administration major.

In 2007 when he was 22 years old, Laurel broached the topic of them getting a place of their own, as citing that they had been together even longer than their friends Ray and Jean who were already moving in together. Oliver initially agreed, but later panicked and tried to run away from the responsibility.[4] First, he slept with another woman and accidentally got her pregnant, which he was unprepared for. However Moira stepped in and gave the woman 2 million dollars to start a new life in Central City to raise the child, the only catch being that she had to tell Oliver that it was a miscarriage leaving Oliver unaware of his fatherhood.[5] Furthermore, Oliver only continued to destroy his relationship with Laurel by sleeping with her sister Sara and even taking her on the Queen's Gambit on his father's trip.[6]

Shipwrecked on Lian Yu and dealing with Edward Fyers

Oliver was on the Queen's Gambit with his father and Sara. A shipwreck occurred, leaving only Oliver, Robert, and one other crew member as the only survivors. As there were not enough provisions to keep all of them alive, Robert chose to give his son a better chance at survival by shooting first the other survivor, then himself, but not before telling Oliver that their wealth had been built on the suffering of others, and it was up to him to make things right and to survive.[6]

Sometime later, Oliver landed ashore upon an island. There, while burying his father, Oliver found a book filled with blank pages in Robert's pocket. Immediately after, a hooded man (later revealed to be named Yao Fei) shot Oliver with an arrow in the shoulder.[7] Oliver awoke sometime later in the man's camp, where he tended to Oliver's wound. Later, when Yao Fei fell asleep, Oliver tried to escape but was snared in a trap. Yao Fei soon arrived, cutting him down and walking off, leaving Oliver with no other choice but to follow him. Not long after, a group of armed men, their faces hidden, examined the sprung trap.[8]

Over the next few days, Oliver spent most of his time gazing at a picture of Laurel until Yao Fei brought him a bird trapped in a cage. He told Oliver that he had to kill the bird if he wanted to eat and survive. Oliver refused at first but, driven by hunger, he later broke the bird's neck. Yao Fei told him that he would be forced to take more lives, and told him to forget about Laurel or he would not survive.[9]

File:Yao teaches Oliver.png

While hunting one day, Oliver tried to shoot Yao Fei's bow, but missed his target, a tree. He went to fetch the rabbit Yao Fei killed, but was captured by the previously armed men. They brought him to their camp, where he was then interrogated by their leader, Edward Fyers. Fyers showed him a picture of Yao Fei, asking if Oliver had seen him, revealing the man's name as well as the island's: Lian Yu (meaning "purgatory" in Chinese). Oliver denied any knowledge of Yao Fei in order to protect him. Not believing him, Fyers ordered an employee of his, Billy Wintergreen, to torture Oliver for more information. Yao Fei barged in, rescuing Oliver and brought him back to the cave. He then left to lead Edward's men away from their hideout, but not before telling Oliver to survive, and sealing the entrance to prevent Oliver from following him.[2]

Injured and alone in the cave, Oliver began hallucinating. He saw visions of his father telling him to survive, otherwise his father's sacrifice would have been for nothing. He also dreamt about burning his father's book. When he awoke, he tore a page out of the book, but just as he was about to throw it onto the fire, the heat from the flames causes letters to appear on the paper. He proceeded to do the same with other pages, and various names began to appear on the pages. He promised the hallucination of his father that he would live up to this responsibility.[10]

Yao Fei returned a while later, bringing with him a captured Fyers. He told Oliver that Fyers had a plane that could take them off the island. They made their way through the woods until they were ambushed by Wintergreen and Fyers' men, with Fyers admitting how convenient it appeared to be that Yao Fei captured him so easily. Yao Fei told Oliver to run and began fighting the men. Unfortunately, he was defeated and knocked unconscious by Billy. From a safe distance, Oliver watched them take Yao Fei and then ran away.[11]

One of Fyers' men continued to search for Oliver after Yao Fei was captured. Armed with only a knife Oliver was eventually forced to confront him. The skirmish resulted in them tumbling and falling down in to a stream. The soldier landed hard on a rock while Oliver ended up in the water. He managed to get out and donned the uniform of the dead man, where he found a set of keys and a map of the island in one of the pockets.[12]

Using the map, Oliver found his way to the camp where Fyers and his men were based. There, unfortunately accompanied by Fyers (who didn't seem to recognize him due to wearing a balaclava) he managed to make his way to where Yao Fei was being held prisoner, but once there, Fyers knocked down Oliver and put him in one of the cells. When he came to, Fyers told him he'd known who he was because of his eyes, which tell everything about a person, which was the reason why his men all wore balaclavas. Fyers then rebuked Oliver for putting his trust in the wrong people, specifically Yao Fei. He motioned to the soldier next to him, who had been the first to talk to Oliver upon his arrival in the camp. The soldier took off his balaclava and revealed himself to be in fact Yao Fei, who had began working for Fyers.[13] Yao Fei proceeded to seemingly kill Oliver in a fighting circle, however he secretly used a technique in order to fake Oliver's death.[3]

As he hit the water, Oliver was revived and swam to shore. In his pocket, he found a map with a route marked out.[3] Oliver proceeded to follow the route, leading to an abandoned plane. Before he could do a thing, a man jumped down, threatening to kill him. Oliver told him that he was sent by Yao Fei, and the man seemed to drop his suspicions, introducing himself as Slade Wilson. Slade then told Oliver that there was an air field, and he and Yao Fei had been observing it for months, that they were going to get off the island together. He then threw a sword to Oliver and told him of his belief that Yao Fei sent Oliver to him because he knew that he could not take the air field alone. Slade then challenged Oliver to a brief sword fight in order to gauge Oliver's fighting skills. He was unimpressed, significantly beating Oliver, and told him how he fought much worse than a girl. Slade then knocked him out.[14]

Oliver woke, tied to a chair. Slade, in order to keep his location secret, decided to kill Oliver, however Oliver managed to escape his bonds by breaking his hand, and then punched Slade in the face. Amused, Slade thought that there might have been a fighter inside of Oliver after all and decided to train Oliver instead. As Oliver went to choose a weapon, he found a bi-colored black and orange mask, identical to the one worn by the man who had tortured him under Fyers' orders. When questioned about this, Slade explained that he and his old partner, and former friend, wore the same mask, that they had come to the island to rescue Yao as a mission from the Australian Secret Intelligence Service.[14]

Oliver and Slade review a map of Lian Yu

Oliver working with Slade.

The two progressively fought over an unspecified amount of time. Oliver almost gave up, though was quickly re-motivated by Slade. When the time came, the two of them made their way to Edward's camp, and ultimately the airstrip to a ride home. They set up camp, and Oliver tried to start a fire for several hours, before Slade pulled out a lighter and helped, bemused at Oliver's anger. In return, Slade reminisced about his and his partner, Billy Wintergreen's, arrival on the island.[15]

A day or so later, Oliver accidentally stepped on a land mine left over from a previous war. Slade ran to hide as a group of soldiers approached a masked Oliver. Oliver explained his situation, as Slade had deserted him, and they surveyed the mine. Suddenly, Slade jumped from his hiding spot, slicing through the soldiers with his sword, replacing Oliver with one of them. They continued towards the camp, finally reaching it at dark. Oliver, aided by Slade's sniping, raced stealthily to the communications tower. He attempted to quietly take out the only man in there, only resulting in having a gun pointed at his face. He tried to remove it, but his technique failed. Luckily, Slade reached him just in time, stabbing the man through the gut. They were able to contact the plane, allowing it clearance to land. Slade left Oliver on his own and Oliver, seeing his chance, grabbed a phone and called Laurel, hoping to make up for his wrongdoings. Before he could speak, Slade returned and stopped him, reminding him that it could be monitored. After a short argument, Oliver went to find Yao Fei and rescue him. Yao Fei explained that he was only staying for a person. Fyers and Wintergreen entered the tent, leading Yao Fei to knock out Oliver. When Oliver came to, he was forced into the middle of a circle. After questioning Fyers, he discovered that he meant for Wintergreen to kill him. Before this could happen, Slade caused a distraction so that he could snipe several soldiers and Oliver could run to safety. Oliver watched as Slade and Wintergreen faced off, with Slade overpowering his former friend. As they were leaving, Slade was shot. Oliver helped to protect them as they left, finally knocking out his first soldier with the move Slade had shown him earlier. When they reached Slade's plane, Oliver helped remove the bullet in Slade's arm and mocked that his only friend on the island was named "Wilson".[15]

Later, Oliver checked Slade's wound and found that it was infected. He recalled the herbs that Yao Fei had given him that prevented infection from his arrow wound and offered to go get them. Slade said that he wouldn't last an hour out there, and Oliver believed that he could get them in 45 minutes. He then went to Yao Fei's cave, discovering a man tied up there. The man explains that he was the only survivor of a shipwreck, like Oliver, and had discovered Fyers' soldiers, whom had beaten and taken him to the cave. Oliver, believing it to be a trap, grabbed the herbs and left the man there, returning to Slade with the herbs.[16]

Oliver began working on a broken down radio transmitter to find a way to get off the island with Slade. After working on it for a while, they were able to hear conversations between radios, but unable to communicate back. After listening for a while, the two learnt that Fyers had ordered the shipment of a missile launcher big enough to destroy an entire army.[17] Oliver and Slade were able to sneak in to Fyers' compound, where they stole the launcher's ignition chip. They called Fyers on his radio and told him that they would return the chip in exchange for a way off of the island.[18]

Oliver and Slade soon met with Fyers, who quickly backed down from their deal by revealing to them that he would kill Shado, Yao Fei's daughter, if they did not give him the chip. Oliver then realized that it was because of Shado that Yao Fei joined Fyers' cause. Oliver and Slade escaped with Shado in tow, but soon learnt that Fyers' men had found the chip whilst they had rendezvoused with Fyers, and had taken it back. Shado then told them how she knew of Fyers' plan.[19]

Shado decided to begin teaching Oliver archery so that he could help them defeat Fyers. She proceeded to get him to fill a bowl with water, and then continuously slap it. After a while, Oliver became frustrated and asked Shado the purpose of the exercise, and she showed him that because he had spent so long slapping the water, he then had the strength in his hands to pull back a bow. She then told him that he had to learn how to shoot. After learning how to shoot, the three were shocked to see Yao Fei arrive at their compound. However, he was promptly forced to reveal that he had brought Fyers' soldiers along with him.[20]

The soldiers brought the three of them to Fyers' compound, where Oliver saw that one of the soldiers was the young man who he met in the cave who had claimed to be trapped there. Fyers revealed that the reason he was on the island was because he and his men were hired to shoot down a Ferris Aircraft on its way to China, thus destroying China's economy. Fyers then threatened to kill Shado if Yao Fei did not film a video taking responsibility for the terrorist attack. After reluctance, Yao Fei agreed, but subtly handed Oliver a knife. After filming the video, Fyers shot Yao Fei in the head, killing him.[21]

Just as Fyers and his men prepared to fire the missile, Oliver cut himself free using Yao Fei's knife, and he, Slade, and Shado, fought Fyers and his men. Fyers, however, was able to get the missile fired at the plane, and Oliver and Shado went to manually redirect the missile while Slade covered them. Just as Shado was about to place the chip inside the switchboard, she was attacked from behind, and Oliver managed to redirect the missile, which hit Fyers' compound instead, with both Slade and Shado still there. Oliver went to search for them, and found Slade alive, but then turned around to see that Fyers was still alive and had Shado in his custody. Oliver found Yao Fei's wooden compound bow and arrow, and pointed it at Fyers, who mused about how his meticulously-executed plan over the past two years was undone by a shipwrecked boy, and admitted that he would've gotten him off of the island if Oliver had stopped messing with Fyers' plans. Before Edward could make a move, Oliver shot an arrow at Fyers, killing him, and marking the first of many occasions to come that Oliver killed someone with a bow and arrow.[22]

Associations with Anthony Ivo and the Mirakuru

Months later, Oliver had noticeably improved in his combat tactics, as noted by both Slade and Shado. The three of them soon discovered another group of people on the island, and went to track them down. However, Shado was soon abducted by the group, forcing Oliver and Slade to try and rescue her. They soon found her being interrogated by a group of pirates, who were asking her where to find "bodies". Slade told Oliver to wait for his signal to attack, but Oliver, unable to watch Shado be tortured, attacked them impulsively. While Slade fended off the other pirates, Oliver brutally murdered their leader out of rage, shocking both Slade and Shado.[23]

Slade promptly suggested Shado talk to Oliver, worried that he would lose his mind. This leads to the latter two making love, to the clear annoyance of Slade, who told Oliver that Shado was simply a distraction that would lead to his death. The three of them soon found skeletal remains of Japanese soldiers from World War II, determining that they were the very same bodies that the pirates were looking for. They also deduced that more people were likely to follow, and so they took one of the bodies back to the plane.[24]

As Shado examined the body, Slade and Oliver went to find a strategic point to watch from, if more pirates were to appear. Slade emphasized his point about Shado, though Oliver ignored him. When finally the two reached the top of a mountain, they discovered that the pirates had come from a large ship just off the coast of Lian Yu. They soon spotted a number of missiles coming from the ship, clearly aimed for their compound. Oliver and Slade raced back to the plane, however as soon as they approached, they were both knocked out by the explosion of missiles. Oliver quickly saw Slade some distance off with his hands and face on fire, then fainted. Oliver woke up sometime later, imprisoned in a cell, surrounded by several other people.[25]

As he awoke, Oliver was approached by the surviving pirate that interrogated Shado. The man asked him who his friends were and whether any of them knew the location of the graves. Refusing to answer, the man gave him two options: he could give him answers, or he could be tortured, though both would ultimately end in death. Oliver obstinately refuses to reveal anything, and the man shot him in the stomach. Oliver was soon given tools and medicinal tools to remove the bullet. Oliver was prompted to ask a nearby prisoner, later revealed as Anatoly Knyazev, as to why the incident occurred. He explained that it was to see if he was strong enough to survive, and showed a scar from the identical injury. Oliver eventually removed the bullet, to immense pain, and the pirate soon came back to find Oliver surviving. "The Captain" asked him again if he knew of the location of the Japanese bodies and although Oliver didn't say a word, the Captain inferred that they were in fact on the correct island. Later, the crew brought Oliver out of his cell, being told that his days of screaming had just begun. He was thrown in to a room, followed through the opposite door by a woman. Oliver sees that, much to his shock, the woman is Sara Lance, somehow having also survived their shipwreck.[26]

Oliver, surprised to see Sara alive, tried talking to her, but she quickly kicked him in the stomach, claiming that "prisoners don't speak".[27] A man entered the room, introducing himself as Ivo, and asked for Oliver's name in return. Sara signaled to Oliver not to give his real name, so Oliver began to lie, firstly stating that his name was Tommy and secondly that he was the only survivor of a shipwreck that occurred near the island. When Ivo asked if he had come by a Japanese submarine while exploring the island, Oliver informed him that he hadn't. Ivo then revealed that during World War II, the Japanese created a serum called "Mirakuru" that increased the physical strength and allowed rapid cell regeneration in humans. He explained that the serum was transported via a submarine that came under heavy fire, running aground somewhere in the chain of islands containing Lian Yu, and it was finally thanks to Oliver that they knew it was Lian Yu itself. Oliver angrily told Ivo that he'd killed Oliver's friends, and Ivo replied, telling him that due to his friends being dead, it was up to Oliver to help Ivo find the sub.[28]

Later, Sara came to visit Oliver in his cell, advising him not to reveal their knowing each other, otherwise they would both be killed. Oliver wished to warn his friends, believing them to still be alive, so later that night, Sara unlocked Oliver's cell, telling him to follow her. As he left, the prisoner he previously talked to asked him to not forget about them, followed by Oliver promising that he would return. Sara brought him to a room with a radio transmitter inside it and showed him that she could operate it. Oliver called for his friends and Shado answered, but before he could reveal his location, Sara disconnected the radio. Ivo and the Captain entered the room, with Ivo revealing that Oliver has confirmed that his friends were alive, and thus still a threat, for which they would be killed. The Captain believed Oliver to be of no more use and pointed a gun towards his head. However, Sara interjected, stating that Oliver could still be useful. Ivo agreed, telling Oliver that he would be going back to the island and calling him by name, revealing that Sara had seemingly been manipulating him the whole time.[28]

Oliver was soon take back to the island and led to the plane wreck, where the Captain laid charges to blow up the compound. However, Shado was successfully able to diffuse the detonator in time, initially unbeknownst to them. As they reached the grave site of the Japanese soldiers, Ivo questioned Oliver about the hōzen he had previously found at the site. Oliver didn't reply, causing Ivo to get angry and send him outside to be tortured. As the Captain was about to torture him, Shado and Slade appeared to save Oliver, shooting one of the men and grabbing Sara and Oliver before running away from Ivo and his men. Once they were a good distance away from Ivo, they stopped and Oliver mentioned the hōzen, which Shado kept as a pendant because it reminded her of her father. They realized that the etchings on one side of the hōzen were co-ordinates to the shipwrecked submarine, where the Mirakuru serum was being kept. When Sara explained that the serum could save the human race, Oliver asked her whether it could Slade, who was slowly dying due to his collective injuries from the previous missile explosions.[29]

Presumably agreeing that the serum could save Slade, the four of them began to trek through the island towards the inscribed coordinates. During their journey, Shado questioned Oliver on how he knew Sara and he admitted that she was Laurel's sister. Dismayed at his response, Shado began to distance herself from him. They eventually found the submarine and entered it, leaving a weakened Slade near the entrance to find the serum. When they did, Sara revealed that they needed to give Slade a sedative before injecting him with the serum, but another scan of the area revealed that there were no sedatives in the sub. Oliver made the decision to use the serum on Slade anyway, and before he was injected, Slade revealed that he had been in love with Shado the whole time she and Oliver were together. That said, Oliver gave him the serum, and he, Shado and Sara were horrified when it only seemed to kill him faster.[30]

Before they could begin to mourn Slade, Ivo and his men arrived,[30] taking the three of them captive. Once they collected the serum, Ivo had his men take them back up to the island, where Sara played on Ivo's affection for her to cajole him into letting Oliver and Shado go. But while Ivo admitted that he cared about her, he forced Oliver at gunpoint to choose who he wanted to live more, Sara or Shado. Given thirty seconds, Oliver tried to get Ivo to leave them alone, but was forced to kneel behind Sara when Ivo moved to shoot her. Taking this as Oliver's decision, Ivo shoot Shado, causing Oliver to be overcome with shock and guilt. Slade suddenly appeared, attacking everyone standing. Ivo ran off, leaving his men to die, and when Slade discovered Shado's body and asked why she died, Sara lied for Oliver and said that Ivo shot her without reason.[31]

Oliver, Slade and Sara later buried Shado next to Yao Fei and Robert Queen. During her funeral, Oliver stated his hope that she was with her father. Slade gave Oliver Shado's green hood, and initially he did not want it, but kept it after being reminded by Slade of their relationship prior to her death. Later as they were walking, Oliver was close to telling Slade the true reason why Shado was killed, when Sara approached him, advising him not to, as Slade still had Mirakuru in him, and they had no idea as to the effects of it. They asked Slade where they were headed and he responded that they were heading back to the plane, in order to get geared up before they killed Ivo and his men. Before Oliver could stop him from continuing his plan of killing Ivo, Slade lifted Oliver a foot off the ground, choking him. Sara promptly hit Slade with a branch, making him let go of Oliver and causing him to realize what he'd done. Oliver simply assumed that that the Mirakuru was messing with his head. Later that night, Ivo contacted them through a radio, telling them they had ten days to deliver the Mirakuru to him, in turn giving them safe passage off of the island. They turned to consult with Slade, only to realize that he had disappeared.[32]

After a number of heart to heart conversations,[33] Oliver and Sara made their way to the cave that they’d found the Japanese soldiers in. Slade was nowhere to be found, though Oliver spotted some calculations on a wall. He recognized them, telling Sara how he’d seen identical calculations on Edward Fyers’ missile launcher, and Oliver could therefore deduce that Slade was going to destroy the Amazo with the missiles. The two rushed to the missile launchers as quick as they could and found Slade inputting the calculations. Oliver attempted to stop Slade, however he threatened to shoot him if he got in the way. Before he could, Oliver admitted that Shado had indeed loved Slade, perhaps not romantically but indeed platonically, and would have wanted him to return home. Knowing this, Slade decided not to fire, so as to not let Shado die in vain, and Oliver reassured him that he would help his friend along the difficult road.[34]

Once Slade had got his senses back, the three of them surveyed the freighter and brainstormed ideas on how to board it. As they were talking they heard a plane. When it came in to sight they began to make noise to signal it, though it was quickly shot down with a missile. They ran to find it and discovered its dying pilot. Sara suggested Oliver get medical supplies from their compound and so he and Slade went back to retrieve some, but they returned too late to save the man. In the midst of this, however, Oliver noticed a bagged parachute, remarking how it could get them on to the freighter.[35]

For some time, Oliver trained around the forest, improving his archery and various strengths, progressively getting much better as time went by. Slade commended Oliver on his skills, though Oliver reminded him that trees were nothing compared to live enemies. He later discussed plans to attack the ship, while Sara concocted some cocculus indicus, to counteract sodium pentathol, which Sara assumed Ivo would use on Oliver. Outside, Oliver suggested destroying the Mirakuru, to which Slade overheard and agreed. While burning it, Sara explained that Oliver had to be the one to kill Ivo, not Slade, so there were no repercussions. Later that night, Slade produced some alcohol for the three of them, one of the few things that survived the plane’s crash, and they drank to respective things. Oliver asked for Sara to reassure his mother of his moral changes, should he have died the following day, and she agreed. Slade suggested they get some rest and Oliver soon went to sleep. Through the night, Oliver had nightmares. He woke up to Sara and Slade ready to go and donned Shado’s old hood. They trekked to a hill on the shoreline and Oliver prepared to shoot a flaming arrow at a bonfire they’d built. He initially failed the first time, but hit it point blank the second. Slade remarked that they were leaving the island as brothers (in contrast to them meeting as strangers) and Oliver bid him farewell. Down on the shore two of Ivo’s men spotted Oliver. He began to run along the beach, only to trip over a tree root and be captured by the men. On the ship, Oliver was placed back in to a cell. He began talking to a man who introduced himself as Thomas Flynn. Not long after, Ivo summoned Oliver to his room. Refusing to answer Ivo’s questions, Oliver was injected with sodium pentathol, or truth serum. Seemingly dazed, Oliver began to answer Ivo’s questions and apparently reveal their entire plan. He was taken back to his cell, but along the way he knocked the guards out and took their keys. Oliver rendezvoused with Sara and Slade outside and was given his bow and arrows. They let the prisoners go and Oliver made his way to Ivo. Aiming an arrow at him, Oliver blamed Ivo for Shado’s death. Ivo tried to explain how it was in fact Oliver’s fault. When Oliver finally admitted his feelings of guilt, he threatened to kill Ivo, however Ivo alerted him to Slade’s presence in the room, and he turned to face a horrified Slade. Oliver finally admitted to Shado’s death being his fault and Slade began to fight him, letting Ivo escape. Before Slade could choke him to death, there was an explosion that sent Slade flying. Oliver took the chance to run, jumping off the side of the ship just after Anatoly, Thomas and Sara, only to be grabbed by the ankle by Slade. Slade then put him in a cell, announcing that he was the new captain of the Amazo, after killing the previous one. Later Slade ordered Oliver to be brought out. He gave Ivo a gun, asking him to kill Oliver just as he had killed Shado. When he did not do it straight away, Slade sliced his arm off. Ivo was taken away, and Slade claimed that he would not let Oliver die until he had known complete despair, as Slade had, reassuring and promising him that it would eventually come.[1]

