Omega (Chinese: 歐米茄 Ōumǐjiā), also known under the symbol Ω, is a super-virus created by BTHK Biotech in Hong Kong. It is also the first half of the other virus, Alpha.


BTHK Biotech original intended to create the compound for the purposes of being a powerful antibiotic. However, the result was a super-virus, which came to be known as the"Omega".

In 2009, Maseo Yamashiro and Oliver Queen caught wind of Chien Na Wei wishing to steal the Omega so they infiltrated a lab of BTHK Biotech, only to find an empty vial. Chien had earlier drugged an employee with the hypnotic drug Vitura into bringing the Omega to her.[1]

Chien attempted to sell the Omega at an auction in Starling City, but was stopped by Oliver and Maseo.[2]

Eventually, Matthew Shrieve combined the Alpha and Omega to create the Alpha-Omega virus, which he then planned to release on Hong Kong. The plan was successful but Shrieve was killed by Oliver Queen and Maseo Yamashiro.



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