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Olivia is a resident of National City and former member of the Cult of Rao. She later became disillusioned with Rao and Supergirl, joining the Worldkillers along with the cult's leader, Thomas Coville. Under the Worldkillers' agenda, Olivia led the Cult of Yuda Kal, which worshipped "the Beast" of the Kryptonian religion and briefly turned into a Worldkiller-like vessel for Yuda Kal while empowered by the Harun-El.


Early life

During spring break from school, Olivia found out that her boyfriend and best friend, the people who she thought most trustworthy, were hooking up behind her back. Depressed, she snuck into a rooftop party that night to drink her sorrows away. Whilst drunk, Olivia fell off the ledge and began plummeting down to Earth. Initially resigned to her fate, she hoped it would be quick. However, Supergirl saved Olivia and comforted her, telling her everything was going to be okay.[1]

Involvement with the Cult of Rao

Olivia and Kenneth.

Following her rescue, Olivia got involved in Thomas Coville's Cult of Rao and became a devoted follower of his, with the two of them bonding through their faith. In late 2017 when Kara Danvers, James Olsen, and Winn Schott arrived at a cult meeting, Olivia welcomed them and recounted how her first meeting was "transformative." During the meeting, Olivia recounted the story of how Supergirl saved her, which helped her find her way in life.

Cult of Rao.

Soon after, the cult began to take their faith to the extreme. Olivia even encouraged her new boyfriend, Kenneth, to risk his life by setting a building on fire and see if Supergirl saved him. She later attended Coville's gathering under a hockey stadium with the BetaHedron as he promised that Supergirl would save them even now, along with everyone else. However, when the superheroine arrived and tried to disable the BetaHedron, she was weakened by Kryptonite soil inside and cut her palm, proving she wasn't a god. Olivia then questioned whether what Thomas told them of Supergirl was true and ran away in terror with other cult members before the BetaHedron could explode.[1]

Leading the Cult of Yuda Kal

Disillusioned with Supergirl and Rao, Olivia became lost. She frequently visited Coville in prison, where he claimed that they were worshiping the wrong God and Reign was their deliverance, telling Olivia of the Worldkillers' prophecy of darkness. After Coville's escape from prison, Olivia joined his new cult, which was devoted to the Worldkillers and Yuda Kal, the dark goddess of life on Krypton. The cult had Tanya Spears, Coville's disciple who helped him learn Kryptonese, translate his journal. When Coville later disappeared, Olivia began leading the Cult of Yuda Kal. Following the death of Purity and Pestilence and Reign's capture, she aimed to become the fourth Worldkiller and complete their work, using the instructions from Coville's journal.[2]

Becoming a Worldkiller

In spring 2018, Tanya fled with the journal. Olivia and the cult initially tried to recreate a Worldkiller without it, but failed, with the heavy metal reaction killing a member. Olivia and some followers then tracked Tanya to CatCo Worldwide Media. Inside, Olivia kept lookout and met James again, whom she distracted by using a scared, teary facade while claiming she and Tanya were separated. When the cult secured Tanya, Olivia pulled a gun on James so he couldn't interfere. As Olivia and the cult drove off, Guardian pursued their vehicle and eventually forced it to stop. The group then tried to flee on foot, but Guardian caught up to them. After a short scuffle, Olivia was able to shoot off the vigilante's mask, revealing him to be James. When some cops arrived and cornered Guardian, Olivia and the followers escaped, but without Tanya.

After uncovering video footage of James unmasked, Olivia threatened to release it to the public if he didn't surrender Tanya and the journal at 5:00 pm at Pacific and 1st.

Olivia leads the Cult of Yuda Kal in creating the fourth Worldkiller.

That evening, Tanya seemingly agreed to return. After the cult picked her up, Olivia immediately secured Coville's journal. Just then, a man named "Mike" (Mon-El in disguise) got into their van, mistakenly believing it to be his ride. Once "Mike" realized Olivia was kidnapping Tanya, she was forced to take him along.

At the ceremony, Olivia prepared the recipe for a Worldkiller as per Tanya's instructions. She preached a sermon about Yuda Kal and placed a Harun-El statue of the goddess into the mixture. Mon-El tried to stop her, but Olivia held him back with her newfound powers; eyes and veins glowed orange as the Worldkiller persona of Yuda Kal manifested in her. When Supergirl arrived, Olivia tossed Mon-El aside and battled the superheroine.