While in custody, Slade had Oliver severely tortured by the ship’s crew, zapping him with electricity before finally branding him with the same tattoo that Shado had had.[36]

Later as part of an exchange deal between Slade and Sara, Oliver was returned to the island with Ivo in exchange for Hendrick, a former cellmate of Oliver’s. Oliver intervened when Slade aimed his gun at Sara, and Slade predicted that they would spend the rest of their life on the island, before leaving. As he left, he threatened that once he had the ship moving, he would go to make Oliver’s family suffer.[37]

A little while after, Oliver was being attended to by Sara for his heavily damaged eye, after being punched by Slade. Anatoly attempted to torture Anthony Ivo, only to be stopped before he could. Ivo proceeded to tell Oliver that there was in fact a cure to the Mirakuru, a possible way to stop Slade. Ivo offered to help them find it, if they could provide him a quick death due to the gangrene travelling in his system due to his arm stump. They agreed to the deal and after being told where the cure was, Oliver shot Ivo, rather than Sara doing it.[38]

Anatoly, Peter (another former prisoner), Sara and Oliver all returned to the Japanese submarine. Oliver suggested to Anatoly that he pilot the submarine, having been in the Russian navy, and he reluctantly agreed. When they tried, they were unable to get away. Oliver suggested they blast their way out, so Anatoly retrieved blueprints for the ship’s torpedoes. However, it became apparent that the torpedoes could only be directed by someone in there with them, therefore whoever directed it would die. Peter was quick to volunteer, pointing out that he had inevitably fatal radiation poisoning, and it was a generally heroic action as he would be saving a number of lives. Anatoly soon directed Peter as to what would be happening while Oliver instructed Sara to wait outside for his call. Oliver came to talk with Peter before he prepared himself, and Peter remarked that he believed Oliver would be particularly compassionate one day. The two shook hands and Peter got in to the torpedo hole. After Sara was clear, they fired the torpedo. As it directed back and hit the submarine, the two were knocked off their feet. Oliver was able to stand back up, moving the submarine around. Successful, Oliver proceeded to notify Sara, only for her to desperately shout his name through the radio.[39]

Oliver went above the submarine to find Sara and returned with her walkie talkie, concluding that Slade’s men had taken her. Anatoly mentioned that he’d seen the Amazo moving, so Oliver suggested that they fire a torpedo right at it. He decided that he’d swim across if they could get close enough. This confused Anatoly who asked what the torpedo was for. Oliver requested that he fire it at the Amazo if he and Sara were not back within an hour, much to the shock of Anatoly. When they got close, Oliver and Anatoly said farewell to each other, the latter remarking that the former had made a lifelong friend, warranting any favors happily given. They hugged, Anatoly promising he’d teach Oliver Russian, and Oliver hurried up the ladder and out towards the Amazo. He sneaked aboard and opened Sara’s cell. He made her leave without him, explaining his plan to cure Slade’s Mirakuru, though she refused and they both made their way to Ivo’s quarters. Before Oliver could go for the Mirakuru cure, they were ambushed by Slade who revealed that he had the cure.[40]

Slade took Oliver and Sara to watch him inject numerous prisoners with Mirakuru, though it had clearly failed on several already. Oliver tried to reason with Slade, stating how Shado would have wanted them both to survive and return home. Before Slade could shoot Oliver, Anatoly fired the torpedo at the Amazo. The ship began to flood and Oliver grabbed an arrow, killing Slade’s men where he could. Before Slade could grab the Mirakuru, Oliver was able to, however he was able to grab Sara. Slade threw Sara down the hole in the ship, seemingly killing her again. The two started to fight and soon Slade was able to lift up Oliver by choking him. Oliver took off Slade’s mask, but Slade simply knocked him down. As Oliver stood up, they started to run at each other, but they were knocked off balance and large bits of debris fell on to Slade, trapping him. Being given a choice between curing or killing, Oliver decided to kill Slade by stabbing an arrow through his eye. A further explosion knocked Oliver over. A day or two later, Oliver awoke in a bed. Two men in suits ordered him to follow them, and once outside Oliver was greeted by Amanda Waller, who revealed that he was in Hong Kong.[41]

Forcibly living in Hong Kong

Over the next five months, Oliver made a large number of attempts to contact friends and family, but he was finally stopped by Maseo Yamashiro after trying to email his mother of his survival. He was taken to Waller, who threatened to kill him if he escaped, though Oliver didn't care. Considering this, Maseo was given custody of Oliver, threatening to kill his entire family if Oliver did not comply.[42] Shortly after, Oliver was tasked to execute a target, to which Oliver was shocked to see his best friend, Tommy Merlyn, through his scope. Oliver quickly learned that Tommy was in Hong Kong due to an account alert going off when Oliver logged into his email account. Maseo told Oliver that Tommy needed to be "off the board" as Waller couldn't risk Tommy flashing his picture all over the place. Oliver would suggest to Maseo that they could find a Tommy Merlyn look-a-like at a local morgue but Maseo reasoned that it would be easier winning the lottery and paying Waller off. Oliver decided to kidnap his best friend, telling Tommy that he hacked Oliver's account hoping his mother or sister would come to Hong Kong in search for him. He told Tommy that he was more than happy that Tommy came, as he's the son of the CEO of Merlyn Global Group. He threatened that Tommy pay a ransom or he would join Oliver, before Maseo intervened as a police officer and "rescued" him.[43]

Days later, Oliver was tasked to kill a "terrorist" which Oliver believed didn't look like one. Maseo told Oliver that those were the best terrorists and ordered Oliver to proceed to kill him. Oliver proceeded to kill the man in the open though and due to the crowd, it went unnoticed, as Oliver retrieved a USB which Waller required to be acquired. At Maseo's home, Oliver questioned what it was needed for, though Maseo refused to answer. While Maseo was busy, Oliver convinced Akio to lend the laptop, to which Oliver plugged in the USB and learned the man he was sent to kill was Edward Fyers' handler. Oliver requested a meeting with Waller as he realized she was the true perpetrator behind the attempted shooting of the Ferris air jet. Oliver learned from Waller that the true reason why she wanted the plane shot down was to eliminate Chien Na Wei, as it was their only opportunity.[44]

Sometime later Oliver and Maseo waited in a street for an hour (after having also circled the block five times). Maseo updated Oliver as to who their target was, telling him that he only needed to get information and not kill him. They spotted the man and Oliver attempted to inconspicuously follow him. However, the man was able to knock him down as he ran off. Oliver began to run after him, stopped by various roadblocks he had caused. As he rounded a corner, the man was struck down by a car. Maseo caught up, trying to find the envelope they were looking for on his person, though he concluded that it had been stashed on the way. He reasoned that Oliver mightn't consciously remember, but likely still saw him stash it. They headed back to Maseo's apartment, where Akio helped Oliver to concentrate with a game. The game was interrupted by Tatsu, who offered her help upon encouragement from her husband. She sat opposite him, lighting a candle, instructing him to close his eyes and breath deeply, trying to recall the memory. From this exercise, Oliver remembered what he needed to. At the dead drop they found the envelope, inside a random photo. Initially confused, Maseo explained that it was concealing a hidden message. They examined the image with a computer and came across the message, "Contact Li Khuan Hui". Oliver thanked Tatsu, who simply asked for him to leave their lives as soon as possible.[45]

Days later, Oliver was attempting to learn Cantonese as Tatsu angrily brought him his washing, and he claimed to not know how to do it. Maseo began to leave, explaining that he had a contact at the docks but a "gaijin" like Oliver would stick out, so he couldn't accompany him. However, after he didn't return 9 hours later (claiming he'd only be 1), Oliver and Tatsu decided to go searching down at the docks. They headed to the docks, where Tatsu explained that Maseo had called him a foreigner (gaijin in Japanese). Oliver decided to go and ask some men if they'd seen Maseo, though they began to beat him up. Tatsu intervened, killing them all with a katana. She questioned a man with the katana at his neck and he claimed to have heard of three A.R.G.U.S. men being killed by the Triad. Heading back to the apartment, Tatsu worried about having to tell Akio what had happened. As they entered they happened upon Maseo playing with Akio. Tatsu ran to embrace him and he had explained how they'd been in lock-down due to the A.R.G.U.S. deaths. Oliver watched on as the entire family embraced, and soon went to do his laundry.[46]

Following that, Oliver was taken by Waller to a warehouse, where she introduced a tied up Katsu Chang, who had planted a bomb somewhere in Hong Kong. Waller revealed that they'd salvaged Oliver's old bow and arrow from the Amazo's wreckage, and she asked Oliver to torture out the location of the explosive device. He pointed the bow and arrow at Chang, though he suggested correctly that Oliver wasn't keen on actually torturing a man. In wasting this time, a massive explosion occurred in the city, which Oliver witnessed. Angered, Waller lectured Oliver, reasoning that extreme people could only be dealt with using extreme measures, therefore he should have just shot an arrow instead of waiting. Allowing him to make an attempt at redemption, Waller brought him Li Khuan Hui, asking him to torture him for details on Chien Na Wei's agenda in Hong Kong. Waller left, allowing Oliver to get ready his bow.[47]

Oliver returned to Maseo's apartment after his torture of Li Khuan Hui. He was handed food, but claimed to have no appetite. He revealed what he'd learnt from his torture, that a biotechnology company had created a super-virus, Omega, when initially attempting to create a super-antibiotic, and that one vial could wipe out an entire city. Following that, the two men headed to the initial company, BTHK Biotech. Maseo headed off to watch the security footage. Unable to find any vials of it, Oliver told Maseo, who checked recent footage, finding a scientist from the inside who'd stolen it for Chien Na Wei. They found the man, who claimed to have absolutely no knowledge of what they were talking about. Getting no answers, Oliver threatened him with a bow and arrow. After much torture, they were confused as to how he would not confess. Maseo finally suggested that he was perhaps under the influence of a hypnotic drug called Vitura. They decided that as they had Chien's "inside man", their biggest problem could have been her finding them. They returned to Maseo's apartment, finding blood on some paper and Akio, claiming that the "white-haired woman" had taken Tatsu.[48]

Oliver and Maseo took their concerns to Waller who told them of the second half other the virus, Alpha, and ordered Oliver and Maseo to retrieve it, and was noticeably unconcerned with Tatsu's disappearance. On the rooftop of the nearby building Maseo compromised the glass and Oliver attempted to grapple by arrow into the building. However, he got stuck and almost fell to his death, before eventually getting in. Once in, he, Maseo and other agents engaged the Triad but Oliver used this chance to discreetly plant a tracker on one of them and let him get away. Oliver later explained his reasoning to Maseo, wishing to have the man lead him to Maseo's wife. Maseo expressed his gratitude and told him he would forever be in his debt.[49]

The Yamashiro's decided to go to Shanghai, to escape from China White. As Oliver made his attempts to call home, Amanda's men capture him and tortured him to uncover Maseo's location. Later on, Maseo is captured, and revealed that being captured was his plan all along, and him going to Shanghai was a lie. The two are then knocked out cold. They later wake up in a car where Amanda revealed China White has fled Hong Kong. Oliver was then shocked to find himself back home in Starling City, where they had tracked Chien Na Wei.[50]

Oliver returns home for the first time in over 2 years

Oliver returns home for the first time in over 2 years.

Oliver was briefed, learning that an executive was in town, Peter Khang, a man who worked for Queen Consolidated. Oliver recognized Khang because he'd been over at the Queen's household for Christmas. Waller gave Oliver strict orders not to make any contact with family or friends, or she would kill them off. Oliver began to keep a watchful eye over Thea from a distance, learning Thea had began a drug addiction, much to his dismay. That night, Oliver snuck into his families company, hacking into Peter Khang's computer. Oliver then found files from his father that were intended for him and his sister. As he was uploading the files to the computer, Felicity Smoak walked in, though Oliver managed to hide in time. While Maseo and Waller were tracking down the location of the OMEGA auction, Oliver snuck off to Tommy's party. After watching Jordan Kern selling drugs to his sister once again, he approached him, threatening him to stay away from Thea. When Jordan noticed his identity, Oliver shoved him and told him to stay away once again. Jordan pulled a knife, though Oliver snapped his neck and threw him off the balcony. Maseo then found Oliver and told him they found the location of the auction. Oliver told Maseo he needs to return home and fix what's broken since he left. Maseo reminded Oliver that thousands could die if they don't stop the auction but Oliver told Maseo he doesn't care for those people. Oliver returned home, though no one was there. Oliver used a tablet to view the file sent to him. He listened his father's message to him, a similar one that his father gave him before he committed suicide. Motivating, him, Oliver came to assist Maseo in stopping the auction. The following day, Oliver thanked Waller for the ride home, though to his disappointment, General Matthew Shrieve required him to be debriefed back in Hong Kong.[51]

After Oliver explained several times what happened, Matthew released Oliver, Maseo and his family from A.R.G.U.S and let them go anywhere in the world. As Oliver, Maseo and his family walked to the boat, an engineer walked by and began shooting at Oliver, Maseo and his family. Oliver, confused, ran to cover along with Maseo and his family. Maseo debunked that Waller didn't like General Matthew's decision, and it would be better if she had them killed. While running to the boat, Maseo told Oliver to take Akio and run, while Maseo protected his wife. Oliver took Akio and ran.[52]

While on the run from Waller's men, Oliver and Akio ran into Mei, Shado's twin sister. Oliver requested her help as she hid them in her house. Oliver lied that his name was Tommy, and he knew Shado in medical school. However his lies were revealed as Mei saw Oliver's dragon tattoo on his back, the same tattoo Shado had. Before Oliver is given the chance to explain, Waller's men began shooting. The men stormed in, but Masao and Tatsu arrived in time to take down the remaining men. Oliver then revealed Shado and Yao Fei's fate to Mei, and she thanked him for tell her the truth.[53]

Still on the run from A.R.G.U.S., Maseo had them all stay at a run-down residence with an acquaintance, Li Ling who was in debt to them. While Waller's men were looking for them all over Hong Kong, Maseo told Oliver they'd be found even if they'd left the city. Oliver decided to "find Waller first". He infiltrated the main field office with Maseo's pass-card to the main office. He was then cornered by a man who was shot from behind by an injured Waller. She informed Oliver that she'd been usurped, and had been kept hostage there for weeks. She dropped her gun, allowing herself to be held at gunpoint by Oliver. She then told Oliver it was General Shrieve who targeted them for death, not her, and that he planned to distribute and unleash the Alpha-Omega bioweapon all over Hong Kong as he believed China to be an economic threat and pin it on the Triad. He also learned from her his men developed a vaccine so he and his men don't die along with all of Hong Kong. She warned him to run, to get as far away from Hong Kong as he can. He later returned to the Yamashiros and conversed with them. Maseo warned them Shrieve had Waller's resources and his contacts said he had men all over Hong Kong. Oliver proposed they steal some of the vaccine. They broke into a supposed army base and successfully found the vaccine and manage to make it out. Oliver also stole a phone which was revealed to have plans for how the virus was going to be distributed. After the three of them and Akio were all inoculated, Oliver decided he would stop the virus from spreading. He told Maseo and Tatsu to take Akio and get out of Hong Kong. Tatsu replied that she and Maseo would help him. Oliver protested, but she replied that he needs to learn to let people help him.[54]

Oliver, Maseo and Tatsu later located General Shrieve and his men. They looked on as the Alpha and Omega components were mixed and the virus armed. Oliver also noted a food cart was at the scene, thinking they were having dinner. They followed a truck supposedly carrying the virus leaving the area in a car Oliver "borrowed". Down the road, they were spotted and a gunfight ensued. Oliver and Tatsu managed to commandeer the truck and searched it but the virus wasn't there. Tatsu interrogated a soldier for the virus' actual whereabouts. He replied the virus was actually in the food cart seen earlier. They tracked down the cart and another firefight ensued. While Maseo and Tatsu dispatched the rest of the soldiers, Oliver managed to snatch the vial containing the bioweapon but he was engaged in combat with the soldier handing the phial out, and in the struggle, the phial fell through the air and shattered over the ground and the bioweapon was released.[55] Very little time later, multiple civilians were already immediately infected, dying and a public announcement was made. Oliver was guilt-ridden as he'd had the phial in his hand, but Maseo told him it wasn't his fault, it was that of General Shrieve. After Tatsu says she couldn't get through to Li Ling who was watching Akio, they decided to regroup and head back. In the later morning, they came across an Army truck that was supposedly handing out a cure for the supposed chemical attack, but the three of them figured out what was actually being handed out was the virus. Oliver walked up to the van, firing off his gun, scaring off the crowd, the three of them dispatched the soldiers and Oliver angrily stated "all of it" destroyed. Setting off a bomb, the truck imploded supposedly destroying all of the bioweapon. However, unbeknownst to Oliver, Maseo had secretly stole a sample intending to use it on Shrieve for revenge.[56] They immediately ran back to Li Ling's apartment, and gathered Akio but Li Ling was found dead from the virus. Oliver told them both that the chaos will give them cover from general Shrieve, so they decided to leave Hong Kong. After hotwiring a car, they began to set off, unfortunately, Akio was bleeding from his mouth and was feverish - he'd been infected.[57]

Later on in the day, Oliver and the Yamashiros had arrived at a pharmacy to find something to help Akio. Maseo had surmised that Akio's immune system wasn't strong enough for the vaccine due to his young age. Out of desperation, he surmised that maybe Shrieve and his men had made a cure, but he had to try. Oliver decided to come along with him. Oliver managed to locate a "rogue Army base" and the both of them stormed through the base, killing their way through to General Shrieve. Maseo shot him in the shoulder. Shrieve relented pointing to a safe, but the cure had to be administered subcutaneously. Oliver roughed Shrieve saying he was coming with them to administer it. With Shrieve held hostage, they made their way back to the pharmacy. Unfortunately, Akio was already dead. Shrieve revealed he had played them revealing "the cure" was insulin for his diabetes. His intention was to learn their location and he'd had soldiers following them all along and laser sights were immediately pointed at them.[56] Oliver, out of rage, attacked Shrieve catching him off guard, pummeling him to a pulp, while Maseo shot the incoming soldiers. Oliver subdued Shrieve burrowing an arrow in his leg.

Three days later, the bioweapon had been contained. Akio's body had been burned with his ashes held in three metal containers. In revenge, Oliver returned to the pharmacy where he was holding Shrieve and using his arrows, all the tools he got his hands on tortured Shrieve for hours until the general was unconscious. Maseo and Tatsu came back and Tatsu was horrified by what Shrieve had done but Oliver simply stated that he'd "failed this city" and Maseo shot Shrieve dead. Oliver looked on and listened as Maseo left Tatsu. Oliver met with Tatsu at the port. He told her he wasn't going back to Starling City, because of his torture of Shrieve and he didn't want that darkness around his sister and mother, and said that he "needs to be alone". Oliver gave Tatsu a hug, wished her well and boarded a ship for Coast City.[58]

Time alone and return to Lian Yu

Oliver spent some time as a hooded vigilante, targeting corrupted business men at random. He later ran into Amanda Waller, who drugged him and forced him to return to Lian Yu to infiltrate a drug lord's cartel.[59] Shortly after landing, Oliver was found by one of the men but easily killed him. He then dirtied his clothes and threw the man's body over a landmine to make it look like he had been stranded the entire four years he was missing and that the man accidentally stepped on a landmine.[60]

He easily infiltrated their ranks due to the dead man leaving a vacant position for Oliver to take.[60] He was later forced to torture a slave to psychologically torture the other prisoners who had stolen the drug. When he was tasked to execute her he took her elsewhere to hide her somewhere safe but was accompanied by one other man. This forced Oliver to trick him into stepping onto a mine and the woman gradually giving him her trust.[61]

At some point later on, Oliver wound up in Russia, learned to speak Russian and became a captain in the Bratva, implying that he reunited with Anatoly at some point. He greatly improved his Chinese to the point where it was flawless and could be passed off as being Chinese. He also further studied his father's list and learned more about Starling City's corruptness and set a mission for himself, vowing to either extort or kill all those on the list who'd harmed Starling. He also designed a green suit to conceal his identity.

File:Oliver shipwrecked on the island.png

Under unknown circumstances, Oliver later returned to Lian Yu, where he eventually ended up being alone. On the island he managed to spot a small fishing boat, and using improvised explosive devices drew attention to himself. The Chinese fishermen came ashore and were able to rescue him, finally finding his way back to Starling City.[6]

Crusade begins and the Undertaking

Once home, Oliver was given several medical exams that revealed that he had multiple scars, burns and bone fractures that had never properly healed. He returned home with his mother to the rest of the family. After returning, Oliver planned to spend some time with his family before beginning his life as a vigilante. However, an unexpected kidnapping of him and Tommy by three kidnappers forced him to move up his plans after describing to the police a man in a green hood saved them. Moira's "concern" for Oliver's safety after the kidnapping led her to hire John Diggle, who Oliver had to continually ditch begin his life as a vigilante. Oliver's first target was Adam Hunt, a man who stole from people. Oliver demanded $40 million into a certain Starling bank account but when he didn't comply, Oliver took it by force using an arrow transmitter that made the wiring untraceable. Oliver then crossed Adam Hunt's name off The List and continued crossing more names off the list.

Another notable individual on The List was Martin Somers, who Laurel was also prosecuting on behalf of a client whose father (Victor Nocenti) Somers had killed. Oliver threaten him to testify in the trial and confess to having Nocenti killed. Somers however refused and attempted to had Laurel killed while Oliver was with her. Diggle, who was guarding Oliver at the time barged into the house as the assassins tried to kill Laurel, one of them being Chien Na Wei who nearly killed Diggle, if not for the intervention of Oliver. Oliver's intervention was the first hint he had that Oliver was a lot more capable than he's been letting on. Oliver, as The Hood, then attacked Martin Somers and tapped his confession where he gave it to Quentin Lance, who arrested Somers.

Sometime after this, Oliver targeted James Holder and planned to give him a chance to correct his crimes. However, he was killed by Floyd Lawton, who wounded Oliver with a poison-laced bullet, which Oliver healed using herbs from Lian Yu. Oliver then tracked Lawton, who had been employed by the Bratva, which Oliver holds a captain rank in. Using the resources of the Bratva, Oliver tracked down Lawton and found out he was under the employment of Warren Patel. Oliver gave the information to Starling City Police Department and had Patel arrested. Oliver personally dealt with Lawton by shooting an arrow in his right eye, almost completely blindly it but didn't kill Lawton. Diggle who was following Oliver, was shot and poison. Oliver then took him to his hideout in the Queen's Steel Factory to heal him.

Diggle discovered Oliver was in fact The Hood. Oliver offered Diggle to join his him but Diggle refused and resigned, officially stating he didn't like Oliver constantly ditching him. Moira quickly hired a replacement for Diggle, who quickly quit after Oliver's constantly ditching him. Diggle decided to officially be Oliver's bodyguard but secretly as his partner as a vigilante. Shortly after this, Oliver was arrested under suspicion of being The Hood.

Oliver was posted on bail but fitted with a GPS device under home arrest. Oliver then discovered Leo Mueller had infiltrated Starling City with plans to sell rifles he stole to gangs, effectively turning The Glades into a warzone. Oliver had Diggle, disguised as The Hood, attack the initial sale, "proving" Oliver's innocence. Oliver then attacked the sale himself and killed Mueller shortly after.

