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The Omegahedron is a Kryptonian device which can manipulate matter at the molecular level. It is said to be strong enough to power an entire city.[1]


Omegahedrons were used as power sources on Krypton.

Non used an Omegahedron to reconstitute Indigo's body.[2]

Later, the Omegahedron was used to power Myriad and Fort Rozz's transmissions. After Supergirl foiled Non and Indigo's plans, the Omegahedron was confiscated by General Sam Lane and later transferred to Maxwell Lord's possession.[1]



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Behind the scenes

  • Omegahedron was featured in the 1984's live-action film, Supergirl, and it was created by screenwriter, David Odell. In the movie, the device is a powerful piece of technology used by Argo City, the lost colony of Krypton, as a source of power, and is Supergirl's motivation to travel to Earth.