"You know what's amazing? That shirt's pretty amazing."
"Yeah, thanks, yeah, it's a classic. "Oregon Trail," I love this game."
—Cisco Ramon and Nora Allen II[src]

Oregon Trail is a video game considered a classic on Earth One's Central City. According to Nora Allen II, she loves this game and wears merchandise based on its graphics.


At some point a video game known as "Oregon Trail" was created. Based on the picture used on Nora Allen's shirt, one could suppose that the game had simple graphics characteristic for early video games. The game's events involved a caravan drawn by oxen and the possibility of deadly diseases, such as dying of dysentery. The game was considered a classic by 2018, beloved by Nora Allen II and recognized by Cisco Ramon.[1]


Known users


The Flash

Season 4


  • Cisco, known for his love of shirts with pop culture and "nerd culture" references, immediately notices Nora Allen's shirt design.

Behind the scenes

  • In real life "The Oregon Trail" is indeed a famous educational video game that became a cult classic. The game was designed to show its players all the possible hardships that awaited the American colonists who attempted to travel through the eponymous Oregon Trail, most notably losing oxen and dying of different illnesses like dysentery, which led to the phrase "YOU HAVE DIED OF DYSENTERY" becoming a meme among gamers, and thus a popular t-shirt design.[2]


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