Royal Flush Gang

The Royal Flush Gang, Oliver's first victims outside of The List

A while after this, the Royal Flush Gang robbed a bank and shot an off-duty police officer, Stan Washington. Diggle attempted to persuade Oliver to branch out from The List by taking down the Royal Flush Gang, barely succeeding in doing so when he brought Oliver to Starling General showing him the comatose Washington. Oliver then agreed to branch out from The List and take down the Royal Flush Gang. After gathering the needed information to track them, Oliver quickly identified the Royal Flush Gang as a family, not a gang. Further Research showed they were one of the many families that were taken advantage of by Robert Queen. Oliver the leader, Derek Reston a chance to correct his mistake by offering him a job but it turned it down. Oliver then decided to take them down as they attempt a robbery, which resulted in a security guard fatally shooting Derek, who Oliver revealed his identity to before he died.

A short while after, Oliver saw Moira get shot by a motorcyclist and attempted to track the biker but failed. Oliver then visited Frank Bertinelli on behalf of Moira for a business deal, who sent his daughter Helena to have dinner with Oliver to solidify the deal. Afterwards, a gang extorting people attacked the restaurant they were eating at. Oliver then attacked the gang only to run into the biker who shot Moira, only to find out it was Helena. Afterwards, they were captured by Frank's gang who had Helena's fiance murdered because they believed he was reporting Bertinelli's illegal doings to the police, but it was actually Helena. They killed all the gang members there to keep their secret. Oliver then visited Helena who knew Oliver is The Hood, and they slept together that night.

Oliver then tried to help Helena focus her abilities for justice not revenge. He succeeded at first, but her jealousy over Oliver's feelings for Laurel drove her over the edge. Helena then tried to kill her father, but Oliver prevented the incident by knocking her out and taking her to his hideout. Frank Bertinelli was arrested and Helena left.

Afterwards, a new archer appeared killing all of Oliver's old victims. After realizing he can't track the new archer without evidence in the police's ownership, Oliver sent an encrypted phone to Detective Lance, which masked his voice and was untraceable. Quentin complied and gave Oliver an arrow from the new archer but it was a dead end. The new archer eventually kidnapped hostages and threatened to kill them if The Hood didn't appeared. Oliver eventually did and freed the hostages and was nearly killed in the confrontation after barely defeating the archer by knocking him out. Oliver was hospitalized with the official story being he had a motorcycle accident.

After this incident, a fireman was killed on the line of duty, although it was debatable whether he died from the fire or was actually killed. Laurel passed this information to The Hood. Diggle then tracked the car the killer was using and Oliver infiltrated a burning building to safeguard one of the firemen. The killer, a rouge fireman named Garfield Lynns, managed to escape Oliver. He then attempted to killed a fireman in Verdant, where Oliver was hosting a firefighter fundraiser. Lynns then appeared but Oliver prevented him from doing anymore killings. Lynns then committed suicide by stepping into a fire.

Oliver then targeted someone on the list who is not a one percenter, Ted Gaynor, who had a history with Diggle in the military, who Oliver suspected of being part of a heist. Oliver then interrogated Gaynor, only for Diggle to intervene, resulting in a heated argument between them. Diggle eventually discovered Gaynor was in fact, corrupt, like everyone else they've faced on The List, and decided to help Oliver kill him.

Sometime after this, someone in Oliver's club died of a drug overdose, the drug was shown to be Vertigo. Oliver then pretended he wanted to give his club party goers some drugs to make them more excited and asked the Bratva to arrange a meet with the manufacturer, Count Vertigo. During the meet, the Count drugged Oliver. With the help if Felicity Smoak, they tracked down the Count, but Diggle did not let Oliver go with the bow since he was still suffering the effects of the drug. Oliver, defiant, chose to go after the Count without the bow and in a fit of rage, overdosed him.

Oliver then targeted Cyrus Vanch, who was heavily guarded at his manor after being persuade by Laurel to. Oliver, as The Hood contacted Laurel to give her a piece of information. However, Quentin bugged the phone he had given her and attempted to set a trap for The Hood, but failed to. Afterwards, Quentin contacted The Hood because Laurel had been kidnapped. Oliver agreed to help him retrieve Laurel, succeeding in doing so. Afterwards, Diggle found evidence Moira was involved in Walter's disappearance and possibly something else as well. Oliver then interrogated his mother as The Hood.

Moira however, unknowingly preyed on Oliver's sympathy, being his mother, creating an opening for her to shoot him. Oliver then asked Felicity to drive him to the Queen Steel Factory where he can be treated. Oliver awakened the following day, and Felicity was made an official member of the team.

Shortly after this, a thief known as The Dodger appeared in Starling City, catching the attention of Oliver's team. They decided to use a rare jewel as bait to draw him out. He however, using his MO, rigged Felicity with a bomb and made her steal the jewel for him. Oliver then confronted him after a chase and severed his medium nerve to prevent him from activating the bomb to decapitate Felicity.

After this, Oliver caught word the Chinese Triad were targeting someone. He eventually found out it was Malcolm Merlyn. Once the attack began, Oliver infiltrated the event honoring Malcolm as a humanitarian, but was too late as Floyd Lawton poisoned Merlyn, knocking him out. Oliver, as the Hood tried to convince Tommy to do a blood transfusion to dilute Lawton's poison to buy him time to get to the hospital. Tommy refused, forcing Oliver to reveal his identity to Tommy to gain his trust. At the hospital, Tommy asked if Oliver planned to tell him, to which he replied no.

Afterwards, Helena returned to Starling City, having found out her father made a bargain with the government in exchange for witness protect, granting him a new identity, allowing him to disappear. Helena, refusing to let that happened blackmailed Oliver, using Tommy's safety to force him to help her. Oliver reluctantly agreed. They attacked the vans, one carrying Frank Bertinelli, one a decoy. However, both were decoys and Helena was kidnapped. Oliver then freed Helena who again went after her father. Oliver intervened and Frank once again escaped with Helena in pursuit. However, Mckenna was shot in the arm, having her arm paralyzed. She had to move to Central City to receive physical therapy.

Oliver then targeted John Nickel, another person on The List who builds poor quality houses, resulting in people freezing to death in his houses. Oliver planned to threaten him to fix his wrongs but he was kidnapped by Joseph Falk, a wannabe vigilante and was executed while filmed on a video via internet. Afterwards, Falk targeted Roy Harper. who didn't have the will to live and allowed himself to be killed. However, Oliver's intervention saved Roy's life, but had to kill Falk in the process. However, he did save Roy in more ways than one by giving him purpose.

After this incident, word spread The Count had escaped from prison, having feigned mental instability, and started selling Vertigo again. It was eventually revealed it was The Count's doctor, Webb, who faked The Count's escape to sell Vertigo to make some extra money. He knocked out The Hood and discovered he is in fact Oliver Queen, whom he attempted to kill with an overdose, an incident not many would raise an eyebrow in. However, Diggle intervened and saved Oliver, who killed Webb.

Afterwards, an assassin, disguised as a lawyer named Mr. Blank killed a young couple, but their son, Taylor escaped and was placed in Laurel's care until his grandparents arrived. Mr. Blank eventually tracked Moore to Laurel's house and attempted to kill them and Tommy, who was at Laurel's house at the time. The Hood arrived just before he could kill Laurel and chased him off. Tommy suggested they stay at Oliver's house, knowing his identity as The Hood, would be the best place to stay but lied saying they Queen Mansion is a heavily fortified place. Mr. Blank eventually infiltrated the mansion and was quickly killed by Oliver without his disguise, who gave the credit to a bodyguard Mr. Blank killed.

Oliver decided to try to track down his stepfather Walter Steel once more by interrogating people. He eventually tracked the information to a corrupt casino, where Felicity volunteered as bait to get to the manager, who had information where Walter is. He said Walter was killed and Oliver passed this information to his mother. It was revealed he suspected Moira had a role in Walter's disappearance and tracked her to a meeting with Malcolm, where he eavesdropped with an arrow equipment and used Felicity to use phone records to track down Walter and free him and also heard of the term "The Undertaking".

Afterwards, Oliver had Diggle disguise himself as The Hood and "kidnap" him and Moira to interrogate Moira for information. When Moira refused Diggle pretended to attack Oliver to get Moira to talk and learned they plan to use a man earthquake to level The Grades. Oliver then attacked Malcolm, who then revealed himself as the Dark Archer who nearly killed him last Christmas and knocked him out.

Oliver then awakened, chained to the roof but managed to escape with Diggle's help. Both men then attempted to stop Malcolm with the aid of Detective Lance. Oliver succeeded in "killing" Malcolm and Lance succeeded in deactivating the earthquake device. However, Malcolm revealed he had a second machine as a backup plan. Oliver then rushed to save Tommy, who was pierced piece of metal and they reconciled their differences, because Tommy was jealous of Oliver because he thought Oliver was a better person than he was having dedicated his time to helping people and died.

Crusade 2.0 and Mirakuru plot

Oliver is seen to have left Starling City for some time and returned to Lian Yu. Tommy's death and Oliver's failure to prevent the city's total destruction left an impact on him. Diggle and Felicity travel to the island to find Oliver, and they convince him to return. He returns, but states not to become the Hood again. After his sister is taken by the copycat group The Hoods, Oliver puts on his mask once more and rescues his sister and hand The Hoods over to the police. He agrees to become the vigilante again, but, to honor Tommy's memory, will no longer kill. He also realizes that he no longer wants to be called "The Hood".[23]

Oliver discovers through Roy that drugs that are distributed to the public hospitals Glades, are being stolen by the Chinese Triad, thus causing it to go into confrontation with China White, and her new partner Bronze Tiger. Amidst this, Oliver is attacked, by the people and Sebastian Blood, due to the involvement of his family in the earthquake provoked by Malcolm Merlyn. Thus making him a bountiful feast, to help people injured in the quake. Later Sebastian visits Oliver's office where Oliver offers to host a charity event for the Glades which Sebastian agrees to, but Oliver doesn't show as China White sighted which provokes Oliver to publicly crucify him. After capturing China White and her accomplices, Oliver asks Roy to help him, and to be his informant in the Glades, and decides to convince Laurel that he is not a criminal, however ends up being trapped in the building of the prosecution due to a trap set by Laurel.[24] The Canary invades the building prevents Oliver from getting caught. Oliver then returns to the Arrow-cave where he confesses his wrong choice to talk to Laurel and tasks Felicity with finding the Canary. The criminal Barton Mathis aka The Dollmaker, kidnapping and killing, random women, escapes from prison, due to earthquake damage. This makes Quentin ask for help from The Hood, now named The Arrow. Oliver also asks Roy to track The Canary. The team tries using Felicity as bait to trap the Dollmaker but this is unsuccessful and the Dollmaker captures Laurel instead. The Arrow comes in and rescues Laurel. Then The Canary steps in to lend her help in the fight and despite The Arrow's protests she kills the Dollmaker and makes her escape.[25]

Felicity gives Oliver the idea that The Canary may not be following The Arrow, but Laurel instead. He was able to catch her, only for him to be shocked that she not only knows his identity, but she was actually Sara Lance, Laurel's presumably dead sister. While shocked by this new information, he pursues an arms dealer called "The Mayor" who was getting his hands on military weapons. After he attacked a gun rally hosted by Oliver and Sebastian Blood, Felicity managed to find him and Oliver recruits Sara to help him. Meanwhile, he insists on telling Laurel about Sara, even though it would cost him his friendship with her and Laurel's recent drinking problem, but agrees to keep her secret.[26]

Oliver and Sara are attacked by a man who was dressed like Malcolm Merlyn. Sara reveals to him that she used to be a member of the League of Assassins, something that clearly shakes Oliver. They confront the assassin Al-Owal, revealing himself to be Malcolm's trainer, only to see he wasn't alone as two more appeared, and being outmatched, The Arrow and The Canary retreated. After a threat against her family, Oliver kept a watch over Laurel until Felicity called, revealing the assassins were going after Quentin. The Arrow intervenes and while two were killed, Sara left a warning with the last one alive that her family was off limits.[27]

After dealing with counterfeiters that Roy found, Oliver and Felicity offered to help Diggle rescue his friend, Lyla Michaels, from Russia, who was searching for Deadshot. However, it gets complicated when Isabel shows up and comes along, thinking that Oliver was taking the corporate jet for a weekend with Felicity. Oliver introduces Diggle to his old friend, Anatoly Knyazev, who reports Lyla is in prison, but he can get them into the prison thanks to a guard he paid off. After securing transport to get him out, he bonded with Isabel and they ended up sleeping together, something that hurt Felicity. Back home, she asks why he hooked up with Isabel, Oliver responds by saying that he shouldn't get involved with anyone he might actually care about, but Felicity he deserves better than her.[28]

Oliver, Thea and Moira are present for her trial, only for Oliver to learn Diggle has been poisoned with Vertigo and see the same thing happen to the assistant District Attorney. After a televised broadcast by Count Vertigo, Oliver managed to save the ADA, but couldn't stop Vertigo himself. The next day, Moira revealed to both of them a serious threat to her defense; in a moment of weakness, she had an affair with Malcolm Merlyn. Back the trail, Oliver received a call from Vertigo, who had not only revealed his identity, but also had Felicity hostage. At his office, clad in his Arrow costume, Vertigo fires at Oliver, but he manages avoid all of the gunfire. However, Vertigo threatened Felicity with his injector, which got him co-operate at first, but when tries to kill her anyway, Oliver delivered three arrows to his chest, making him fall to his death and breaking Oliver's no killing rule. When Felicity thanked him and tried apologize, Oliver assured her that there was no other choice because he was going to hurt her.[29]

Queen Consolidated is invaded by a mysterious figure. After a brief investigation police, Oliver stumbles upon arrival at the forensic expert Barry Allen, from Central City, and claims to be working with similar cases, and that the suspect theoretically possesses superhuman abilities. Oliver initially feel disturbed by the presence of Allen, due to its proximity to Felicity. After research results, Oliver goes behind the suspect, that this was in possession of a truck. During their confrontation, the opponent is proved, as having an enormous strength and endurance, and easily beats Oliver, whilst driving the moving vehicle. Oliver later revealed that during his stay on the island, he had faced enemies with such skills, however the serum that gave these powers, was destroyed. Oliver throws a party to celebrate the release of his mother, and also discovers that Barry is actually an assistant forensic scientist and that was not sent to Starling City by his superiors. After analyzing the blood of the criminal, Oliver is goes to a warehouse where the individual would commit a new theft. During the confrontation, Oliver is overcome and seriously injured.[30]

Oliver ends up being saved by Barry, who was brought to him by Felicity, he initially disapproves of the decision of Felicity, by revealing his true identity. Oliver goes home and sees Roy after hearing from Moira that Thea wouldn't leave her room, seriously injured by the arrow which he shot earlier, he then pulls it out and tells Roy that Diggle will patch it up. He then proceeds to hallucinate with Shado, where she tells him that their attitudes as overseer, are unnecessary. Oliver asks Barry to analyze his blood and find out if the poison used to save him causes him to have hallucination. Through a digital of Oliver's neck, they discover that the enemy had nearly killed Oliver, is actually Cyrus Gold. Diggle then goes to Cyrus' house to search for him, stumbling across the poem about Solomon Grundy, and is attacked by Cyrus. After Diggle escaped from Gold, The Arrow went to Quentin and gives him the location of Gold, asking to kill him. Later, Oliver decides to practice with his bow, however he has hallucinations of Slade, one that calls him a coward, and begins a fight with Oliver, in which he breaks several things in the Arrow-cave. After that, Barry tells Oliver that hallucinations are purely psychological, and Diggle tells him that this is a message in which he should understand. After the unit Quentin is almost all killed by Cyrus, Oliver receives permission from Quentin to kill him without success. Oliver goes to the supposed location of Cyrus, and finds Brother Blood injecting a dose of Mirakuru into Roy who had been captured. Initially, Cyrus Gold was winning the fight, but a hallucination of Tommy helps Oliver regain his strength and motivation, and by violent blows he drops Cyrus, and the supply of Mirakuru explodes, seemingly killing him. Oliver manages to resuscitate Roy, who was almost dead due to Mirakuru. At the Arrow-cave, Oliver receives a box from Barry, that he had already returned to Central City, inside the box was a custom mask.[31]

The Arrow spends the next 5 weeks searching for Brother Blood by interrogating as many criminals in the Glades as he could, while during the day as Oliver he continues to support Sebastian in his campaign, unaware that his friend and his enemy were one in the same, but is forced to deal with the bomb threats of Shrapnel who blows up two buildings before targeting Sebastian's unity rally. Oliver also has a falling out with Felicity, who spent most of the 5 weeks visiting Barry as he was struck by lightning and was in a coma, but eventually came to make peace with her. The Arrow visited Sebastian later and tried to get him to call off the rally but the alderman refused and Arrow was forced to head to the rally to stop Shrapnel himself. He later met with Sebastian who offered an alliance to the Arrow believing that together they could save the city and the Arrow agreed.[32]

The Arrow continues to hunt down thugs who may know of Brother Blood's whereabouts but has no luck again, but later learns from Laurel that Sebastian knew Cyrus Gold and she claims that he killed his parents. Wanting proof of Laurel's speculations he tasked Felicity to find any files possible which she did, but only a hardback copy which only an A.D.A like Laurel could access. Arrow then enlisted Laurel's help to retrieve it but found it empty as Oliver visited Sebastian himself to see if he could see any hint of Laurel's speculations from his personally to no avail. Oliver also visited Roy to keep a secret eye on his Mirakuru problem. Laurel was later arrested for drug use and Oliver attempts to talk to her about it at her apartment only to be knocked out by Brother Blood as Laurel was kidnapped. When waking up he noticed a text on the wall to come ot the steel-mill. Arrow went to the steel-mill where he found Blood keeping Laurel hostage. He engaged Blood into hand-to-hand combat but ended up defeated and held at gunpoint. Laurel shot and killed Blood but when they took off the mask, they were surprised to see not Sebastian but Officer Daily, and Oliver later blamed himself for nearly believing him just because Laurel said so. He also learned from Thea that Roy hospitalized a man out of rage and approached him as Arrow to train him to use his abilities.[33]

Arrow continued to train Roy in the same techniques Shado used on the island but this only enraged Roy, and Oliver told Diggle and Felicity about his story with Slade, and his Mirakuru incident and why it was so important that he not fail Roy. Later Ben Turner aka Bronze Tiger escaped prison and broke into Malcolm Merlyn's house for his prototype Earthquake machine, and at Roy's insistence agreed to take him along with. However once there Roy lost control on one guard while Arrow was stuck fighting Turner before he used the opportunity to escape with the machine. Later Roy lost control against Oliver and headed out to stop Turner himself. Oliver later got wind of where Turner was heading but was told by Thea on the phone that Laurel was loosing it in Verdant. Oliver went to reason with her and learned that she had been disbarred from her job, and she starting flirting with him and Oliver patiently told Thea to call a cab for her, he also discreetly called Sara and told her that Laurel needed her. Later when Arrow found Turner and his employer Milo Armitage he was ambushed and stabbed by Turner from behind, but Roy arrived and attacked Turner while Armitage activated the machine forcing Oliver to reveal his identity to Roy to make him stop attacking Turner and help him destroy the machine. Oliver later introduced Roy to Felicity and Diggle in the lair. [34]

Oliver was present when Walter and Mark Francis were discussing Moira's upcoming campaign, against Sebastian Blood but was called to the hospital after Laurel was admitted with Quentin and Dinah, and noticed Laurel's eyes were strangely discolored. Oliver later met up with Sara in the Arrow-cave and tried to convince her not to leave again, and received a call from Quentin telling him to put Sara on. Later Sara met up with Quentin but Oliver secretly tailed her, as the Arrow, and saw Nyssa al Ghul, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, arrive and saw the two kissing and when he approached them Sara begged him to back off for Nyssa's sake. Later Oliver discovered that Laurel was actually poisoned by Nyssa to draw Sara back to bring Starling City, and to bring her back to the league. The Arrow and the Canary later tailed Nyssa and her lackey in a van and discovered that they had abducted Sara's mother. Later at Moira's campaign announcement Felicity told Oliver that Malcolm Merlyn was Thea's biological father. Later Sara agreed to rejoin Nyssa but took the snake poison assuming that Sara was going to kill Nyssa with it, but when the Arrow found her she had actually poisoned herself and the Arrow fought Nyssa and defeated her and saved Sara with special herbs from the island. Later Oliver confronted Moira about keeping her secret of Merlyn being Thea's father from him and disowned her. Later Oliver was training in the cave when Sara showed up and told him about Laurel's less than positive reaction to her being alive and Oliver told Sara that her family wasn't what he thought. After the two had a moment Oliver and Sara passionately kissed each other before making love.[62]

Oliver holds a welcome home party for Sara at the Queen Mansion and has to pretend that he was unaware of her survival as do the others. Oliver also calls Laurel to ask her to come but Quentin tells him that she isn't coming and confesses to Oliver that he was too harsh and out of line on Oliver last year and the two reconcile. Oliver also does his best to avoid Moira but Thea begins to notice the two not talking. Later the Arrow and the Canary meet with Quentin about a criminal who stole a device called a "skeleton key". The Arrow and the Canary following a lead on its location found a bank already robbed but their communications were interrupted by an unknown individual who told them that a bus was about to collide with a train, forcing the Arrow to stop the bus while the Canary went after the man in question and got his blood when she hit him, later discovering this to be William Tockman aka Clock King. The Arrow and the Canary followed another lead on Tockman's whereabouts but it was a diversion while Tockman hacked into the Arrow-cave's security and fried the computers. As Felicity worked to repair it Oliver accompany Sara to a family dinner at Laurel's house, which was awkwardly broken up by Laurel after she figured out from looks that Oliver and Sara were together again and stormed off, but Oliver stopped her and directly confronted her on her issues but when she ignored him, (finally having enough of her alcoholic, drug addict, and always trying to blame everyone except herself for ruining her life attitude), Oliver coldly criticizing and corrects Laurel on her actions, and he stated that he didn't love her anymore and went back inside. Later Oliver, Sara and Diggle went after Felicity who decided to head out alone after Tockman and Oliver was faced with his guards while Sara and Felicity stopped Tockman. Later when Oliver and Sara were talking at the bar he got a text from Thea stating that there was an emergency at the house but it turns out it was a trick to get Oliver and Moira to talk. Before Oliver could leave Moira introduced him to Slade Wilson who was alive and well, much to Oliver's horror.[35] Slade continues to socialize with Oliver and Moira but secretly taunts Oliver about events from the island before Thea gives him a tour of their art collection and Oliver indirectly calls Felicity and Roy and Sara show up at the house, forcing Slade to leave but Oliver decides to escort Slade to his car as Diggle was meant to take a head-shot on Slade but was apprehended. As they were walking Oliver figured out that Cyrus Gold and Brother Blood worked for him and Slade vows to fulfill his promise as he leaves. [1]

Oliver begins to have nightmares of Shado dying and enlists Alexi Leonov's help to find Slade but he refuses unless he helps him with a favor. Oliver then beats his two guards and forces his co-operation. Felicity then tells Oliver about a robbery in progress which Arrow pursues but finds the robbers dead and on a nearby rooftop sees Slade's island mask mounted to a roof. Oliver eventually receives Alxei's tip but he tells him that they are finished, but Sara follows Oliver and tries to reason with him. After learning of his Shado nightmares Sara attempts to comfort him but he tells her to stay away from him. When Oliver, against Felicity's advise to bring Sara and Roy, arrives in Slade's office he sees Alexi dead and a video of Shado in her youth and returns to the cave to apologize to Sara and confesses his fear and the two make up. Oliver later visits and old friend: Amanda Waller and requests any information on Slade and Amanda tells her of a mercenary named "Deathstroke" who Oliver realizes is Slade.[63]

