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Oliver "Ollie" Queen (died 2007) was the son of Robert Queen and the late Moira Queen, the maternal half-brother of the late Thea Queen, and the boyfriend of Laurel Lance.


Early life[]

Oliver Queen was born and raised in Starling City as the son of billionaires Robert and Moira Queen. As a child, he met and became best friends with Tommy Merlyn. Oliver had a younger sister, Thea, and the two were very close growing up.[1]

At some point in his early youth, Oliver met Laurel Lance and they fell deeply in love.[2] However, he was not always a faithful boyfriend and ended up cheating on Laurel with her sister, although they seemingly moved past this.[3]


In 2007, Oliver and his father went on a sailing expedition together on the the Gambit somewhere in the Pacific. Somehow, their ship sank and Oliver was killed while Robert survived.[4]


Driven by the grief of losing his son, Robert eventually would become a vigilante after unclear circumstances led to his return to Starling City, calling himself "The Hood" and later "The Arrow".[4]

Heartbroken over Oliver's death, Laurel moved to Central City to start a new life. However, this led to her becoming a meta-human and her life took a downward spiral until she became a criminal known as "Black Siren".

When Laurel encountered Oliver's Earth-1 counterpart in early 2017, she told him about her relationship with Oliver and his death, admitting that interacting with Earth-1 Oliver was difficult because of what Earth-2 Oliver meant to her. Earth-1 Oliver came to believe Laurel could find redemption,[2] which she ultimately did.

Oliver "returns" to the Queen Mansion of Earth-2

Earth-1 Oliver pretending to be Earth-2 Oliver.

Oliver's Earth-1 counterpart was brought over to Lian Yu by the Monitor as part of his plan to save the multiverse, which forced Oliver to impersonate his dead doppelgänger. Oliver created a story in which he was supposedly shipwrecked on the island for 12 years. Alas, while the apparent survival of Oliver was a source of joy for his family, Oliver's death had profoundly impacted his family deeply: Moira moved on from Robert and married the Malcolm of her Earth, making Tommy Oliver's stepbrother a position Tommy tried to use to help Thea move on, being in his own right devastated by the loss of his best friend, but unfortunately Tommy was unable to stop Thea from becoming addicted to Vertigo and overdosing on her 18th birthday, much to the sorrow of Tommy and the others.

Oliver's death combined with Thea's caused Tommy to snap and desire vengeance upon the Glades, which he intended to destroy with the Undertaking. He also had some resentment towards Oliver for not being there to save their sister but that was overshadowed by the regret he felt over failing Oliver in death by being unable to save Thea from her self-destructive spiral and he nevertheless still held on to their friendship, expressing joy that Oliver appeared to have survived and welcoming him fondly while expressing shame over his failure to be Oliver's replacement to Thea. Ultimately, Oliver's Earth-1 counterpart was able to use the friendship that existed between Tommy and his Earth's Oliver to convince him to stop the Undertaking and motivate him to become a better person.

However, after stopping the Undertaking, Earth-2 was ultimately destroyed by antimatter. Oliver escaped with Laurel and John Diggle after watching his alternative family, who never learned the truth about him not being their Oliver, dying.[5]


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  • Seeing as Malcolm Merlyn of Earth-2 never planned his own Undertaking, and Tommy became the Dark Archer after Oliver and Thea died, it’s ultimately unknown what could’ve led to the sinking of the Gambit, or Oliver's death.

Behind the scenes[]

  • This version of Oliver is reminiscent of the Bruce Wayne character in the Flashpoint DC comic arc; in an alternate timeline, Bruce is killed by the mugger who originally killed his parents. This led his father, Thomas, to become the gun-wielding vigilante Batman and his mother, Martha, to become the lunatic criminal Joker.