Olivia becomes a vessel for Yuda Kal.

Supergirl tried to appeal to Olivia's former self but Olivia only wanted to kill her on behalf of the Worldkillers. When Supergirl was incapacitated after touching the Harun-El, Olivia moved to attack her but paused when the superheroine revealed she also knew the struggle with of not knowing your role. Supergirl explained she saved Olivia because she wanted her to have a fulfilling life, and being a Worldkiller would destroy it. Breaking through her Yuda Kal persona, Olivia confessed that she didn't know her purpose without the cult. However, Supergirl promised she would have a lifetime to figure it out and urged her to let go of the rock. Touched, Olivia agreed, only to find that the Harun-El had fused to her hand, forcing Supergirl to use heat vision to burn it off her skin. Olivia collapsed to the ground in pain as Supergirl soothed her injured hand with freeze breath. She broke down in tears, apologizing for her actions while Supergirl held her in a comforting embrace.

Afterwards, Olivia was taken into custody by the NCPD.[2]


Olivia in her civilian persona.

Olivia was struggling with heartbreak and depression when she was saved by Supergirl, after which she became completely devoted to and in awe of the superhero, even joining the Cult of Rao. Olivia is a sweet, caring individual, happy to share her faith with others, and was especially close to the cult's leader, Thomas Coville, due to their similar stories. Through her faith, Olivia was able to move on from her pain and learn to love herself, as Supergirl rescuing her reminded Olivia that she had a purpose in the world.

However, Olivia's faith soon began to blind her, as she started encouraging other people to put themselves in danger and see if Supergirl saves them. She was even willing to let Coville endanger a stadium full of people so they would be rescued by Supergirl and join the cult, though only because she was genuinely confident the superheroine was up to the task. Upon seeing Supergirl cut her hand and bleed when weakened by Kryptonite, Olivia was horrified and devastated, her faith having been broken.

Olivia as Yuda Kal.

Having grown disenchanted with Supergirl, whom she now regarded as a "false god", Olivia felt lost and confused. In this vulnerability, she fell under Coville's influence and began worshipping Yuda Kal, believing it was her destiny to become the fourth Worldkiller. Olivia became increasingly fanatic and ruthless, determined to accomplish her goal to carry on Reign's work through any means necessary, including forcing Tanya Spears' cooperation, blackmailing James Olsen, or even threatening civilians.

Ultimately though, Olivia's misguided actions in the name of the Cult of Yuda Kal were simply an attempt fill the hole in her life, as she was unsure of her identity since losing faith in the one who originally enlightened her. When Supergirl reassured Olivia she still had much to offer the world beyond her devotion to Yuda Kal, Olivia was deeply moved, realizing her faith in the superheroine wasn't in vain. She willingly abandoned her Worldkiller mantle, distraught at who she had become.

Powers and abilities

Former powers

  • Dark Magic-empowered Kryptonian physiology: With the Rock of Yuda Kal, Olivia became a temporary Worldkiller. Her capabilities are no greater than a normal human of her physical conditioning. However, once she's been charged by the energy of a yellow sun, Olivia is able to perform various superhuman feats.
    • Superhuman strength: As a temporary Kryptonian, Olivia possessed far more strength than a normal human. She was able to overpower Mon-El and battle Supergirl on equal grounds.[2]
    • Superhuman speed: Olivia gained the temporary power of speed; she was able to quickly grab Mon-El when he flew towards her.[2]
    • Power distortion: Upon wielding the Rock of Yuda Kal, it is shown that when Supergirl touched it, her heat vision briefly fired uncontrollably.[2]


  • Skilled Tactician/Leader: Olivia displayed leadership skills when she led the Cult of Yuda Kal and inspired the followers to help create the fourth Worldkiller. Olivia also used footage revealing James Olsen was Guardian to blackmail him into giving up Tanya Spears.
    • Skilled deceiver/Manipulator: Olivia was able to briefly convince James that she was separated from Tanya and in danger.
  • Skilled markswoman: Olivia was shown to be proficient in using guns, able to shoot off Guardian's mask at close range.[2]



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