Oliver helps Sara with watching over Quentin as he starts a police raid against Hugo Mannheim. A gun fight starts and the Arrow helps with taking down Mannheim's henchmen. The Arrow sees Frank Bertinelli run away from the gun fight but he stops him by shooting an ensnarement arrow on his legs. Oliver then escapes when police reinforcements arrive. In the Arrowcave, Oliver explains why Helena wants her father dead. In a flashback, Oliver gets tortured by the Amazo's crew. Back in the present, Oliver and the team finds out that Helena has rented a car is heading to Starling City. Oliver asks Roy if he's ready to get back in field. Oliver tracks down the car and stands in front of it with his bow aimed at it. The driver turns out to be someone else and Oliver stops Roy from killing the driver by calling him "Speedy". Oliver interrogates the driver and finds out that Helena payed the driver to drive the car. Back in the cave, Oliver continues to investigate Helena and Sara nods to him as a sign to check how Roy is doing. Oliver expresses his concern about Roy's rage and asks him to stay away from Thea. Felicity shows Oliver the news about Laurel will lead the prosecution against Bertinelli. Oliver heads to the courthouse to meet Laurel. The Huntress arrives to kill her father and Oliver tries to talk her out of it. The Huntress had brought her henchmen and a gun fight starts between them and the police. Oliver pulls Laurel and Frank away from the gun fight. Oliver gets a phone call from officer Quentin to speak with the Arrow. Oliver calls Arrow-cave to bring him his costume and equipment. The Arrow tells the Canary to bring Laurel out of there but Laurel refuses. In a flashback, Oliver tells Sara to not comply to Slade's demands, which results in Oliver getting electrocuted. Back in the courthouse, The Huntress defeated Sara and throws her out of a window, Oliver manages to save her as Helena is about to shoot her. However Helena has captured Laurel and demands Oliver to bring her father. During the trade, several policemen starts shooting at the vigilantes. A policeman aimed at the Arrow but Quentin saved him by knocking the policeman out. Oliver visits Helena at the police station and talks about how he failed Helena. During a flashback, Oliver has been tattooed on his back, the same tattoo that Shado had and Slade explains to him that this is how the Romans reminded the criminals of what they've done. At Verdant, Oliver meets Thea and she tells him about Roy cheating on her. Oliver also meets up with Sara there, he kisses her and compliments her on what she did back at the courthouse.[36]

Oliver continues to train Roy in the skills of archery to control his rage until Felicity tells him about a meeting with Isabel and the board which he needs to attend. Once there 30 minutes before the meeting Moira visits Oliver to confirm if he is indeed showing up to the debate between her and Sebastian Blood but he assures her that he will keep up public appearances as promised, and he coldly tells her ("i gotten pretty good at, pretending to be someone i'm not, i learned it from you"). Later at the debate he tries to get in touch with Thea who hasn't shown up and wishes Sebastian luck. However, during the debate a video tape of Thea being held captive is shown and Slade in his Deathstroke costume appears much to Oliver's horror. Oliver later meets with Isabel at the company and appoints her temporary CEO so he can focus more on finding Thea, and also yells at Police Lieutenant Frank Pike for not getting any further in the investigation. After Felicity finds Slade's whereabouts the Arrow, the Canary and Roy head out and sedate him until Officer Quentin arrests and questions him but Slade has his tracks covered and is released and Quentin is discriminated. Later Oliver and Moira reconcile over their recent disagreements in the wake of Thea's abduction and Oliver arrives in the Arrow-cave just in time to see Roy strangling Diggle and Sara with an arrow pointed at Roy's chest and Oliver was forced to break up the tension. Roy then declared that he is done and leaves the team. To make matters worse Felicity discovers that Isabel has taken control of the company after an emergency board meeting and becomes the 60% shareholder. Oliver confronts her about it in the office and reveals that she knows his secret and is working with Slade, when Oliver asks why she replies "the sins of the father are the sins of the son" before attacking him. However Oliver overpowers Isabel and gets Thea's location out of her and Slade wants Oliver to come alone or Thea dies. The Arrow then attacks the warehouse but doesn't find Thea and Felicity tells him that Thea just walked into the SCPD and when he arrives Diggle and Sara tell him that Slade high-jacked an Iron Heights Prisoner transfer bus, meaning that Thea's abduction was a diversion. Oliver and Moira arrive and tearfully reunite with Thea, who reveals that Slade told her that Malcolm Merlyn is her father and storms off, their relationship now shattered. Later in the Arrowcave Oliver begins to doubt himself for letting Isabel take the company, letting Slade take Thea and tell her about Malcolm, letting Quentin get arrested and for failing Roy but Diggle and Felicity snap him out of it and Oliver declares that they are taking the fight to him.[37]

On Felicity's advise, Oliver leads his team to Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences Division to blow it up to prevent Slade from replicating the Mirakuru. After witnessing Isabel's press conference on the matter the others were relived that they hurt Slade but Oliver knew he would press on through other means. Later Ned Foster met with Oliver and his mother to discus saving their family's wealth from Isabel's seizing of the company, and he also learned from Moira that Isabel was previously his father's lover much to his shock. Also that Thea needs to sign a document that protects their assets so Isabel cannot access the rest of their wealth. As Team Arrow arrived at the cave discussing Quentin's arrest and Roy's departure Deathstroke was waiting for them in the cave and attacked them, throwing Sara against a table, tossing Diggle into the glass container and engaging Oliver in a sword fight which Deathstroke easily won. Oliver and Sara were briefly hospitalized but soon discharged and Oliver went to Thea to talk her into helping him and Moira against Isabel but she refused, further learning that Deathstroke had stolen the Skeleton Key from their lair. Arrow and Canary, unaware they were being followed by Laurel whom Slade told about Oliver's secret, headed to Star Labs to stop Deathstroke stealing a bio-transfusor but arrived only in time to see Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon in panic telling the clerk of the thief. Later at Laurel's request Arrow met with her and she began to show signs of being onto his identity. Oliver soon visited Isabel to get Slade's location and learned from her that Robert was aware of Malcolm being Thea's true father but still loved her anyway and attempted to tell Thea only to have Felicity call and inform him of the transfusor's location. When Arrow arrived he saw that it was not Slade rigged to it, but Roy. Slade and Isabel then arrived and Arrow engaged both of them and rescued Roy as Diggle seemingly shot Isabel several times, taking Roy back to the Arrow-cave with a formula of Mirakuru. Oliver stated that they were going to make a cure with it and later against talked to Thea about Robert being aware of her true parentage but she didn't care. Laurel then showed up to hug him for being important to her, unaware she was now fully aware of his real identity.[38]

Oliver and Sara spent some time together in a motel room where he asks if she wants to move in, but is interrupted by Felicity calling telling them Roy woke up but is now on a rampage. Arrow, Canary and Diggle searched the city for Roy on his rampages throughout the city but only arrived to see the victims of his wrath. Oliver also assigned Diggle to bodyguard Thea during this time, much to her annoyance, and learned that Sin had been attacked which sent Sara on the warpath. Later Arrow and Canary found Roy in Sara's hideout where he attacked them, broke Oliver's leg and killed a police officer and left the other critically injured. Arrow and Canary then went to Glades Memorial Hospital where a doctor, previously harassed by China White's medical thefts, helps him. Later Oliver, injured but on his feet, is informed by Mark that his mother is dropping out of the election against Sebastian. While discussing the matter of Roy, Oliver tries to convince Sara that they don't need to kill him but she doesn't see any way around it. He attempts to talk her out of it for Thea's sake and she reveals that she is aware of his identity as the Arrow, telling him that she is proud. Oliver witnessed Moira's rally speech and saw Thea give a brief speech to draw Roy in and Oliver injected himself with medicine to get back up and arrived in time to stop Canary from shooting Roy in the head. Oliver then had Roy put under with snake-venom keeping him down and Sara decided to leave disgusted with herself to wanted to kill Roy and Oliver and left with Moira and Thea where Thea said she knew Oliver was aware of Roy's problem, and Moira stated that she was going to make things right. However, as she was about to tell them something about Malcolm, their limo was rammed by a truck. When Oliver awoke he saw Moira and Thea tied up with Slade holding a gun, similar to Ivo holding Sara and Shado hostage on the island, and forced Oliver to choose one. However Moira volunteered and Slade stabbed her with his katana killing her and sending Oliver into a state of shock as Slade vowed one more person would die.[5]

Oliver went missing and hid in his secret secondary lair for days, missing Moira's funeral, even when informed Isabel was alive. Diggle and Felcity searched hours, eventually needing Amanda Waller's help, and found him where he declared his plan to surrender to Slade. He visited Thea where Walter was unsuccessfully trying to convince her not to leave but Oliver encouraged it and called Isabel to tell her he's surrendering. Oliver waited at the pier but was hit by a drugged Flechette and woke up in the lair, with Laurel. Laurel and Oliver were finally able to make amends over loosing Tommy as Laurel begged Ollie not to surrender telling her that Sebastian is in fact Brother Blood as she originally believed. Oliver then met with Sebastian and revealed his identity to him in an attempt to convince him that Slade is merely using him, Sebastian not believing him. Later Arrow arrived at the location of Brother Blood's Mirakuru army as Diggle was attempted to set a bomb to blow them all but Arrow was distracted by a Mirakuru soldier attacking him as Laurel arrived to save him but were pursued by 7 more. Arrow decided to blow the roof to save themselves.[39] As the attack on Starling continued Arrow woke up he guided Laurel through using his bow and arrow to blow herself out of the debris. When they got clear Arrow, Felicity and Diggle were informed by a S.T.A.R. Labs courier that the cure Cisco and Caitlin produced is now on-route and they set out in the van to retrieve it, but also hear from the courier that his car has been flipped and he's trapped. Arrow wanted Laurel to come with them to keep her safe but she insisted she could make it back to her father on her own and insisted the city needed him more and he, reluctantly, agreed to let her go.[40] Along the way Arrow saw a soldier attacking a group of civilians and saved a young woman from being killed, unaware that this woman had just developed an unstable fixation on him.[46] On the way Arrow is called by Quentin who informs him the police have rallied behind him and he requests they hold off the soldiers until they retireve the cure. Midway through the trip the van was attacked by Mirakuru soldiers forcing Arrow and Diggle, with Felicity knocked out, to head out on foot but arrived too late as the cure was stolen. Oliver and Felicity hide in Sara's hideout, as Diggle went to retrieve Roy, where he confessed to having failed the city and the people he wanted to avenge but Felicity stressed that he defeated Malcolm, The Triad, The Count, Clock King and so many others and he will beat Slade and hugged him. Oliver then received a call from Sebastian that he had the cure and will give it to him. Oliver and John arrived at his office where he confessed his childhood trauma of his abusive father and having nightmares even after his death, also confessing his mask was created as a means to combat his fears, and confessed he only ever wanted to help Starling and gave him the cure. However, when Sebastian told Oliver his intention to redeem himself by rebuilding the city Oliver scolded Sebastian for believing he would still be mayor and was un-phased by Sebastian's threat to expose his secret should Oliver expose his.

Oliver brought the cure to the tower but saw on the TV, after Quentin told him, that there were army trucks surrounding the city which Oliver knew was Amanda Waller's. He call her to call off that attack but refused prompting Oliver to use the cure on Roy to test it.[40] The Mirakuru soldiers attacked the tower as Roy awoke but the 4 escaped through a cable just as Lyla arrived in time to destroy the tower and the soldiers within. The team arrived in the cave, finding it wrecked, and Oliver ordered John and Lyla to stop or distract Waller long enough for them to succeed. As Felicity and Roy gathered injection arrows Sara returned with Nyssa and 6 assassin archers to assist Oliver against Slade. Before departing for Queen Consolidated Oliver presented Roy with his own mask, using Sebastian's remarks about crucibles to inspire him, and headed to the building where Arrow and Canary confronted Deathstroke and Ravager along with several soldiers. Nyssa and the league soon arrived with the other assassins and killed Isabel but Deathstroke escaped. Arrow, Canary, Felicity and Quentin then discussed Slade's army leaving the city and was informed that Laurel had been abducted. Arrow then secretly stressed his few options to defeat Slade to Felicity beside killing him, which she gave him the idea to make him over-think his plan. Oliver then took Felicity to his house to hide and confessed to being in love with her, as a ruse to deceive Slade as Oliver had previously discovered his hidden cameras. Arrow then lead Canary, Nyssa, Roy, Quentin, several police officers and the League against the Mirakuru army and defeated them but Slade contacted Arrow and told him that he had taken Felicity also. Arrow confronted Slade at the steel-mill where he also had Laurel hostage, against like Sara and Shado, and expressed his deepest hatred for allowing Shado to die but Felicity used this distraction to inject Slade with the cure and Arrow fought him, both of them loosing their masks and Slade taunting him to kill him and prove he is just a murderer but Oliver eventually restrained him with Trick arrows. Some time later Oliver had Slade incarcerated in a Supermax on Lian Yu itself and visited him to thank him for teaching him his skills and left as Slade vowed to get out. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity then walked back to the plane where Felicity commented on how Oliver sold the love story between them but was also asked how he knows to fly a plane.[41]

Return of the Church of Blood

Not long following his defeat of Slade, The Arrow and Roy grappled on to a "drug plane" and climbed up on top. They struggled to hold on while Felicity, back at their base, tried to hack the plane's WiFi. Unable to get a clean signal, Dig suggested to go with "plan B". Oliver proceeded to stab an arrow in to the plane. The arrow exploded and the two of them jumped in to the plane. As the occupants began shooting at the men, they began fighting back. Oliver fired an arrow at the pilot, which opened up at the end to reveal a ball, hitting the man in the face. As Roy mused over the new "boxing glove arrow" (a term Oliver claimed to hate), Oliver started to fly the plane back to stability. He placed an autopilot device on to the controls and busied himself with fighting back the remaining occupants of the plane. Roy was momentarily distracted by a comment from Oliver calling him Speedy. In this moment, one of the Spanish-speaking men attempted to fire his gun at Roy, only to get an arrow to the chest from Oliver. Unluckily, Roy was hit by a bullet and began falling from the plane.[64]

Oliver confirmed that Felicity's autopilot gadget was working before jumping from the plane. As he free-fell, he asked Diggle to prep for surgery for Roy's bullet wound. As he got closer he caught Roy and enabled a parachute. Back at the foundry, Oliver reasoned that their base was much closer than a hospital, so it was the smartest move. While Diggle fetched the appropriate blood, Oliver fixed his dislocated arm in order to help with the surgery. After the surgery, Oliver believed that all they could do was wait. He began to blame himself for making Roy take on such a high-risk mission. Diggle then decided to leave in order to help out his pregnant partner, Lyla. Felicity, meanwhile, told Oliver that he needed a new place to live as the foundry was comparable to a cave. She proceeded to accidentally imply that she wanted him in her bed, as opposed to her intended message of a bed owned by her.[65]

Eventually Roy's condition stabilized, though still being in a fairly bad way, and were his condition to worsen then Oliver would personally take him to Starling General. They communicated with Dig who had just received supplies from their supplier, Lodai. Felicity noticed a hostage situation on the top of Winick Tower. As The Arrow arrived there, he threw small arrows at the man, Hoshaw Tolibao, knocking him down. Before he could harm Oliver when he got up, he kicked him back down. On the ground, Hoshaw claimed to be a prophet for Brother Blood, despite Oliver apparently killing Sebastian Blood.[66]

After Laurel talked to Hoshaw, she relayed his claim to be following the word of Brother Blood. The team determined that, as the original Brother Blood, Sebastian Blood, was dead, there had to be a new person taking up the mantle. Oliver decided to suit up and head over to St. Walker's Church, an abandoned orphanage in which Sebastian had grown up. He came across some followers of the Church of Blood, who began crowding around him. Suddenly, Brother Blood appeared. The Arrow requested to know Brother Blood's identity, passing his followers off as lost souls and homeless people. This angered the followers, who began encroaching on him, trying to beat him up.[67] Among them was Werner Zytle, who injected him with some of his enhanced Vertigo.[68] Before they could pull his mask off, he pulled away, throwing down an explosion of smoke. While he was escaping, he found Diggle being dragged by some men to Brother Blood. He hid in the shadows, following them, as they took Dig to their leader. Brother Blood revealed himself to be Clinton Hogue, but not before The Arrow could shoot numerous flechettes in to his back, enabling Oliver to grab Diggle and run. On his way out, The Arrow beat up Clinton. They found some more followers, though Oliver once again used an explosion of smoke, and they began climbing out of the underground. As they reached the top, Oliver came across The Huntress, whom he believed to be in prison.[69] She claimed to be there to pay him back, and to have put a bolt in Diggle's heart. She began beating him up, getting annoyed at him for apparently forcing her to make her wear her outfit. She knocked him to the ground, while meanwhile the followers had reached the surface, causing him to warn her. He got up and went to turn round, instead finding his apparently dead father standing there. He mentioned how Oliver knew several people who had already practically been resurrected, so it was his turn. His father then turned in to his mother, who believed that she should also get a turn. She expressed her disappointment in Oliver. His mother soon turned in to Tommy Merlyn, who knocked him down. He also judged him for not saving him, suggesting that he probably wasn't even his best friend, that title going to John Diggle. Tommy turned in to his father again, who reminded him that he had killed himself to save his life, not to "play dress-up". His father became Slade Wilson, who claimed to be able to beat him easily in a fair fight, which was why Oliver didn't even bother saving his mother, whom Slade's form changed in to. She suggested that Oliver had only let her die so Thea wouldn't find out his vigilante identity. All of these hallucinations from Zytle's Vertigo concoction, The Canary appeared, and he was unsure whether she was real or another hallucination.[68] However, as she was indeed real, she knocked Ollie out in order to take him back to the Arrow-cave.[70]

Back at the cave, Felicity drew some blood from Oliver and began running tests on it, finding traces of psychotropic drugs in it. He suddenly woke up, no longer hallucinating. Diggle gave him some "magic herbs" from the island and revealed how Oliver had given him plenty of bruises during their brawl. Oliver went on to determine that he'd been injected with something from one of Blood's followers, also revealing to Felicity the true identity of the new Brother Blood, Clinton Hogue. Though determined to take down Hogue, Sara cautioned restraint, offering to help but only after Oliver had some rest to recover.[70]

As he rested, he dreamt of fighting Thea, ending with her pushing him off of a rooftop. He suddenly awoke and left Thea a voice mail to call him back. As he began to walk around, Roy also woke up. Oliver explained to him what had happened and checked to see if he was okay.[71]

A day later, Oliver met with Ned Foster at Queen Consolidated. He hoped that Oliver was spending his money wisely, rather than wasting all of it partying, and mentioned how he'd found a solution to his financial instability. They entered the conference room to find Walter Steele. He mentioned how, as part of Starling National Bank, he believed he could find significant backers to help Oliver buy back his company, despite his terrible business ethic. Walter assured him that their plan could work, but it all depended on Oliver, due to his notability as a Queen. Oliver left the office on his way to check on Felicity at her office. On the way, he received a call from Diggle, who mentioned his trip to Kahndaq with the Suicide Squad and Oliver wished him luck, and to be careful. Oliver arrived at Kord Industries and asked for Felicity. The man who attended to him recognized him, noting that his friend had yet to turn up in the past two days, on top of a full month of missed days and lost time. Due to this, he fired her and wished Oliver to give her the news. He left for Felicity's apartment, but found it damaged and everything overturned. He returned to the foundry and began to suit up. He and Roy viewed Felicity's security footage, discovering that she'd been kidnapped by Brother Blood's men. Left to the two of them, Oliver unveiled a kevlar-lined suit for Roy, and the two of them left.[72]

They arrived at St. Walker's Church, the Church of Blood's hideout, arriving through the sewers. They crashed through a door, hoping to find Felicity, but there was no one. They proceeded to search the room, suddenly finding an explosive in a desk drawer. They ran for their lives, before the bomb exploded, collapsing the entire building. As they climbed from the rubble, Oliver and Roy noticed a member of Slade Wilson's Mirakuru-powered army. As they did, Oliver's phone rang. Over the phone, Felicity tried to warn them, but was interrupted by Brother Blood. He promised to exchange Felicity for The Arrow, that night on top of Kord Industries. Later on, Oliver was working out when Roy interrupted, asking for any hint of a plan. Oliver expressed some sort of feelings for Felicity, but denied them being actual feelings. That night, they arrived atop Kord Industries. Oliver left his weapons behind and they patted him down, before allowing him to board their helicopter.[73]

Once aboard, Oliver asked to commence the trade. However, refusing to do so, as Oliver had predicted, Oliver knocked almost everyone but Brother Blood out, taking his gun. He threatened to kill for Felicity if he was not taken to her. They soon arrived at the drop zone, but Hogue assured him that his men would be waiting for him, outmatching him four to one. However, Oliver was sure that this would in no way hinder him.[74] Oliver began to threaten Hogue, attempting to find Felicity's location. However, he suddenly jumped at Oliver and stole his gun, though Oliver quickly kicked it out of his hand and pinned him to the ground, right as Arsenal arrived with The Huntress, much to his surprise. They surveyed the interior, Helena suggesting that she kill all of them, but Oliver disagreeing. They crashed in from the ceiling and Oliver took Felicity from her captor, Bartek Kuranski. Felicity kicked him in the crotch, as she'd promised, but everyone was soon electrocuted by Lyle Bolton, despite Oliver's attempts to thwart him, who then took the two women hostage. Given a choice, Oliver chose Helena.[75] Stopping Vanch from intervening, he waited for Bolton to let Helena go. As he did, she turned around and knocked him out. Oliver called in an anonymous tip for the mercenaries to the police, then they left. Before they left, he admitted to Helena that he'd let her choose where she felt she deserved to go. As Oliver began to take off in the helicopter, Hogue came up from behind and attempted to kill Roy. Oliver jumped to the back and tried to grab Roy, but both Roy and Clinton fell out of the helicopter, though Roy was able to grab on to the side while Clinton grabbed on to Roy himself. Oliver attempted to pull Roy up, but Roy first kicked Hogue and made him fall to the ground. They took Helena back to prison, which she'd decided on. While there, Helena suggested that Oliver keep a hold on Felicity. Back at the base, Felicity presented Oliver with a bed in thanks. In return, he gave her a bottle of wine he'd promised her nearly two years ago, and he opened it by shooting an arrow before they shared it.[76]

Caleb Green's vengeance

Sometime following, Oliver met Walter Steele and Ned Foster at Queen Consolidated, who notified him of a board meeting on the 8th of October, and their future plans following that. He thanked Walter before leaving. Before Oliver could hail a cab, he was attacked by an angry man. He was able to miss each of the man's punches, but was soon thrown in to Champions Sports, a sporting shop. He soon came back out, wearing a hockey mask and wielding a baseball bat. The man broke the bat, but Oliver pulled a recurve bow from his back, lodging an arrow in his shoulder.[77] However, he was able to withstand it, due to his Mirakuru enhancement. Luckily, Roy Harper was able to intervene. The man tried to attack them both, but was distracted by police, who he was forced to flee from. On suggestion from Diggle, Roy grappled up a building with his bow and arrow, holding Oliver as well. They crashed through the window, before heading down the stairs, only to be stopped by police. They were promptly handcuffed and made to face a wall. However, Felicity called and used a voice imitation program to act as the police chief, forcing them to be freed. The two of them headed back to the Arrowcave, where they found the identity of the man, Caleb Green. Discovering that he had in fact been after vengeance on Robert Queen for his father, and having no Mirakuru cure, Oliver determined that he still had one sin to atone for, planning to leave for Lian Yu with Roy.[78]

