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Onslaught is an extremist sect operating out of Kahndaq and the Republic of Kasnia. It was led by Khem-Adam until his capture by the League of Assassins.


In Kahndaq, the group kidnapped a class of girls and killed their teacher.[1] Over in the Republic of Kasnia, some of them were fighting the Suicide Squad.[2] They took them to a cave, where the group's leader, Khem-Adam, made a public announcement via recording.[3] Some time following, the Suicide Squad infiltrated a group of Onslaught soldiers performing an execution. Before it could go ahead, they beat some up and killed some, culminating with an explosion under one of their trucks, set by one of the Squad, leaving a sole survivor who they used to get information out of.[4] They discovered the location of Khem-Adam and a number of his men, blowing up the wall of the cave that they were in. A number of Onslaught men were killed, before Khem-Adam was taken by Nyssa al Ghul and The Canary, and the girls were rescued.[5]

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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the main DC Comics continuity, Onslaught or Jihad was a team of super-powered international terrorists-for-hire that operated out of Qurac.