War with the League of Assassins and retirement from crusade

Oliver Queen fights "himself"

Oliver Queen fights his illusion

Over the next several months Oliver, Diggle, Felicity and Roy began a clean up mission of Starling City and put away dozens of criminals, severely crippling the criminal network and leaving the rest of them desperate. Arrow, Diggle and Roy pursued a truck carrying illegal RPG's He exploded the back of it, allowing Diggle to sort out the RPGs, then directed the truck towards Roy. The driver, Vincent Steelgrave, made a run for it, but Oliver captured him, commenting that he'd failed the city, before knocking him out. They headed back to the foundry, where Oliver crossed off yet another name from his new list of criminals. He noticed a fern, which she explained as an attempt to liven up the dull surroundings. Oliver promptly received a text from Thea, leading to Roy leaving quickly to do a patrol. As he left, Oliver complimented him on how well he had been doing. Felicity and Diggle also left, though before the latter did, Oliver gave him a gift to celebrate his coming baby. Dig urged Oliver to talk to Felicity, as he believed him to be blatantly in love with her. Later that day, Oliver met with Laurel Lance as Vincent Steelgrave was being taken away by police. Laurel guided him over to a group surrounding Captain Quentin Lance, who was ready to make an announcement. Laurel claimed that it was his surprise. Captain Lance began to announce that, using his new position as a police captain, he was formally recognizing The Arrow as a hero, as well as disbanding the task force created to hunt him down. After that, Oliver rushed on over to the foundry, where he caught up with Felicity. He awkwardly asked her out on a dinner date, which she accepted. That night they were on another mission, going after a member of Steelgrave's crew. Dig patched Oliver over to Felicity, and despite being in the middle of a high speed chase, he asked her as to her interests in Italian food, agreeing on it. The Arrow intercepted Calvin Nico, the man in question, just as Captain Lance also did. He thanked him for what he'd done, excusing himself as he claimed to have somewhere to be. He headed to the restaurant, changing in to a suit and stashing his bag in a compartment. He met Felicity, just as nervous as her. Unable to find anything to talk about, he admitted that he hadn't been on the island for the entirety of his five years away, specifically he'd gone to Hong Kong, for one. He went on to describe how he learnt to stop trusting people, only to begin to do so again when he first met Felicity. Oliver began to suggest that they had the potential to begin a relationship, but the conversation was cut short by a rocket launched aiming for The Arrow. The two of them were knocked out, and Oliver awoke to a badly battered Felicity. He picked her up and took her and his bag back to the base, where he lay Felicity on a table. Roy discovered a GPS tag on Felicity's jacket, Oliver inferring that it had been meant for him, hence the explosive. He gave Lance a call, alerting him as to the situation, and wishing to find the leader of the gang. Felicity suddenly woke up and was comforted by Oliver. Oliver suited up and headed to where they assumed Steelgrave's men to be, where he also found Quentin, who told him of the suspect, Werner Zytle. Werner suddenly appeared, introducing himself and throwing a dart at his neck. He called himself Vertigo, despite The Arrow's claim that The Count was dead. The two began fighting, though The Arrow began to stagger. As Oliver started to hallucinate, Werner explained that he had brought back the Vertigo drug with an addition that made one see their greatest fear. Werner began to turn in to Oliver himself, and resulted in him fighting The Arrow and even winning, holding him up against a wall. Quentin began shooting, distracting him long enough for The Arrow to run off. However, Quentin collapsed and Werner started to walk to him. Before he could do any harm, he was shot with an arrow and fled. The Arrow requested Felicity call an ambulance for the captain. Oliver returned to the base, checking that Felicity was okay. He sent Roy out to patrol for Werner's men and instructed Dig to go home to look after Lyla. Felicity and Oliver headed to Queen Consolidated for Oliver's meeting with the company's board. Surprising them, another bidder for the company, Ray Palmer, arrived. Oliver began a heartfelt speech to the board members in a hope to win the bid for the company, only to quickly be squashed by Ray's motivational speech regarding "QC" transforming the city in to a "Star City". They left and Oliver decided that, clearly having lost to Ray, he had previously made a decision to put aside "Oliver Queen" anyway, and so it was likely for the best. Back at the base, Diggle updated Oliver on Werner's next targets, three crime bosses. Oliver and Roy suited up, while arguing that Diggle had to stay at the base as he was a soon-to-be father. Once at the Rockets Arena, where Werner and the crime bosses were, Roy was sent to deactivate the bomb while Arrow chose to go after Werner, heading to the roof. Werner threw a Vertigo-laced dart at him, though Arrow was able to overcome it. Suddenly, Canary appeared to help keep down Werner's accomplice. Arrow was surprised to see Canary back, but quickly made sure to tie up Werner. They went for a walk and caught up. Sara suggested that she might return permanently to the city, but advised that Oliver needed to have non-vigilantes in his life. Soon after, Oliver headed to the hospital to find Diggle and Lyla, the latter of whom had given birth. John thanked Oliver for giving him the right advice and the two hugged. Out in the hallway, Felicity and Oliver briefly talked about their situation, before kissing and Felicity walking off upset. Suddenly Oliver received a call from Barry, who had woken up from his coma.[42] Meeting on a rooftop, Barry explained his powers of super speed, how they'd come to be and how there were others like him, one of whom killed a man and Barry screwed up the chance to save him. He also expressed doubts, as Dr. Wells had told him that he was just a man struck by lightning, but Oliver promised that his power was a gift to be used in ways Oliver's could not, to be an unseen guardian angel, saving people "in a flash". As Arrow departed he told Barry to listen to his own previous advice and wear a mask. Barry was impressed by Oliver's exit, as was Oliver likewise of Barry's speeding away.[79]

Oliver talks Laurel out of killing Simon Lacroix

Oliver talks Laurel out of killing Lacroix.

The following morning, Oliver headed to the base with Felicity and Roy, where they horrifyingly found Sara lying on a table, dead. Laurel attempted to explain what had happened, before Oliver closed her eyes and comforted Laurel. Oliver met Laurel upstairs, where she told Oliver of a stuffed shark that Sara was fond of. Oliver promised to find Sara's killer, to which Laurel attempted to suggest that she would also help, though Oliver recommended that she had helped enough thus far. Laurel left, leading to Oliver calling Thea, wishing to simply hear her voice, though he only got her voice mail. Felicity approached, letting him know that they had no video surveillance to go off, so he instead decided to go and survey the area. At the scene, Oliver was only able to find a piece of metal, but meanwhile imagined Sara's murder. Diggle approached, having learnt of Sara's death. He attempted to get Oliver to take some time off of work, but Oliver claimed his vigilante work was all he could do, and proceeded to dissect what he could take from the scene, leading to Dig offering his help. Suddenly, Oliver was called by Felicity, who alerted him to Quentin wanting to meet. Despite initially fearing it would be about Sara, he was told of a corporate financier named John Burke who'd been killed through seemingly similar means to Sara. Back at the foundry, Dig and Oliver brainstormed possible archers, Oliver suggesting only 10 he knew of, most of whom were in the League of Assassins (counting out those, as they didn't target their own). Felicity alerted them to a new attack by the archer, so Oliver had Diggle check A.R.G.U.S.'s database for potentials while he went to question a likely witness. At the crime scene, The Arrow prevented the man from escaping, before finding out that the man he was looking for wore a black hockey mask. Contacting Diggle, he found out a likely suspect was Simon Lacroix/Komodo. Patching through to Felicity, she was able to pinpoint Lacroix. As Komodo almost shot an arrow at a victim, Arrow intercepted. They began driving at each other on motorbikes shooting arrows though Komodo won the match and escaped. Back at the base, they decided on a new tactic - rather than searching for Lacroix, they would attempt to search for his targets. The search took a while, causing Oliver to become impatient and Felicity to become annoyed at him in return. She proceeded to question how Oliver could act so coldly, yet Oliver claimed he could never have that luxury living the life he did. Felicity simply got more upset and stormed out. Following that, Oliver attempted to call Thea again. Not replying, Roy decided to reveal that she'd left him a note upon her leaving, promising to never return to Starling. Oliver read the letter while Roy apologized, and Oliver simply accepted the apology. Laurel came to the team with information regarding Lacroix and determined his next target, Tom Weston, and Oliver left to Ray Palmer's Star City pledge, despite Laurel's attempts to join him. At the event, Komodo inevitably attacked Weston but the Arrow and Roy intervened. Despite his efforts, Komodo was eventually pinned to a wall and unmasked. Laurel appeared aiming a gun at Lacroix. She accused him of killing Sara, though he explained where that he was in Bludhaven to night of Laurel's claim. Oliver dragged Laurel off after she'd realized the gun wasn't loaded. The following morning, Oliver reassured Laurel that Lacroix's alibi was authentic. He promised to eventually find Sara's killer, but he had no clue when that will be and urged her to tell her father of Sara's death. That night, they buried Sara in her previously empty grave, and they all payed their respects. Back at the foundry, John decided that he would re-join the team, as long as it took to find Sara's killer. Following on from that, Oliver decided that they would have to go find Thea and bring her home. Oliver expressed that he didn't want to die down in the basement, before John told him not to and left.[43]

Oliver meets Thea in Corto Maltese

Oliver tells Thea the truth about a number of things.

The Arrow ran down a man, questioning him on Sara's death, giving him a piece of evidence from the scene containing his DNA. The man confessed to having been up there drinking but left when Sara showed up after she told them to get lost. Oliver headed back to the base, frustrated that the trail had gone cold. Felicity revealed to have found Thea's true location: Corto Maltese. The three men decided to head to the country. Once in the country, Diggle and Roy settled in to their hotel while they allowed Oliver to find Thea. Oliver found Thea, working at a cafe who was surprised to see him. They began talking, and he revealed to have two plane tickets home: one of them for her. He empathized with her, asking her to come back home with him. Despite claiming to love him, she refused to return at all. Oliver left to help Diggle with a job for Lyla, finding an A.R.G.U.S. agent who was unresponsive, Mark Shaw. Diggle approached as Oliver stayed to watch from afar. After all was clear, they headed to a site, Oliver still observing as backup. When Shaw double-crossed Diggle, Oliver revealed himself, running after Shaw, but he drove away before he could be stopped. They conferred with Lyla, who promised to be sending a wet team to back them up, asking them to keep their powder dry. However, they chose to disregard her message, going after Shaw instead. They called Felicity, who they asked to ping Shaw's phone and determine his location. Meanwhile, Oliver decided to tell Thea "the truth" in order to get her to come home with them. Diggle reasoned that he'd likely lose Thea if he did, though Oliver further reasoned that he'd already lost her to Corto Maltese. Oliver met with Thea, expressing his fear that he would indeed lose her, but she explained that the lying about her own life, particularly her birth father, was what had driven her away. In hearing this, Oliver revealed the truth about their father's suicide, which Oliver had always mentioned as an accidental drowning. He explained that both of their parents had sacrificed themselves so both of them could live, so they had to stick together. Oliver met back up with John and Roy at the scene of Shaw's buy. As the buy was going down, a group of hired men arrived and began shooting at the three spies. They began shooting and firing back with homemade bows and arrows. After he'd ran out of arrows, Oliver grabbed Diggle's gun and shot numerous soldiers, much to the surprise of Roy. Oliver took out the buyer and his guards, taking his laptop of A.R.G.U.S. names, right as Diggle knocked out Shaw, allowing him to go and effectively leave A.R.G.U.S.. They later waited at the airport, disappointed that Thea had not arrived. However, she shortly arrived, much to the particular delight of Oliver. A nearby passenger spilled his coffee all over Thea's hand, though she was unfazed, which weirded out Oliver. Back in Starling, Oliver came across Laurel, who had been injured in a fight. She expressed her wishes to train and help people like Sara had, but Oliver shot her down as he didn't want her to get hurt. Down in the cave, Oliver and Roy talked about Thea, as Oliver seemed to believe Thea was acting differently. However, they were quickly interrupted by Nyssa, who was looking for Sara.[80]

Oliver, Nyssa and Malcolm fight

Arrow, Nyssa and Dark Archer fight.

After explaining that she had been killed and eventually buried, Nyssa left. Believing she knew something, Oliver asked Roy to follow Nyssa while he met Thea. At the restaurant, Oliver offered to pay, despite being broke, but Thea revealed that she would be buying back Verdant with the help of investors, allowing her to spend a bit of money herself. Following dinner, Oliver left to follow Nyssa, finding her in an abandoned building which she revealed to be Sara's old place. Nyssa went on to reveal that Sara had been in Starling to confirm rumors that Malcolm was alive much to Oliver's shock. They headed back to the base, where Roy expressed his skepticism. However, Oliver confirmed that he was indeed alive, showing photos they'd found on a camera from Sara's safe-house, dating back only a few weeks. Following that, they inspected some paper Sara had left in her boot, which Nyssa determined had ghost ink on it, revealed only with heat from a fire. Finding pieces of information regarding an individual named Jansen and that Sara had gone to her father for help, Laurel was sent to talk to Quentin. Oliver, Roy, Diggle and Nyssa headed to the monastery of Ken Zhi Jansen, a Buddhist monk who had helped Malcolm, and whom Sara had been tracking down. Nyssa found who she believed to be Jansen, though it was in fact Malcolm himself, who quickly got away, despite an attempt by The Arrow to stop him. Back at the base Oliver revealed to Laurel that Malcolm was still alive and was a likely suspect. He went on to mention how he'd tagged him with nanites, traceable via GPS. Laurel got angry that Oliver didn't kill Malcolm when he had the chance, though he reasoned that he would forever be able to trace him, before Laurel stormed out. Nyssa offered to speak to Laurel. Oliver sent Roy to watch over Thea, in case Malcolm contacted her, and had Diggle monitor the tracer program in place of Felicity, who was out of town. Oliver was guided by Diggle to an air conditioning factory, where Oliver was discreetly called by Malcolm, explaining how he'd outwitted him. He asked him to come, unmasked, to Nelson Plaza, an extremely public place, in order to talk completely alone but assured that if even one member of Team Arrow were to show he won't come. At the plaza, Malcolm reasoned that, as he already had a blood debt with Ra's al Ghul, it was illogical to have killed Sara. He also went on to mention how he'd only come back to Starling City for Thea, as he'd saved her the night of Slade's siege. He swore on Thea's life that he wasn't Sara's killer, before walking off. The following morning, Oliver met Thea at The Grind & Jolt Cafe, revealing that she'd previously been saved by Malcolm Merlyn, thinking that she had no clue. Despite being seemingly skeptical, Oliver reassured her that it was true. Heading back to the cave, Oliver told Nyssa of Malcolm's motives. As Nyssa walked off angrily, Diggle reasoned that although Oliver had made a vow not to kill, Nyssa made no such vow. Soon after, Nyssa kidnapped Thea in order to lure Malcolm. Oliver and the team were able to notice the smoke signals she'd sent up and the former headed to the warehouse while the rest secured the perimeter (sans a post-tranquilized Roy). Arrow shot down a tied up Thea, allowing her to escape, before engaging in combat with Nyssa. Dark Archer quickly intervened, the three fighting each other. Before long, Dark Archer pinned Nyssa against a wall and before Arrow knocked Dark Archer down. Claiming to have not killed Sara, Malcolm gave Arrow the simple choice to kill him or not. However, despite Malcolm being a killer, Arrow wished to not break his vows and let Malcolm go. Back at the base, Oliver claimed protection over Malcolm, warning Nyssa not to let any League members near him so long as he is in Starling while she threatened that he'd made an enemy. As she left, Felicity arrived back from Central City. Oliver soon headed upstairs to make sure that Thea was okay, before leaving her and Roy to talk.[44]

The Arrow watches as Cooper Seldon takes Felicity hostage

The Arrow watches as Cooper takes Felicity hostage.

Oliver fought with Roy using bo staffs. Roy claimed to have had little sleep, causing Oliver to knock him over. Following that, Oliver went to see Thea at her new place. He believed that she could never afford the loft, though Thea explained that she'd inherited the remains of Malcolm Merlyn's estate. Despite his attempts, Thea refused to let Oliver convince her to throw away the supposed "blood money". Thea left to upstairs when suddenly lights all over the city began going out. Thea rushed downstairs to find Oliver, but he'd already left over the balcony. In the streets, Oliver promptly saved a woman from being hit by a car. He walked past a store of TVs when a man claiming to be part of "Brother Eye" explained that they would be bringing the city to its knees. After the transmission, the city's lights were switched back on. Oliver met with Diggle and Felicity at Verdant where they were introduced to Felicity's mom. As they went to go downstairs, Oliver expressed his hesitation to Diggle taking his daughter downstairs. Felicity assured Dig that her mother loved babies and so they handed her over and headed down to the cave. Unable to find them as the previous virus had deleted itself, Oliver wished to find the group before there was a "next time". Brother Eye soon made another broadcast, which Oliver had Felicity trace through breadcrumbs. Learning of the SCPD's dispatch of a riot squad to the Starling National Bank after a threat from Brother Eye, Oliver and Roy suited up before heading over. They shot arrows which released tear gas, dispersing the rioting crowds. During this, Oliver talked to Felicity, who eventually determined that she couldn't stop the virus as she'd written it 5 year prior. Back at the cave, Felicity attempted to explain herself before getting flustered. Oliver calmed her down, asking her to start at the beginning. After she'd explained herself, Felicity looked in to Myron Forest, a potential suspect, while Oliver took care of Thea upstairs, leaving via the alleyway entrance. Thea was trying to get in to the sub-level, while Oliver lied that he'd been told it was completely flooded. He claimed to be there as he was concerned about her, while Thea wished to reconnect with her brother despite their earlier dispute, as she believed family was always family. After this, Oliver and Roy went to interrogate Myron Forest. He reasoned that he was the exact image of what the activists hated, so it was clear that he wasn't part of Brother Eye. They headed back to the Arrowcave, where Oliver made sure that Felicity's former boyfriend wasn't behind it. Not knowing why she was so adamant, she explained in detail how he'd hung himself in prison, absolving him completely, before she stormed off crying. When she came back and ran a tracer hack, Oliver made Felicity leave again, this time for an hour to make amends with her mom. After she didn't return, Diggle had an A.R.G.U.S. agent go to check out Felicity's house while Oliver attempted to call her, though she didn't respond. Meanwhile, Felicity had been kidnapped, though she'd allowed Oliver to trace her. Once he'd found her in an abandoned building, The Arrow brought down motion-sensored machine guns facing him and pointed an arrow at Cooper, who'd taken Felicity hostage. Before he could shoot Felicity, she grabbed his gun and beat him down. They soon returned to the base, where Felicity thanked Oliver for his advice on loving one's family and left to her mother.[81]

The Arrow aims a boxing glove arrow

Arrow preparing to knock down Ted using a boxing glove arrow.

Arrow, Diggle and Roy begun pursuing a series of murders involving numerous mob bosses all with the words "Guilty" inscribed in blood on the floor. Later Arrow follows another trial to Ted Grant's Wildcat Gym and found another body and when Ted returned moments later Arrow pulled out an arrow ready to interrogate him but saw Laurel with him who quickly got between them. As Ted was being questioned Arrow questioned Laurel's involvement with him and realized that she was following in Sara's footsteps as he had previously advised against but Laurel still insisted that Ted was innocent as they were at dinner when the murder happened. Arrow broke into Ted's gym and found a secret room where Ted jumped him though Arrow quickly overpowered him, questioned him and learned that he too was once a vigilante but after accidentally killing a man he retired. Arrow and Ted then went to the scene of the supposed murder Ted committed but were jumped by a masked man who Ted knew but the cops showed up and arrested Ted. When Oliver and Laurel went to the Arrow-cave for an update Roy confessed a horrible truth that he believes he killed Sara from a Mirakuru endued episode leaving Laurel distraught and Oliver unsure of what to do, though Diggle advised that they cut Roy out of the team which Oliver was against. Later Laurel and Ted were kidnapped by the mask man, Ted's former protegee Isaac Stanzler, and through a fight Issac was pulled from the car but Arrow was distracted by saving Laurel and Ted while Roy fought and beat Issac begging for Oliver not to abandon him. Later Roy told Oliver that Issac claimed he was just another "weapon in his arsenal", leaving Oliver to think that "Arsenal" should be Roy's code-name. He also used Tatsu's mind technique to uncover why Roy was having visions of killing Sara but this only made him remember the cop he murdered while high on Mirakuru, only seeing Sara because she and Oliver were present when it happened.[45]

The Arrow arrives at Cupid's hideout

Arrow was called in by Quentin after Issac was murdered by another archer, using spade shaped arrows, though Oliver was told by Felicity that she was unavailable for the night as she had a business dinner with Ray Palmer and other associates. Diggle advised to Oliver that he if he wants to be with Felicity then he should make a move before Palmer does, having seen him and her on TV announcing QC's transition into Palmer Technologies, but Oliver found a location on a piece of paper in the arrow. When they got there they found the apartment room strapped up with numerous pictures of Arrow with hearts around them before getting a call from the woman in question, he told him that she wanted him and gave him a photo of another mob boss she would kill if he didn't meet her. Felicity later learned her identity, Carrie Cutter/Cupid, (former SWAT) who seemed familiar to Oliver and learned she had been stalking all his crime scenes since Slade's attack. Arrow and Arsenal later followed Carrie to Sherwood Florist where Cupid knocked out Arsenal and told Arrow that all she wanted was him, declaring her love for him. However Arrow denounced it and Cupid got away as Arrow tried to save the mob boss. Oliver later helped Roy, still guilty for killing the cop and for letting Carrie get the best of him, and talked to Carrie's doctor who told him her illness and also diagnosed Arrow as needing treatment, as per using a Robin Hood costume. Arrow followed Cupid's trial but received a call from Carrie that she was in Verdant, where Thea was, and told him to meet her. When Arrow arrived, he realized that Carrie was the same woman he saved during Slade's attack, and tried to reason with her love sickness but this only provoked her into fighting him into the train tracks below where she almost killed them both but Arrow saved her before having her sent to Waller and the Suicide Squad. Acting on Diggle's advise Oliver went to tell Felicity of his feelings, only to see her and Ray kissing, highly enraging him so he and Roy instead went to John's apartment where he and Lyla were having dinner.

The Flash vs. The Arrow

The Arrow vs. The Flash

Following a murder involving a boomerang that same night, Felicity tracked its materiel origins to Central City [46] where Oliver learned that Barry had in fact been saving people with his powers, under the code-name: The Flash. Arrow later went to a crime scene with Flash and saved him and Detective Joe West from a crazed cop before Barry dashed off to meet Oliver's team, startling Diggle who Oliver hand't told of Barry's powers. Oliver told Barry of the murder as Barry told Oliver of his meta-human incident and suggested a team-up to catch both but Oliver was hesitant due to their different approaches but Felicity was in favor as S.T.A.R. Labs had the skills to track their criminal faster. Later Oliver decided to help Barry anyway by getting the name of the meta-human but was annoyed by Diggle discussing what Barry can do with his super-speed, rather than cover him, but found a suspect whom Arrow interrogated and learn the culprit's name: Roy Bivolo. Oliver and Felicity met Barry in a cafe and told Barry of Bivolo's identity where Iris West served them coffees and showed signs of affection for Oliver, much to his amusement, but was hesitant against Felicity's suggestion of a team up until she persuaded him. Later Oliver took Barry to their meeting site to train where Oliver scolded Barry for the collateral damage caused at his sites of action, particularly Leonard Snart. Oliver also showed little amusement in Barry's code-name for Snart: Captain Cold calling it silly before Barry sarcastically reminded him of his enemies code-names: Deathstroke and The Huntress. Oliver however told Barry that he needed to study a situation before rushing in. He ordered Barry to run back and fourth once and that he would be hit with an arrow. However, as Barry caught Oliver's arrow shot from his bow, two rigged up crossbows shot Barry in the back. The next day Barry met Oliver for more training where Oliver told him that he needed to take his advise if he ever wants to help more people then hurt them but Barry, having been earlier affected by Bivolo, came to believe that Oliver was jealous. He then mocked him as he may have money, girls and gadgets but he'll never be as fast as he is before storming off. Felicity later told Oliver that Barry had gone crazy and Arrow arrived in time to stop Flash from killing Iris's boyfriend Eddie Thawne and tried to reason with him but Flash forced him into a fight utilizing all of their skills, proving to be evenly matched until Joe and Dr. Wells arrived and use a device which snapped Flash back. After Flash apologized they took down Bivolo and locked him up in their jail, Oliver noting that he has one also in Lian Yu before addressing Team Flash, Joe, Dr. Wells, Cisco Ramon and Dr. Caitlin Snow the importance of keeping his secret and was admired by Dr. Wells for his actions which though Oliver thanked him for, noting an odd vibe from Wells. Later Oliver told Barry at the cafe that he and Iris wouldn't work out, as he and Felicity wouldn't, before running into the woman he got pregnant by accident 8 years ago before leaving.[82] Following the boomerang weapon's trail Arrow and Arsenal broke into a house where he was supposedly help up but also encountered A.R.G.U.S. agents and insisted they needed to keep looking into it. Oliver later tasked Diggle with learning more form Lyla but Felicity later appeared with the surprise visitors of Cisco and Caitlin and Oliver became frustrated, repeatedly telling Cisco not to touch the weapons and mocking Felicity for letting his secret get out to all of Team Flash. Oliver was told by Diggle that A.R.G.U.S. was being attacked and Arrow and Arsenal went and engaged the attacker but he almost killed Arrow with his boomerangs but was saved by Flash. Arrow, Arsenal and Diggle learned from Lyla that the attacker, Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang, who was a member of the Suicide Squad on a mission gone south lead by Lyla, she opted to eliminate the team as Waller couldn't be reached but surmised that Harkness's bomb must have malfunctioned and now he's after her so Arrow takes Lyla to the Arrowcave where both Team Arrow and Team Flash used their skills to find Harkness. Following a lead from Quentin, Arrow and Flash found the boomerang maker Klaus Markos and Arrow used his torture methods to interrogate Markos and get a phone from Harkness. However Barry scolded Oliver for his brutality but Oliver reminded Barry of what he'd lost: His best friend, girlfriend and mother all murdered, the latter of which was in front of him but Barry retorted that his mother was murdered in front of him too and still scolded Oliver for his tactics. Later Arrow, Flash, Arsenal and Diggle followed another lead but realized that Harkness had mislead them and attacked the Arrowcave where Lyla was severely injured. Oliver confided in Barry that his experiences on Lian Yu and elsewhere between shaped him into who he is and believes that he traded away Oliver Queen and there isn't anything left inside him except The Arrow. Barry however believed that he didn't loose his humanity to survive by rather his humanity is what kept him alive and shaped him into The Arrow. Arrow and Flash eventually found Captain Boomerang as he was leaving but he had planted bombs forcing
The Arrow and The Flash find out who would truly win

The Arrow and The Flash fight to see who is truly better.

Flash to leave while Arrow engaged Boomerang. However Arrow was unable to torture Boomerang into disarming the bombs, haunted by his own previous actions, but Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, Felicity and Roy where able to stop the bombs and Harkness was sent away for good. Oliver later had another suit-case built for Barry whenever he shows up and Cisco gave Oliver an upgraded uniform with more armor and more equipment space. Later Oliver and Barry went to a private place to prove once and for all who is better: The Flash or The Arrow.[47] Ra's al Ghul lost his patience in Oliver's failure to find Sara's killer and sent Nyssa a few members of the League to threaten Oliver if he did not find the person within 48 hours, the League would carry out its tradition and kill 50 people a day until the killer is weeded out. Oliver eventually discovered Malcolm Merlyn, in reality was the culprit behind Sara's death, but he used a plant on Thea to make her susceptible to suggestion while not remembering anything that happened while she was under the plant's influence and had her kill Sara. Malcolm threatened to show the League the recording of Thea killing Sara if Oliver told the league Merlyn was behind this.
Ra's stabs Oliver in the chest

Completely outmatched, Oliver falls to Ra's

Instead he told Oliver to tell Ra's he did and will be given a right to a trial by combat in order to kill Ra's and erase any blood debt from Ra's rule, including Malcolm's Undertaking and Thea's "killing" Sara. Oliver complied and climbed up a mountain and dueled with an initially unarmed Ra's al Ghul with two swords. However, Ra's skills were too advanced and he defeated Oliver by stabbing him and pushing him off a cliff.[48] Fortunately, thanks to the cold slowing down Oliver's blood loss, Oliver remained clinically alive, but unconscious.

Oliver's body laid on a cliff-side for 4 days until Maseo returned for him and took his body to a cabin in the mountains where Tatsu revived him, much to his shock.[49] After awakening from a nightmare of him being killed in front of Felicity, Oliver tried to walk with difficulty and Tatsu denied still being in contact with Maseo as Oliver suspected, and Maseo informed Oliver he would return to Nanda Parbat. Oliver tried to talk Tatsu into convincing Maseo to return to Starling with him but she claimed she could convince Maseo, but not Sarab, as the events of Hong Kong made him overwhelmed with grief. Later as Oliver prepared to leave League members showed up looking for Maseo who discovered Queen alive but Maseo killed them and injured himself to allow himself back into the League and for Oliver to return to Starling.[83]

After Maseo's departure, Oliver decided to leave for Starling City, much to Tatsu's dismay that she wanted him to stay and rest. Oliver recommended that Tatsu come with him, but she said that to the world, she's dead. Oliver proclaimed that he wants to kill Ra's, but in order to do that he needed to think and act like him, and all that can be attained with the proper training. Oliver left and returned to Starling, as Arrow, that night where he narrowly stopped Malcolm from killing Danny Brickwell. After Brick's arrest, Arrow publicly announced to his city that he will never fail them again. After that, Oliver goes with Malcolm back to Thea's loft where she greeted them. While she is busy making tea, Malcolm agreed to train Oliver. However once Felicity heard this, she was unhappy that Oliver is going against his vows, vows that Felicity swore to Malcolm that Oliver would never break.[84]

Arrow and Arsenal pursued a culprit throughout the city but as they closed in on him Laurel, heading out as Black Canary again, took him down and Arrow scolded the new Canary for her actions but she told him to back off. In the Arrowcave itself Oliver scolded Diggle and Roy for letting Laurel pursue her recklessness but they were soon interrupted with another visit from Malcolm in the cave. He insisted that Ra's had seen his televised return and they need to inform Thea of Oliver's secret if she will survive but Diggle opposed it, believing Oliver will lose Thea if he does. Later Oliver brought Thea into the cave and showed her but rather than get angry for not telling her, Thea thanked Oliver for all the times he saved her life and the people in Starling. However Thea became angry at Malcolm after Oliver revealed he already knew about his secret but Oliver was later concerned with a the more pressing issue of Werner Zytle's escape, and that Laurel went after him alone. Arrow and Arsenal distracted Vertigo's men long enough to pull Black Canary out of the battle and treat her vertigo infection, which caused her to see Sara. Thea came down stairs to ask about Laurel but Oliver demanded that she leave but Roy stood up to Oliver, telling him she has as much right to see the situation and Oliver became mad that Roy stood up to him until Diggle and Felicity calmed the situation. Later Diggle counseled Oliver on the fact that his idea has outgrown himself and the team is beginning to branch out on its own, as they had to accept his death, which Oliver accepts before he and Black Canary headed out to confront and take down Zytle. However Oliver got call from Thea and when he arrived he saw a dead man on the floor and Roy and Malcolm, and Malcolm told him that he was an agent of Ra's. He also told them that to beat Ra's they needed to train in their most feared environment: Lian Yu. He parted ways with the team again, with reassurances that Laurel and Roy would keep the city safe in his absence, as they more than proved themselves capable of.[50]

Thea aims a gun at Slade Wilson

Oliver tries to talk Thea out of killing Slade.

After arriving on Lian Yu Oliver begun training Thea using Slade's methods with the bamboo sticks from years ago, though Thea also used Malcolm's tactics and both proved evenly matched. While eating dinner Oliver confessed that he'd been back to he island previously, but didn't answer Thea's question in regards if Oliver ever thought he'd make it home while stranded. Later that night when sleeping Oliver had a nightmare about Sara which Thea woke him up from, but asked why he didn't tell her about Sara before and simply told her that she led a complicated life. After taking a walk Oliver decided to visit Slade only to notice his cell door open and the guards dead. After finding Thea and telling her about Slade, Oliver receives a call from Malcolm confessing that he released Slade as a lesson for them to regain they will to be killers and also disables Oliver's phone. Oliver and Thea head to the grave-sites of Robert, Yao-Fei and Shado to retrieve hidden weapons but are ambushed by Slade and put in his cell, where he informs them that he plans to fake their deaths and leave them in the prison. Despite Oliver begging to let Thea go, Slade coldly informed him she's lucky to be alive and not buried next to Shado. Slade asked Thea if she knew the story between himself, Slade and Shado but she simply called him a "sick, son of a bitch", though Slade was unsurprised Oliver never told her reminding Oliver he likes to have secrets. Slade also tells Oliver that had he told him about Shado really died events could have been different and Moira may still be alive before leaving. As Oliver looked for a way out Thea accused him of keeping secrets from him again but Oliver again avoided the issue as Thea was able to get them out, as the cells are built for men and not women. After escaping Oliver is accidentally wounded by one of his set up booby traps and Thea again confronts him about his secrets, why he didn't tell her about Sara and Oliver finally told her the truth: Malcolm killed Sara but used her under the influence of a drug, so she wouldn't remember it, to do kill her. However, before Thea can process this horrible revelation Slade ambushes them again but after sometime the two are able to overpower him, but when Thea tries to kill Slade in revenge for killing Moira Oliver convinces her not to but she still shoots him in the shoulder. After putting Slade back in his cell he notes to Oliver that she has been corrupted and knows it was Malcolm, and also observes that he's lost both his parents and his sister and asks about Felicity and how many more people can Oliver lose before it breaks him to which Oliver doesn't answer. After returning home Oliver asks Thea not to tell Laurel as they need Malcolm, despite the monster he is, as it would complicate their situation. When Malcolm appears Oliver scolds him for using Slade as a weapon and almost killing them and witnessed him and Thea argue over using her to kill Sara and her disowning him as a father.

Ra's al Ghul asks Oliver Queen to be his heir

Ra's requests Oliver to be his successor

Oliver and Thea continue to train with Malcolm but he easily overpowers them and remarks how far they have to go to beat Ra's, and suggests that they move into the Arrowcave so the league doesn't find them but they refuse to leave the loft. Later as Oliver trains with his sword Laurel confronts her about lying to her, revealing that Thea told him about Sara, and how he could be keeping Malcolm safe after what he's done. Oliver goes to the loft to confront Thea about telling Laurel the truth reminding her of the danger they face, but learns that Thea has informed the league of Malcolm's whereabouts. Arrow arrives in time to see Nyssa and other league members kidnapping Malcolm and attempts to free him to no avail but manages to capture Nyssa. In the Arrowcave Oliver learns Laurel attacked Malcolm and scolds her for being so reckless and deciding they need to get Malcolm back, but Laurel and Felicity rule against this. Oliver however insists it's really because Thea will eventually begin to feel guilt over what she's done, but also secretly because Oliver really wants to fight Ra's again. He interrogates Nyssa but she immediately tells him where to find Nanda Parbat, and as Oliver is packing Thea tries to persuade him also to no avail. When Oliver is leaving Diggle approaches him and tells him that he's going with him, both because he needs backup and because Oliver doesn't even have his own jet anymore. Eventually the two arrive but are quickly noticed and attacked but manage to subdue and kill some of the guards and eventually find Malcolm being tortured, but are trapped in the same room with him by Ra's personally who welcomes them. Oliver and John are held in a cell where Diggle reveals that he knew Oliver really only wanted to come to beat Ra's, and Oliver reveals that he has nightmares about his almost death and was ruled by his ego. John then remarks that if he ever married again he though Andy would be there and despite losing his brother, he gained another and asks Oliver to be his best man at his and Lyla's wedding to which Oliver accepts. When Maseo brings Oliver before Ra's he begs him to spare Diggle and Ra's, impressed with his bravery in the face of death, reveals that he has no intention of killing Oliver and instead wants him to take his place as the next Ra's al Ghul.[52] Oliver is given a tour of Nanda Parbat and shown the league train and they discus the matter over dinner. Ra's reveals that he is aware of Oliver's duel-identity struggle how he desires to protect his city but loves a woman he can't have, but tells him that he is destined to be alone and Starling City would turn on him and that being the next Ra's he will be able to expand his crusade beyond Starling to the whole world. Ra's also reveals that the bath he bathes actually has a rare water that has cell regenerative abilities and has allowed Ra's to live for centuries beyond the average lifespan. However the waters have begun to lose their effects and Ra's is in fact dying and in addition to being immortal, at least for a few centuries, the league can even adopt Oliver's principle of not killing much to Oliver doubt. When Oliver asks what happens if he declines Ra's tells him they'll simply let him go and releases Diggle and Malcolm as a measure of good faith.

Ra's convinces Oliver to accept the title of Ra's al Ghul

Ra's discusses his offer with Oliver.

Oliver returns Malcolm back to Thea's loft much to her anger but he begs her to let him stay, insisting it's the only place he can recover with minimal trouble. Back at the Arrowcave the others welcome him back but express frustration in bringing Malcolm back and question why Ra's let them go. Oliver then releases Nyssa who questions why he's releasing her but he simply tells her to talk to her father and she'll know, but refuses to answer to team. Instead he insists on finding a criminal to take down and find Mumur who is in the process of stealing diamonds. Arrow, Arsenal and Black Canary engage Mumur but he is able to get away. Arrow asks Quentin to find a lead on Mumur's men and he agrees but tells Arrow that he can read about it in the papers and belittles him for keeping Sara's death from him, and tells him they're done. Oliver stops by Palmer Technologies where he learns that Felicity and Ray have become lovers and asks her to give him a lead on Mumur and gives him his real identity, Michael Amar, and apologies for not telling him about her and Ray. Oliver visits Thea to check up on her, and to make sure Malcolm is still alive, and she confesses the guilt she feels for almost killing her father but doesn't love him or believe he can love anyone. When Malcolm wakes up Oliver tells him of Ra's offer and Malcolm tells him of a prophecy which states that the one who doesn't perish at Ra's al Ghul's hand will become Ra's al Ghul and Malcolm warns Oliver not to think he has a choice. Later when Oliver is alone with Diggle he reveals Ra's offer to him which Diggle doesn't believe Oliver would ever accept. But since he's been back Quentin is shutting him out, Felicity and Ray are together, and every criminal they faced was released in Brick's campaign and believing that neither Oliver Queen or The Arrow is making a difference begins to think it may be best. Later Roy learns that Amar stole the diamonds to make into bullets so use against cop's protective armor to massacre the police force, payback for being sentenced for a crime he didn't commit but Arrow, Arsenal, Laurel and Nyssa are able to take down his men and personally saves Quentin from Mumur. After talking to Felicity, Oliver remembers why he is pursuing his crusade, to save people, and informs Maseo that he's declining Ra's offer. However Maseo informs Oliver that they're will be consequences.[85]

Oliver accompanied Barry to Detriot to confront a possible metahuman named Mari McCabe and confirm whether or not she is a threat. Arrow and Flash arrived at the house of Mari’s foster father Chuck but when she saw the two vigilantes she immediately ran and they gave chase.[86] As Flash chased after her on foot Arrow followed on his bike as Mari displayed incredible speed even faster than Flash, even able to run up a building forcing Arrow and Flash to take the fight to the rooftops. Arrow used his grapple arrows to travel between rooftops as Flash continued to chase after Mari on foot, eventually Arrow caught up and told Mari to stop but she simply sarcastically mocked him “I know I know, I’ve failed my city” and used her speed to avoid him. Despite the combined efforts Mari continued to dodge Arrow’s shots, crushing his arrows with her bare hands, and outrun Flash. Mari also displayed the ability to camouflage but Arrow attempted to restrain her with a jettisoning arrow but she outran it, only to slip off the side of the building but then displayed the ability of flight. As Mari attempted to fly away Arrow convinced her to come back as they just wanted to talk, though Flash wanted to handle the talking claiming to be better at it but Arrow simply reminded him he just puts metahumans in the pipeline. However Mari shot down Arrow and Flash’s claim that she was a metahuman claiming that she wasn’t in Central City when the particle accelerator exploded, which Felicity was able to confirm. Though Flash was unconvinced Arrow offered their help to Mari to understand what she can do but she turned them down as she was uninterested and warned them that if they ever showed up at Chuck’s house again, she’d kill them and flew off.[87]

Ignoring Mari's warning, The Flash and Arrow returned later to her house, where they discovered she'd become a vigilante herself, and The Arrow questioned her intentions to take on Detriot's criminals without training. Mair was able to convince them to let her try things on her own for a while, and they offered their help if she required it. After Mari asked if they had an idea of a name for her, The Flash mentioned Cisco's one, "Vixen", before quickly trying to cover up mentioning Cisco. This led to The Arrow learning that Barry had kissed Felicity, causing him to speed off in worry. Before leaving, The Arrow reminded Mari that the life of a vigilante wasn't an easy one, though he was sure she'd handle it.[88]

Meltzer Power Plant

Arrow and Arsenal confronted by Atom

Oliver arrives, late, for John and Lyla's wedding and stands as his best man during the ceremony and partakes in the reception where he talks to Laurel but notices a hand cast on her and she claims it to be her new trainer. He also talks to Felicity, who caught the bouquet flowers, but they are horrified to learn from a news app on their phones that someone is impersonating the Arrow and killing criminals. In the Arrowcave Oliver realizes the culprit is Ra's al Ghul trying to persuade Oliver to take his place by forcing the city against him and sends everyone out to find leads but convinces John and Lyla to resume their honeymoon, despite their wanting to help. After learning of a drug trade Arrow heads there, knowing it' the league's next target, and engages 4 assassins all wearing his uniform and is confronted by Maseo who tells Arrow to accept his destiny but he refuses. Later as Oliver examines the arrows used, realizing they're identical, is told by Felicity that Ray knows who Oliver is and plans to stop him using an exosuit he built, as he has his own mission to protect the city. Oliver confronts Ray, learning his hero name "Atom", to persuade him that he's hunting the wrong person but he refuses to listen and vows to stop Oliver. Later Arrow and Arsenal respond to a 911 call but find no one and are ambushed by Atom, revealing he faked the call, and attacks them but after a swift battle Arrow overpowers Atom and holds an arrow to him. He challenges Arrow to kill him, proving Felicity wrong, but he hesitates and tells Ray to trust her judgement and leaves. When John returns, after being forced on a Suicide Squad mission, he holds a toast to Deadshot's heroic actions, as he sacrificed himself to get John, Lyla and numerous hostages to safety. However Oliver also notes that if Maseo may start changing his tactics to include innocent civilians.[89]

Black Canary, The Arrow and Arsenal face Ra's al Ghul

Black Canary, The Arrow and Arsenal confront Ra's al Ghul.

After Maseo and the league kill Mayor Castle and badly wound Ray, Quentin reopens the anti-vigilante taskforce and Oliver begins hunting Maseo himself to end the conflict. After learning from Laurel that Nyssa is still in Starling he asks her for help in finding Maseo and they follow her lead to a building top, where Arrow, Arsenal and Black Canary engage Maseo and league members. After defeating them Ra's al Ghul himself appears and makes the same offer again claiming that otherwise he will be imprisoned for the rest of his life as Quentin leads an S.C.P.D. raid against them, forcing them to run through the building and barely escape. Oliver, Laurel and Roy make it back to Felicity, Diggle and Thea in the Arrowcave where Oliver calls Quentin to reason with him but he refused and demanded he turn himself in. Later overhears Roy and Thea talking, Roy expressing guilt over having to shoot more cops, Oliver offered his apologizes for his predicament but their talk is cut short when the police storm the building looking for Oliver, now aware that he is Arrow because Ra's told Quentin, and escapes and flees to Diggle's apartment where he sees Quentin on TV tell the city of his identity. Oliver then heads to the police precinct and turns himself in, then Felicity, Diggle, Laurel and Roy meet up with him and demanded to know why he's turning himself in and Oliver reveals he made a deal with Quentin to get full immunity for them if he turns himself in. When Oliver was being brought to Iron Heights in the prison bus with Quentin he reveals that he is also aware Sara was on Lian Yu and Oliver lied to him, reminding him of his failures to stop Malcolm and Slade's plots, and getting Tommy, Sara, Hilton and Moira killed and angrily tells him that he's not a hero he's a villain. Before Quentin could belittle Oliver further the bus is ambushed by Roy wearing the Arrow suit and turning himself in and taking the fall for Oliver's actions.[53]

Oliver and Roy shake hands before parting ways

Oliver says goodbye to Roy.

Due to Roy being arrested for being the Arrow, the District Attorney decided not to charge Oliver with any crime, but Oliver was guilty that Roy has taken the fall for him. He tried talking Roy out of going to prison, but Roy was insistent on staying to make up for his past sins and to make up for the times Oliver has saved him. Oliver was determined to get Roy out of prison, but he got his hands full when Quentin, sent a squad to investigate Oliver's hideout, only to be disappointed that all of the stuff inside had Roy's fingerprints. With Quentin and the police keeping a close eye for him in the city, he enlisted Ray Palmer's help in defeating a meta-human in the city, Jake Simmons. Initially Oliver was set on taking down Simmons himself but Ray convinces him he can't because of Quentin and goes out in his place, but is defeated by Simmons. When Ray returns Oliver teaches him that he has to rely not on his tech but his instincts or he'll get killed. Thea then walks in and tells Oliver that Roy was attacked by inmates and Oliver decides to break him out but Diggle reminds him he could wind up in prison to, but Oliver was still deadset on it. Diggle attempted to stop him which almost lead to a physical confrontation between them as Diggle tried to stop him from losing everything, but Oliver simply declares he's already lost everything and won't lose Roy. When Oliver leaves the building Felicity chases after him and tries to talk sense into him also and manages to convince him he can't be the Arrow anymore because of Ra's, leaving Oliver to become frustrated with himself believing now there was no Oliver Queen or The Arrow. The second time confronting Simmons, Ray used a neural network system so that Oliver could control Ray's movements from Ray's office, and assisted Ray in defeating Simmons and rescuing Felicity. When Oliver returns to his home he sees Thea in tears and Quentin informs him that Roy has been killed, leaving Oliver distraught and feelings guilty fo, but his team revealed that Roy was alive as it was a ploy to fake Roy's death as well as the Arrow's so the police could stop coming after them. Roy parted ways with the team to start a new life shortly after.[54]

Oliver, Malcolm, Diggle, and Felicity arrive in Nanda Parbat

Oliver, Diggle, Felicity and Malcolm approach Ra's al Ghul to revive Thea, in exchange for Oliver taking Ra's offer.

When Oliver returned home, he found Thea bleeding to death following her getting stabbed in a fight with Ra's al Ghul and rushed her to the hospital. The doctors informed Oliver they cannot save her. After being contacted by Maseo he angrily confronted him on a rooftop as Maseo told him that if he accepted Ra's al Ghul's offer, then Thea could be resurrected in the Lazarus Pit. Despite Malcolm's warnings that the Pit could change Thea's soul, Oliver is determined to keep his sister alive. When she is dipped into it, she came out mindlessly attacking Oliver before she was put down. When she woke up she had a hard time remembering Oliver, and while it saddened him, he was glad that she is alive. As it was the last time he will supposedly see his friends, Felicity had sex with Oliver and drugged him so they could sneak him out. It faild, but Oliver convinced the League not to kill his friends before saying good-bye to all of them. Oliver renounced his old life, taking on an apprentice role in the League with a new uniform and the name "Al Sah-him" until he is ready to take over as the new "Ra's al Ghul."[55] However unknown to anyone, even his own friends, Oliver had secretly begun working with Malcolm to disable the league from within.[90]

Ra's orders Oliver to wipe out Starling City

"Al Sah-him" is ordered by Ra's to destroy Starling City with the Alpha/Omega bio-weapon.

Oliver's psyche was supposedly broken down over the course of the next few weeks so he could embrace his new identity as "Al Sah-him" and that Oliver Queen was supposedly dead to him. He dueled a man who he hallucinated as John Diggle, quickly killing him. Ra's and Oliver then walked through the ruins of a destroyed city where to told him the tale of his ascension. He and his best friend Damien Darhk were the horsemen of the previous "Ra' al Ghul", and heirs to his legacy. Though Damien believed himself worthy to ascend the current Ra's was chosen by his predecessor and ordered to execute Damien, but hesitated and Damien fled with his followers taking samples of the Lazarus Pit and Damien has sought to kill Ra's ever since. Oliver also learns that Damien is the leader of H.I.V.E., the organisation that killed John's brother, and learns that Armitage and Shaw's plans were the work of Damien. Not wanting Oliver to be burdened by the same mistake he made Ra's assigns Oliver to kill Nyssa, as she is a threat to his ascension. After arriving in Starling City Oliver meets her on the rooftop where Sara was killed and battles her but before he can defeat her, he is stopped by Black Canary and Diggle. Oliver meets with Maseo and informs him of Nyssa's escape and the assassins instead kidnap Lyla while she was looking over her daughter and offered to trade her for Nyssa, much to John's rage. Lyla attempts to get through the Oliver reminding him of the pain John endured when he lost Andy and that meeting Oliver was the only thing that made it go away. Team Arrow arrives and the trade goes successfully but a fight soon breaks out and Oliver wounds and disarms Diggle, only to be shot in the arm by a hooded Thea and Oliver reluctantly leaves with Maseo and a captive Nyssa. However rather than killing Nyssa, Ra's orders Oliver to marry her to connect their families and ensure Ra's bloodline remains in the league, and reveals his plan to use the Alpha-Omega virus Oliver encountered in Hong Kong years ago to wipe out all that remained of Oliver Queen.[57]

The Flash, Firestorm, and The Arrow stand over a defeated Reverse-Flash

Oliver assists Flash and Firestorm take down Reverse-Flash.

After receiving a call for help from Barry to transport his metahuman prisoners to Lian Yu Oliver left Nanda Parbat to Central City to help him. He arrived too late to help with the prisoners but did arrive in time with Firestorm, armed with nanite-infused arrows from Ray to help Barry defeat the Reverse-Flash, revealed to really be Dr. Wells. As Oliver attempted to get a clean shot Flash and Reverse-Flash engaged in combat, and Reverse-Flash eventually subdued Flash and used his tornado abilities to send Firestorm blocks away. But with this distraction Oliver was able to shoot Reverse-Flash with an arrow and temporarily eliminate his speed and engaged him in hand-to-hand combat, but Reverse-Flash eventually vibrated the nanites out of his systems and subdued Oliver. Before Reverse-Flash could kill him Flash intercepted him and after they and battled atop S.T.A.R. Labs, Firestorm forced him off the rooftop and Oliver finished him with another arrow knocking him out. Flash thanked Oliver for his help, noting his haircut and new uniform, and Oliver told Barry he might need the Flash to do a favor for him in the near future before leaving.[91]

Al Sah-him and Nyssa's wedding

Oliver marries Nyssa.

After returning to Nanda Parbat[91] Oliver learns that Maseo provided Ra's with the virus from their time in Hong Kong and was secretly shocked but kept this to himself. Oliver later attended a dinner with Ra's and Nyssa and learned that after their marriage Oliver learned that after his marriage and ascension Nyssa was to bare Oliver's child. Oliver secretly met with Dark Archer and informed him of what was to come, with the bio-weapon planned to be unleashed via a F-35 jet. Malcolm was shocked, believing Oliver was months away from being the next "Ra's". With the plan to poison Starling City coming up fast, he had Malcolm tell the team of his true intentions. Maseo eventually found Oliver sitting by the fire, alone, and talked with him about the virus and Maseo reveals even before Akio's death he intended to get revenge on Shrieve. However, despite Oliver's offer to release him upon his own ascension Maseo firmly states that the league is his "prison" and escape is no longer an option. Team Arrow, consisting of Diggle, Laurel, Felicity, Malcolm, Ray and Tatsu, arrive in Nanda Parbat to stop Ra's jet and take out numerous league members and eventually the jet itself, but Ra's appears and reveals that he has the virus. With no choice the team surrenders. Ra's interrogates them but they claim Maseo, killed earlier in the conflict, informed them of the virus but Ra's is doubtful. During the imprisonment, Oliver tried to talk to Diggle privately about how his actions were only done to convince Ra's al Ghul he was on his side, but Diggle was still angry nonetheless. Malcolm tries to tell Ra's that Oliver is the mole in his League but Oliver convinced Ra's that Malcolm was lying, though this is also part of an elaborate scheme to convince Ra's Oliver is still on his side. Ra's locked Oliver's team in a cell and supposedly killed them with the virus as Oliver watched his friends scream. He was then married to Nyssa despite her resistance.[90]

During the plane ride to Starling City, Oliver revealed his deception and he and Nyssa take out the assassins in the plane, but Ra's escapes with the canister of the virus as he and Nyssa managed to land the plane. Oliver and Nyssa reunite with the team, where Diggle punches Oliver in the face for his actions. In a brief talk, Oliver revealed that he was likely going to sacrifice his life when he infiltrated the League, determined to stop Ra's at any cost. While looking for Ra's the team learned that Damien Darhk is in Starling City and decide to use him as leverage to force Ra's into handing over the virus. Oliver, Malcolm, John and Nyssa manage to secure the hotel but learn Damien had left hours before and left a decoy in his place, who was soon dispatched by a league assassin. Ra's then contacted Oliver and informed him that the virus had already been activated. Oliver meet with Felicity and she told him that the way to beat Ra's wasn't be expending to die but fighting to live, and Oliver regained his will to live and prepared for the fight, arming himself with the sword that almost killed him. The team begun searching for the virus but a lone assassins met Oliver atop a rooftop and informed him Ra's awaits him atop a bridge, to fight to the death. With little choice Oliver met Ra's and battled him while Team Arrow saved the city from the virus but Ra's eventually gained the upper hand, but Oliver managed to impale him with his blade (while giving Ra's a departure similar to the words Ra's gave him when he was defeated), and Ra's succumbed to his wound. However Oliver is shot by a police sniper off a bridge. He is rescued by Felicity in the A.T.O.M. suit.

Oliver and Felicity drive off into the sunset

Having retired from his crusade, Oliver and Felicity leave Starling City to start new lives.

Afterward, Oliver decided to stop being a hero for the city as the Arrow is "dead", instead deciding to have a life with Felicity knowing that there are other masks, heroes that can take his place. He gave the title of Ra's al Ghul to Malcolm in return for Malcom's help in defeating Ra's. Nevertheless, he lets Malcolm know he will never forgive him for Sara's death and turning Thea into a killer but is willing to let him go if he doesn't come after him or his friends again. He also gives Thea the hero name of "Speedy" and bids her farewell. Later, he drove off with Felicity, feeling happy for a change of pace.[58]

Fighting H.I.V.E.

Oliver spent 5 months living with Felicity happily. Despite this, he actually missed his old life. He later told his neighbors he planned to propose to Felicity that evening but his plans were delayed (without her knowledge) due to Laurel and Thea's coming and telling him they needed him. Despite reluctance Oliver agreed to come back this one time but upon arriving Diggle made it clear he didn't want Oliver on the team. Cisco had designed Oliver a new suit before knowing he was retiring. Initially, he decided to only wear the suit once then go back into retirement. After learning his enemy was Damien Darhk and realizing he actually missed this old life, Oliver decided to return to his crusade to help Star City once more. Since everyone believed Roy was the Arrow who was "killed", Oliver adopted a new alias, Green Arrow, and vowed to be the symbol of hope that the Arrow never was.[59]

When H.I.V.E. attacked A.R.G.U.S. to obtain a chemical bomb Green Arrow, Speedy and Spartan engaged them and managed to overpower he soldiers, after Green Arrow uses a magnetic arrowhead to forcibly draw their weapons away from them but Green Arrow is confronted by Damien Darhk. Darhk almost drained the life-force out of Green Arrow but is saved by the narrow intervention of Flash who transported him, Speedy and Spartan to safety, but Flash asked for their help protecting a friend of his, Kendra Saunders. After agreeing Team Arrow brought Team Flash and Kendra into the new Arrowcave, much to Barry’s awe, but Kendra is unable to explain why her attacker is after her, claiming to have never seen him before, which aggravates Oliver and Barry’s decision to bring her into the lair and putting them all in danger. However Felicity suggested drinks at Oliver's apartment to calm the mood which he reluctantly agreed to. At the party, Barry and Oliver reconcile for their earlier difference and Barry noticed a change in Oliver which he admitted to now that he's with Felicity, he admitted he's happy and admitted that his claim last year (that guys like them don’t get the girl) was wrong. However admitted their socializing Kendra's attacker stormed the apartment and attacked the teams but Barry sped Oliver’s bow and arrows into his hands and he engaged the intruder, managing to shoot two arrows into his shoulder but Thea intervened and shot him in the chest and caused him to fall over the balcony, but the intruder is nowhere to be seen.

After returning to the Arrowcave Oliver called Quentin for any leads on the intruder and Cisco revealed to Kendra he has powers, the power to see visions of people and past actions they have committed and saw Kendra with wings. At that same moment Malcolm and several league members arrived in the Arrowcave and confirmed the identity of their attack, Vandal Savage, an immortal who was Genghis Khan’s most trusted advisor and guided Julius Caesar through the Gaelic Wars, and Malcolm stated that nothing can be done to save Kendra. After Kendra is abducted by Carter Hall Green Arrow and Flash set out to find her. After finding him Green Arrow engaged Hawkman with little success, even Flash is outmatched against Carter Hall's flight. After a coordinated effort however Green Arrow and Flash are able to subdue Carter Hall and bring him back to the Arrowcave where he revealed his identity, the reincarnated form of the Egyptian Prince Khufu while Kendra is also the reincarnated form of the Egyptian Priestess Chay-Ara. Both of them are soulmates who were cursed by Savage to reincarnate upon their deaths to Savage could continually kill them and harness their life-force to retail his own immortality and has succeeded 206 times over 4000 years, and claimed that nothing could kill him. Furthermore, Malcolm returned to inform them that Savage had left Star City to retrieve the Staff of Horus to kill Carter and Kendra. To force Kendra’s powers to emerge the teams brought her to a rooftop where to embrace her powers she was to jump, and the fear would awaken her powers. Barry was skeptical but Oliver was persuaded by Carter’s words but Barry prevented Kendra from falling much to Oliver’s annoyance and he tells Barry he needs to trust in his team, and let Kendra embrace who she is. Oliver realized that Savage was headed to Central City for the same reason Kendra was drawn there, to locate the Staff of Horus and Green Arrow and Flash went ahead to stop Savage.[92]

After arriving at the chapel it was located in, Green Arrow and Flash engaged Savage but with the staff his power was amplified and neither hero was able to so much as get close. However, before Savage could finish them, he sensed Kendra finally embracing her destiny and he leveled the chapel to escape, though Flash sped himself and Green Arrow to safety. Knowing that Savage would continue to go after Carter and Kendra, Oliver and Barry called both their teams to Central City. While they awaited their arrival Oliver and Barry had drinks at CC Jitters where a child bumped into Oliver and dropped his Flash action figure. Oliver returned it to him but saw the child run towards Samantha, a woman Oliver had an affair with 8 years ago, and begun to suspect that Samantha’s child is the same child she claimed to have lost in a miscarriage.[92]

After the teams arrived, they held up in a farmhouse on the outskirts of Central City. Shortly after arriving while Felicity, Cisco, Caitlin and Barry begun working on gauntlets to limit the staff’s power and Carter trained Kendra, Oliver headed into town to follow up on Samantha's son. After tracking her down Oliver confronted her about her son, William, but she claimed that she met William’s father 2 months after their affair and Oliver accepted her claim, but discreetly collected a hair of William’s. While leaving Oliver was contacted by Malcolm who informed him of a meeting arranged between them and Barry with Savage to negotiate a ceasefire and with little choice, Oliver and Barry agreed. At the meeting, Savage made his demands, to hand over Kendra and Carter or he would vaporize both Central City and Star City and left, but Green Arrow was steadfast in his choice to protect them, which Flash agreed. However, Malcolm opposed their plan, but unable to sway his choice. He then informed Green Arrow that should his plan fail and get Thea killed, he would kill him. After leaving the meeting, Oliver presented Barry with the hair sample, claiming to be hunting a lead on Damien Darhk in Central City and told Barry not to say anything to anyone else.[93]

Oliver returned to Samantha’s to confront her again and she finally admitted that she was paid 1 million dollars by Moira to lie about the miscarriage, and Samantha didn’t want William to grow up a playboy like his father before him. Oliver, however told her it is his right to know his own son and begged Samantha not to keep William’s existence from Felicity, but Samantha made it clear that if Oliver wanted to be involved in William’s life, he would keep this secret. When Oliver returned to the house, however Felicity already knew about William and is enraged when Oliver tried to lie to her about the matter and told him that things were over between them. Despite being distraught, Oliver ordered Barry, Kendra and Carter to the meeting point, where Kendra and Carter will attack Savage while Barry obtains the staff and use it against Savage, but orders Thea, John and Laurel to remain behind. At the meeting however, Hawkgirl’s conflicted emotions prevent her using her powers and Savage succeeds in killing Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and when Flash attempted to use the staff it being to kill him and Green Arrow intervened and told Flash to run. In this moment of distraction, Savage regained the staff and used it to produce a blast wave that killed Green Arrow instantly and everyone in Central City, but Flash ran back in time back to the meeting with Green Arrow and Malcolm with Savage.[93]

After the meeting, Oliver asked Barry what’s bothering him and he revealed that he already lived the events of the next day and traveled back in time to reluctantly change it, telling him that everyone died because neither Oliver and Kendra are emotionally ready for the conflict because he just found out that he has a son and Felicity broke up with him for not telling her the truth about it, and Kendra is resistant to embrace who she is. Oliver confronted Cisco and told him to talk to Kendra and help her embrace who she is and succeeds and she gained the knowledge of how to beat Savage, a material in the meteorites that destroyed Egypt 4000 years ago which also powers Savage’s staff. After Barry retrieved a sample of the meteorite, Oliver ordered everyone, Laurel, Thea and Diggle included, to the meet up point to take down Savage. At the meeting, Green Arrow and Flash "hand over" Carter Hall and Hawkgirl, but before he can attack, Green Arrow freed them from their restraints and they attacked Savage. Black Canary, Speedy and Spartan then flanked him and in the distraction Flash grabbed the staff and used it against Savage. However, Flash struggled to use the staff and Green Arrow assisted him and together they use the staff to vaporize Savage to dust.[93]

After parting ways with Carter and Kendra, Barry talked to Oliver about William and telling Felicity, but Oliver is unsure if he should even be involved in William’s life, but Barry convinced him, having grown up without his own father, to be involved. Oliver later visited and confronted Samantha about William’s existence, but promised not to tell Felicity or antbody about William and Samantha allowed Oliver to talk to William. Oliver went to his son and they bonded playing with Flash and Captain Cold action figures. After returning to Star City, Oliver kept his vow to not to tell Felicity about William.[93]

Sometime in April 2016 Oliver went to the grave of someone he loved dearly with Barry, who missed the funeral, having had to deal with Zoom. He said he no longer blames himself for this, but he still is responsible and plans to hunt down and kill the person responsible.[59]


In the year 2024 in at least one timeline, Green Arrow teamed up with the Flash, Hawkgirl and the Atom, to fight Reverse-Flash in the streets of Central City. However, during the fight two leaking oil trucks nearby exploded and both speedsters suddenly vanished in an explosion of light, leaving the vigilantes by themselves.[94]

According to Eobard Thawne in at least one timeline the history books record Oliver passing away at the age of 86.[91]


Early life

Prior to his time on Lian Yu, Oliver was the stereotypical unimaginably wealthy spoiled brat and bad boy. He was a playboy and notorious womanizer, had more interest in being the life of the party and didn't care who got hurt due to his actions. He was laid back, selfish, reckless, traits he shared with his best friend Tommy Merlyn. He repeated the same mistake over and over again, dropping out of four schools and cheating on Laurel Lance, the love of his life first with Samantha Clayton and then again with her own sister Sara. Despite his party-boy persona, Oliver loved, and cared for his family, his little sister Thea in particular. He possessed some intuitiveness, having an intermediate aptitude for engineering, due to his father being a pilot, and for the The Odyssey being "the one book (he) read in college".

Five years of Hell

Upon being marooned on Lian Yu, Oliver began to change, so much so he stated the day he went missing was the day he died. He originally retreated into a shell, exhibiting depression after Sara apparently died; albeit by accident (which he realized was his fault) and his father Robert committed suicide right in front of him. After he is helped and taught by Yao Fei how to survive, he endured torture to protect Yao Fei and disguised himself as a mercenary to sneak into Edward Fyers' camp in an attempt to rescue him. Upon meeting Slade Wilson, Oliver began his journey to becoming a warrior. Slade had decided he should perform a coup de grace on Oliver to spare him the suffering on the island, but Oliver responded by breaking his hand to break free of his restraints, and punching him, inspiring Slade to train him instead. Oliver is shown to be a quick learner. After seeing a maneuver Slade taught him to steal a gun from an armed enemy once, Oliver was able to perform it on one of Fyers' men, and later when Shado taught him archery. Eventually, Oliver excelled in his skills in hand-to-hand combat after training from the two of them.

Overtime, after these events, Oliver gained a much needed sense of direction, loyalty, principles and honor. He sacrificed two chances to return home, first by choosing to convince Yao Fei to leave the island with him and second choosing to kill Fyers to save Shado instead of accepting the former's offer to call in a rescue. Nevertheless, he remained indomitably focused on his goal to return home to Starling City and his family. After he was forced to live in Hong Kong by Amanda Waller, and Maseo Yamashiro and his wife Tatsu were assigned his handlers, Oliver initially refused to work for A.R.G.U.S.. He relented only when Amanda threatened Maseo's family, including his son, Akio. Oliver grew to care for Maseo's family in particular his playing a vital role in saving Tatsu's life and caring for Akio when on the run from general Matthew Shrieve.

However, overtime, Oliver became riddled with evermore trauma, horror and guilt, for his unintentional role in Shado's death, Slade's consequential enmity against him which would haunt him in the years that followed and Sara's apparently dying a second time. When Oliver finally returned to Starling City during the mission to capture Chien Na Wei and recover the Omega super-virus, he later decided he'd go home. When he found a message his father left for him, he learnt of Robert's connection to the corrupt people on The List. Upon being told by Robert he could right his wrongs, Oliver was inspired to make a difference in the world. He returned to Maseo's side to assist his comrade and when he'd return home, he'd begin his crusade for justice for Starling City to honor Robert's sacrificing himself so he could survive.

During his third year of being marooned, when corrupted general Matthew caused the bio-weapon to be released over Hong Kong, resulting in Akio's death, Oliver gave into his emotions, his anger. He tortured Shrieve in cold blood for hours, in vengeance for the destruction he'd caused, and primarily for Akio's death. Realizing later such actions would not make him human, filled with self-loathing and pity, the darkness that had overtaken his life, and to protect his family, Oliver decided to delay his return. To atone for his actions, he'd live in self-imposed exile resolving to better himself so to become the man his father believed him to be, starting with the mission to uncover Baron Reiter's plot back on Lian Yu.

By mid-to-late 2012, when Oliver returned to Starling City, he was a completely different person.

The Starling City Vigilante

Upon revealing to the world he was alive after 5 years of being marooned, Oliver masked how he had matured by using the same playboy image he was before. In reality, he had become a stern, disciplined, responsible, serious individual and an intelligent, calculating individual, warrior and tactician, who would always look out for those he cared for, with a newly defined sense of loyalty and service, moral compass and an indomitable will, though a severely traumatized and damaged individual.

Oliver is immensely disciplined emotionally. He excels at masking and compartmentalizing his emotions. He has both a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Oliver is also very intelligent and calculating in regards to others; he's quick to take notice of talented individuals that show aptitude in secrecy, and when the opportunity presented itself invites such individuals to join his crusade. The first was John Diggle, who noticed Oliver was more capable than he was letting on. Eventually, Diggle became his first partner. Secondly, he took notice of Felicity Smoak who's obviously not quick to accept his blatant lies.

He is immensely talented in the area of subterfuge and deception. He cleverly covered his tracks by opening a night club to explain his nightly escapees while actually fulfilling his duties as the Hood and staged a public ruse in having himself arrested under significant suspicion of being the Hood while having Diggle simultaneously pose as a decoy so to out himself. Oliver admits that he does not like lying to his friends and family about his double life, that it hurts no one anymore than it hurts him. He justifies he only does it to protect them from his secret life as the Starling City vigilante.

Oliver coldly began his vigilante crusade by hunting down and punishing the high-profile criminals on the List, by being a symbol of retribution and fear, known as the Hood. After being convinced by Diggle, Oliver agreed to branch out in taking down regular criminals, such as the Royal Flush Gang and Count Vertigo. He has a sense of justice and honor, and is nearly fearless. His temper is well controlled, and shows a high level of restraint.

When Oliver returned home, after his five years of fighting for survival, he was emotionally damaged, riddled with post traumatic stress and survivor's guilt; he wore the green hood in his vigilante guise in penance for Shado's death. Oliver himself described his state of mind back then as "having no sense of hope". He outright murdered a criminal who abducted him and Tommy simply to keep his new talents secret, justifying that the man shot an innocent bystander. Also he is prone to emotional outbursts when the situation involves someone he holds dear such as when he overdosed The Count with his own Vertigo as revenge for his self-made drug coming into Thea's hands and her getting high, leading to her accident. Oliver, nonetheless, feels guilt, remorse, and tries to atone for his actions.

When Oliver began his crusade, he was comfortable with killing his targets if he deemed it necessary. Also he wasn't afraid to torture suspects for information. Though Oliver was ruthless during his crusade's earlier days, taking lives actually took a toll on him. He admits that his more extreme measures, sometimes torturing people, "takes conviction". Despite this, Oliver did display humanity for people who were crippled, such as Garfield Lynns. Instead of killing him, Oliver displayed rare sympathy for Lynns and offered him help.

Oliver tended to be morally myopic, and somewhat hypocritical. He targets vigilantes with no morals nor codes, who kill solely for personal revenge or money. Whenever he encounters these types of criminals, who often say they are the same, he'd fervently correct them. After taking Diggle and Felicity on his crusade, working with them steers him down a less lethal path, he learns to reconnect with people he cares for, with his humanity.

Despite his newer, tough and more honorable exterior, Oliver can be very stubborn, and doesn't like to admit when he's wrong. He had a slight sense of arrogance believing that he could mend Helena Bertinelli out of her crime spree, and maybe even be with her as he had grown feelings for her, and later thinking he could lead a life with McKenna Hall while being the Hood. Though Oliver will admit when he makes mistakes and learns from them as well, only doing it when he is faced with cold hard facts. Oliver has great difficulties trusting people due to what happened the five years he was away from Starling City. He can sometimes be controlling and unintentionally abrasive. He also tends to be blind when it comes to his family, not wanting to believe when they're up to something that can be dangerous or if they're straight up lying to him.

Upon failing to stop Malcolm Merlyn's Undertaking and his best friend Tommy Merlyn's death, Oliver chose to return to Lian Yu to live in self-imposed exile. Upon being convinced by Diggle and Felicity to return to Starling City, Oliver agreed to resume his crusade, but inspired by and honoring Tommy's sacrifice and memory he took on a more merciful, pacifist approach, changing his codename to the Arrow, only killing when absolutely, justly unavoidable. As the Arrow, Oliver never acts as judge, jury and executioner and stands by his newly defined morals, and cleaning up the crime-ridden underworld of Starling, providing a symbol of protection and justice became his primary objective.

Later on, Oliver compares himself to his friend Barry Allen that as the Flash, he can inspire people (after Barry witnesses him torture a suspect, Klaus Markos for information) while what he does in Starling City is "what's ugly". After Barry inspires him not to torture Digger Harkness to diffuse a series of bombs, Barry later contradicts him that while the Arrow can't inspire people, Oliver Queen certainly can. Over time, Oliver learns to open up to the people close to him, his team in particular, eventually including letting Thea in on his secret, and being lighthearted upon hearing her say she couldn't be more proud of him. Though haunted, driven to make up for the various people - Shado, Moira, Tommy - he feels he failed, Oliver comes to terms with what his mantle has become, finding a semblance of peace. Oliver also grows as a leader for his team, coming to see them as equals, as well as a mentor for capable aspiring vigilantes such as the Barry and Ray Palmer. Despite the many losses and tragedies he has endured in his life Oliver remains steadfastly undeterred in providing a symbol of justice and hope to his city as the Arrow.

After defeating Ra's al Ghul, Oliver decided to retire from life of a vigilante and pursue a relationship, a normal life with Felicity. When he announced his intentions to retire, Oliver tells the team that he is confident the city is safe under their protection now that he can no longer be The Arrow. Oliver mentions to Felicity as they are driving away from Starling City that he is finally happy with his life.

As Green Arrow

After being retired from vigilantism for 6 months, living in peaceful, romantic suburbia with Felicity, Oliver has taken a more peaceful, relaxed approach to life. He has become more calm, grounded, mature and level-headed. He has put many demons to rest, including having removed Shado's tattoo, no longer burdened with the guilt. Though he enjoys his new life as a civilian being in love with Felicity, planning on proposing to her, he realizes he can't change who he is in his bones when he sees the state that newly branded Star City is in, that his sense of service, justice and duty still remain under his new-found sense of peace and tranquility, and comes out of retirement, changing his codename to Green Arrow, with a new determination to be the symbol of hope to the people of Star City that the Arrow never was.

As Green Arrow, Oliver has seemingly become against killing and torturing his foes in general. Oliver has also become more mature in regards to people, having lost some of his more byronic traits, his paranoia and coldness. After being inspired by Quentin Lance and Jessica Danforth, he realizes that there is something he cannot offer as a vigilante, hope and inspiration, "someone who can do things in the light of day and protect himself", so Oliver decides to run for mayor of Star City. When he discovered that Laurel used the Lazarus Pit to bring Sara back from the dead, he became very angry and criticized her for this, mainly because innocent people got killed because of this action of hers, but as he used the Lazarus Pit to save Thea, he doesn't place anything further on her, coming up with the option to restore Sara's soul instead. He and Quentin also come to solve their differences after the reveal of Quentin working with Damien Darhk, accepting Quentin's concern for Laurel and resolving with Quentin becoming a counter-spy in Darhk's circle.

Upon learning of the existence of his son William, and that Moira paid Samantha Clayton 1 million dollars if she told him she had a miscarriage, Oliver becomes very angry that his late mother deprived him of his own child and how it could risk his relationship with Felicity, wanting to be a father and to be in his son's life Oliver reluctantly agrees with Samantha's condition that William and no one else learns the truth.


  • Peak of human physical condition: Oliver is in top physical condition from enduring his intense five years lost from society, developing a well-muscled and defined physique. He maintains this state through an extensive training regimen seemingly inspired by his various mentors. He is noticeably fast, able to take out three League of Assassins members simultaneously. His reflexes can catch an arrow shot at him and seamlessly fire it back plus catch a sword-strike from the immensely formidable Ra's al Ghul. While lean in frame, Oliver is deceptively strong, able quickly incapacitate the much larger John Diggle and likewise effortlessly break a man's neck. He is very sturdy, unfazed by having a pool stick broken across his chest. Oliver also has very high vitality, enduring long periods of free-diving before needing air.
  • League of Assassins training: Oliver has gone through the complete training all League members do. His already adept ability in unarmed combat, infiltration, stealth, melee weapons, tolerance of pain, and force of will are greatly improved and has likewise perfected the art of assassination. Trained personally by Ra's al Ghul to be his successor, Oliver's proficiency rivals the teacher himself.
  • Honed senses: Oliver is able to pick up danger before anyone else in his vicinity does. His keen skills of perception offer aid in otherwise detrimental situations. He is likewise able to anticipate the attack patterns of meta-human The Flash to successfully strike him and catch the latter's own attack.
  • Master archer: Oliver is an extremely skilled archer. His outstanding accuracy can shoot 6 bouncing tennis balls without missing, shoot objects off of people without harming them and shoot with deadly accuracy even whilst he was in motion. He can also accurately anticipate an enemy projectile to block it with an arrow and fire multiple arrows at once.
  • Master marksman/Firearms: Oliver is shown to be skilled in the use of firearms, partially do to his skills in archery. During his time with A.R.G.U.S. while in Hong Kong, Oliver also became an adept sniper, able to accurately hit his targets from almost a mile away. In "Corto Maltese", it was seen that Oliver has similar proficiency as he quickly shot down his targets. During his time known as the Hood, rumors quickly spread that Oliver never misses.
  • Master stick fighter: On the island, Oliver is seen sparring with Slade in stick fighting, even able to go toe-to-toe with him. In the present day, Oliver is shown to be a master stick fighter. He's an expert in the Filipino martial art, Eskrima Kali (also known as Eskrima or Arnis), and shows his skills practicing on a training dummy or sparring with Diggle in one of the episodes. In "Crucible", he was able to take down three of The Mayor's thugs simultaneously using Sara's bo-staff.
  • Master swordsman: Oliver is proficient in swordsmanship, due to his training from Slade Wilson. However, as noted by Malcolm, Oliver's near-sole dependence on his bow and arrow over the years has briefly affected his ability with this skill. Oliver training for three weeks under Ra's greatly improved his skill; he is able to swiftly subdue Nyssa and likewise fight on par against the League of Assassins' leader himself.
  • Master knife-fighter/knife-thrower: Oliver is shown to be skilled with knives. He killed a man in Hong Kong with a single stab. He also was seen practicing knife-fighting with John. Oliver is also skilled in using knives in long-range combat. In "Honor Thy Father", he was able to use a kitchen knife, as an improvised throwing knife to disarm Chien Na Wei, before she could kill John Diggle.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Oliver excels in advanced hand-to-hand combat, being a master martial artist. He is proficient in various types of fighting styles, and can more than hold his own against his opponents. Thanks to his experience and training he is able to fight multiple people at once. He styled his fighting styles of self-defense, offense, grappling, and take-downs after his many mentors, including Yao Fei, Slade Wilson, Shado, Maseo Yamashiro, Ra's al Ghul. The fighting form seems to be a combination of Wing Chun, Hapkido, Judo, Karate, Jujitsu, and Eskrima. After his training in the League of Assassins, he was able to fight on par with Ra's and eventually Damien Dhark.
  • Skilled metalsmith: With his preferred weapon in battle being a bow and a limited supply of arrows, Oliver has become very skilled in the forging and crafting of his weapons. His arrows are shown to be very sturdy and sharp, able to pierce the highly durable flesh of a Mirakuru-enhanced man. Oliver's skill in this art is also transferable for more general use, such as making jewelry as a gift.
  • Skilled engineer: Oliver had an aptitude for mechanics since a young age, learning much about it from his father Robert in repairing and constructing technology. This enabled him to fix a broken radio when Slade couldn't. Oliver, in the present as a vigilante, Oliver developed a variety of devices attached to and designed to work in unison with his arrows once launched and other such gadgets such as a cell phone that was encrypted to prevent tracing.
  • Expert computer skills: During his time in A.R.G.U.S., Oliver learned much about programs and networks through computers. He is capable of hacking a system for his goals like transferring bank accounts and acquire sensitive or secure information when necessary. His skill however is not as good as Felicity's as he would regularly go to her for aid even before revealing his identity to her. However, he was able to figure his way around one of Felicity's programs that locked him in the Arrowcave.
  • Free running/Parkour/Acrobatics: Oliver has shown himself capable of scaling buildings and running from rooftop to rooftop easily. On one occasion he scaled a building using the window ledges of the building to retrieve a bullet. On another occasion, he leaped over a rooftop to land on a lower one. He is very maneuverable and graceful, able to chase and outrun enemies through various terrains with no wasted effort or time.
  • Stealth: A very tactical person, Oliver is able to sneak in and out of almost any unguarded building without being detected. He is able to seamlessly disappear in a second's notice, even in broad daylight, leaving no signs of how he left or in which directions. For long periods of time, he is able to follow his targets without being noticed.
  • High-level intellect/Master detective/Tactician/Great business acumen/Leader: Oliver has demonstrated great detective skills whilst searching for information about the people on his list. He is very sharp, aware of to his surroundings, able to determine much of the events that transpired from it. He is shown himself a quick-learner in having gained great knowledge, if not skill in various fields from his 5 years he was away from home, able to use them all effectively to aid in his investigations while maintaining discretion. He is shown to be a highly skilled tactician and is able to create plans which allows him to take on large numbers of heavily armed men, highly skilled martial artists, and even take on Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers and the Flash. He is an effective businessman as he was able to run the nightclub Verdant. Oliver is a capable leader, he was able to form a vigilante team known as Team Arrow, and has led it with success since he founded it. He is skilled in arguments and giving out speeches, in motivating and inspiring others. He is confident to defend himself in the court, and giving out speeches in his mayoral campaign.
  • Multilingual: Oliver is capable of fluently speaking English, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic. He can speak Mandarin so perfectly that a blinded Chinese Triad member believed Oliver was actually Chinese.
  • First aid/Toxicology/Physiology: Oliver has tremendous knowledge of human anatomy. During his repeated usage of physical torture, he has been able to inflict hours of harm without fear of killing them. From Yao Fei, Oliver gained skill in pressure point manipulation, able to paralyze a person into a seemingly dead state and just as easily undo it. For healing, Oliver is well-versed in first aid and medicine. He can patch up most injuries on himself or others, even bullet wounds, and able to quickly determine the nature of a poison.
  • Network: Oliver uses his connections in the Solntsevskaya Bratva and Roy's street contacts to get information, due to his friendship with Lyla Diggle, he has some connections in A.R.G.U.S.. As a former member of the League of Assassins, Oliver has connections within the organization.
  • Intimidation/Interrogation/Torture: As a masked vigilante, Oliver commands a very intimidating presence, which strikes fear into the hearts of the criminals he confronts. In some instances, Oliver is not above maiming his targets for intel, (which sometimes leaves him at odds with other people, such as Barry). For the use of torture, Oliver has enough intel and kinesthetic knowledge of the human anatomy to torture someone and cause them great pain without danger of immediately killing them.
  • Psychological warfare: Oliver is very skilled in torturing his victims psychologically. One example was when The Dollmaker's lawyer didn't give up any information, prompting Oliver to shoot him through the shoulder and kept him from going to the authorities and reporting Quentin to his lieutenant or anyone by threatening to shoot his other shoulder if he did. He acquired this skill during his training in Hong Kong with Amanda Waller. Oliver has also proven to be very deceptive, spending three years effectively convincing all that he and the Hood/the Arrow were two separate people through a series of carefully designed ruses. Against highly intelligent and methodical enemies like Slade and Ra's al Ghul, Oliver was shown able to skillfully use their own plans against them, able to feign being beaten or cornered only lure them into his own trap. Likewise, he proved himself a very convincing actor, having pretended for weeks that he was loyal to Ra's while still preparing to destroy his organization from within.
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: Oliver is shown to be very stubborn, and is nearly fearless. Under no situation would he ever give up. Even on the island while he was untrained and in no shape to fight anyone, he was shown to be quite resistant to pain. Oliver was able to injure Malcolm Merlyn's leg with a flechette, before knocking him out cold with a single punch, despite being badly injured by his arrows and having 3 broken ribs. Even more, he was able cling to life after a fatal stab through the chest long enough to be treated. After his League of Assassin training, he was able to take an arrow piercing through his arm while barely flinching.
  • Expert driver/Expert pilot: Oliver is able to man multiple vehicles, and appears to be skilled at it. He is able to pursue enemies in various ways using different vehicles, known to be a car or a motorcycle. At some point in fives years he was missing, he learned how to fly airplanes and became a pilot. Oliver was able to crash land the plane without dying, with the help of his wife Nyssa.
  • Master of subterfuge: Oliver also possesses considerable skills at lying and deception, having once bested a lie detector test where only a "slight flutter" was detected coming off of him. He uses these attribute to hide his double life as a wealthy club owner and vigilante.
  • Master survivalist: Oliver has great survival skills, as he was taught by Yao Fei how to survive in the wild. He was able to live on the island and provide for himself. His skills and willpower allowed him to survive near-death experiences, like in his battles against Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson and Ra's al Ghul. He is also an master escape artist, able to free himself from various confinements.
  • Meditation: Oliver is skilled in meditation and was able to guide Roy into using it to analyze his memories, due to the fact that he was trained by Tatsu Yamashiro.
  • Kinesthetic learning: While pampered for most of his life to the point of being nearly helpless, Oliver is shown to be have an advanced growth rate, quickly learning as he takes a hands-on approach to whatever skill he applies himself to as he amassed a wide-variety of skills with expert, if not masterful, proficiency in each. When Slade did a disarming maneuver on him, Oliver was able to use it on one of Fryer's men just a few hours later. He is later shown able to execute all the techniques of the League of Assassins after only three weeks of training, including the one Ra's used to defeat him in their previous battle to kill Ra's.
  • Master cook: During his 5 months of retirement as a vigilante, in his pursuit to learn more creative skills, Oliver became an exceptionally talented cook. He is regularly praised by others for his work in various culinary styles.
  • Occult knowledge: After meeting John Constantine, Oliver gained great knowledge regarding magic and the supernatural world, able to immediately identify Damien Darhk's magical powers and distinguishing it from meta-human abilities.


  • Carbon Fiber Long Bow: This Carbon Fiber Long Bow serves as Oliver's spare bow, after his Customized Recurve bow was chopped in half by a downward forearm strike from Malcolm. It belonged to his late mentor Yao Fei. Oliver has also used it as an improvised quarterstaff.
  • Customized Oneida Kestrel Compound Bow: This Customized Oneida Kestrel Compound Bow serves as Oliver's new bow, it was designed by Felicity. It can fire 2 small explosives from the ends of the bow riser, shown in "The Man Under the Hood". Oliver also uses it as an improvised quarterstaff. As of the Season 3 premiere, it curls into a smaller size.
  • Oliver Queen's Crossbow: Oliver used a crossbow once when he was in the elevator shaft, when he was in the building of Merlyn Global Group, while using one of his grappling hook bolts and swinging across the elevator shaft. It is shown to be strong enough to hold 2 people, like Oliver and Felicity Smoak.
  • Customized Hunting Arrows: Oliver, in his vigilante persona, uses as his signature weapon of choice numerous types of green arrows, which he creates and designs himself. Combined with his customized Recurve Bow or Carbon Fiber Long Bow to fulfill his promise and mission he made to his father before his death. He carries arrows and flechettes (miniature projectiles stored on gauntlets, the equivalent of throwing knives) that add up to 24 in number. After becoming a member of the League of Assassins, Oliver now uses black arrows.
  • Trick arrows: Oliver has used custom-designed arrows such as incendiary arrows that explode on contact. On occasions, he has also been known to use arrows embedded with recording and listening devices.
  • Quiver: A green arrow container strapped to Oliver's back. He uses it to carry his arrows as the Arrow. After becoming a member of the League of Assassins, Oliver now uses a black quiver to carry his arrows.
  • Flechette: Oliver, as Green Arrow, carries flechettes or the equivalent to darts to disarm people. For example, in "Honor Thy Father", he uses one to disarm Quentin of his gun. He carries it around his forearm. It is unknown what materials it is made from. In Season 2, it can be assumed that Oliver may carry some trick fletchettes as well e.g. in "Identity", he uses smoke producing ones to assist in his escape from the police.
  • Katana: In "Suicidal Tendencies", Oliver was seen in the Arrowcave training with a katana, likely to sharpen his swordsman skills.
  • Eskrima Sticks: Oliver has been shown to frequently utilize Eskrima sticks as training and sparring weapons.
  • Green Arrow suit: Oliver wears a protective suit as Green Arrow, to hide his identity from his enemies, when he goes out fighting crime. It was designed by Cisco Ramon after his previous suit was taken by the police and destroyed, It is unknown what materials it is made from.
  • Green Arrow Gauntlets: These gauntlets are used by Oliver (as his heroic alter-ego Green Arrow).
  • Green Arrow Mask: Oliver wears a mask to hide his identity from his enemies. His mask is a dark green in color to match his hoodie. It is made from a compressible micro-fabric. This has the ability to conceal Oliver's identity very effectively, it has no restrictions on his visual field while on the run or aiming arrows. It is unknown if it was designed by Cisco or Barry Allen.
  • Voice Filter: Oliver uses this device to disguise his voice, when ever he was talking to people, who knows what his voice sounds like, as the Arrow. As of "Green Arrow", Oliver now uses this device to disguise his voice, regardless of who he speaks to as Green Arrow.
  • Ghost Phone: Oliver uses this Ghost Phone to call Quentin, from the other ghost phone that he gave him anonymously, when ever he needs his help. When he called Quentin it is shown that it uses the same voice changer technology that Oliver uses to disguise his voice as the Arrow, whenever he was talking to people who know what his voice sounds like. On 2 occasions it was used by Laurel. It is unknown if it was designed by Oliver.
  • Oliver Queen's motorcycle: Oliver uses a Ducati Monster Diesel Edition motorcycle to get around Star City, when he is out on patrol as Green Arrow. His civilian motorcycle is a Ducati Divel Carbon Edition.
  • Lian Yu Herbs: Oliver brought back herbs with him from Lian Yu that could counteract most types of drugs and poisons and even heal infections.
  • Blood draining equipment: Oliver had blood draining equipment which he continually used to drain small amounts of his blood to store away for medical emergencies.

Former Equipment

  • Customized Recurve Bow: Oliver, as the Arrow, used as his weapon of choice a customized recurve bow combined with his arrows to fulfill his promise and mission he made to his father before his death. It is unknown who it was designed by and it features standard recurve limbs and a riser that has a metal enclosure for the hand. Oliver also used it as an improvised quarterstaff. In "Darkness on the Edge of Town", it was destroyed by Malcolm Merlyn.
  • The Arrow suit: Oliver wears a protective suit as the Arrow, to hide his identity from his enemies, when he goes out fighting crime. Later, Cisco Ramon designed a new costume made with a polymer Kevlar weave. It is 25% lighter and can carry 15% more gear. However, he no longer uses it, after he was framed by the League of Assassins, for there crimes. In "Green Arrow", according to Felicity, it was destroyed, after it was taken by the police.
  • Arrow Gauntlets: These gauntlets are used by Oliver (as his heroic alter-ego the Arrow) to carry his flechettes. However, he no longer uses it, after he was framed by the League of Assassins, for there crimes. In "Green Arrow", according to Felicity, it was destroyed, after it was taken by the police.
  • Arrow Mask: Designed by Barry Allen, it is made from a compressible micro-fabric. This has the ability to conceal Oliver's identity more effectively than the previously used grease paint and has no restrictions on his visual field while on the run or aiming arrows. However, he no longer uses it, after he was framed by the League of Assassins, for there crimes. In "Green Arrow", according to Felicity, it was destroyed, after it was taken by the police.
  • League of Assassins Recurve Bow: When Oliver was forced to join the League of Assassins he got a new, all-black, takedown recurve bow.
  • League of Assassins suit: Oliver wears a protective suit, used by the members of the League of Assassins, as his apparent villain alter-ego, Al Sah-him, to hide his identity from his victims. It is unknown what materials it is made out of, with the exception of Kevlar.
  • Chinese Dao: After becoming a member of the League of Assassins, Oliver now wields a sword as most members do. His sword is a Chinese Dao.
  • Smoke Bombs: In "Al Sah-him", Oliver used a smoke bomb in his fight against Nyssa, to temporarily blind her eyesight.
  • Demon's Ring: Having defeated Ra's al Ghul in combat, Oliver inherited a particular ring the master assassin wore which symbolizes his position as the Demon's Head. Oliver kept it long enough to pass it on the title of Ra's al Gul to Malcolm.



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Behind the scenes

  • Oliver's costume as The Arrow is featured as an alternate costume for Green Arrow in the video game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Using this costume also changes Green Arrow's voice actor to Stephen Amell, Oliver's actor.​ Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham also features Amell as the voice of Green Arrow, as well as a DLC pack featuring a level about Oliver and Slade on the island.
  • During the first season, his main quote was "You have failed this city" which was generally said to anyone on The List as he caught them, the last person he said it to in said season was Malcolm Merlyn. In the second season this line is rarely used only said by Oliver once to himself, regarding his failure to stop Slade's attack on Starling. In season three this line has been said twice to Vincent Steelgrave and Myron Forest. In season three episode "Uprising", its also said to Danny Brickwell, but by Roy Harper and Laurel Lance. In an attempt to re-brand himself as the Green Arrow, he reused this line on Liza Warner in Season 4, during Beyond Redemption.
  • Oliver has so far used four bows in the series, first was the bow he used as The Hood which was broken by Malcolm Merlyn, second was Yao Fei's bow from the island, third is a custom made Oneida Kestrel compound bow designed by Felicity Smoak. He later began using another bow as part of his role as Al Sah-him, in the League of Assassins.
  • Oliver's most recent codename, Green Arrow, was interestingly suggested by Malcolm Merlyn back in season 1's "Year's End", but Oliver brushed it off at the time as lame.


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