"The world is not different, my dear. Look, you can live any way you please. But don't ask me to witness it."
—Oscar Rodas to Maggie Sawyer[src]

Sheriff Oscar Rodas is the sheriff of his town, and the estranged father of Maggie Sawyer.


Early life

Oscar came over to America at the age of nine, and was heavily bullied by kids and adults for being a Mexican. He was later hired at a factory, where he worked hard. However, every day after work, he would get beaten up by the white workers who called him "wetback". Later in his life, he married a woman and became a cop and the two had a child, Margarita Sawyer. He later became the sheriff of his town.[1]

When his daughter was 14 years old, Oscar received a call from Elisa Wilkey's parents outing his daughter for being a lesbian, and he was very disappointed in his daughter. He packed her a suitcase, and when she got home from school he told her to get in the car, and they drove in silence. When Maggie asked what she did, he only responded by saying that she "shamed him". He then dropped her off outside her aunt's house, and left her there.[1]

Reconnecting with Maggie

Some years later, Oscar was called by Maggie, who invited him to her wedding shower. To her surprise, he accepted the invitation and arrived in National City the next day. The two bonded over the fact that he kept up with her work over the years. Later that day, Oscar arrived at Kara's apartment where the wedding shower was being held and met Alex Danvers, his daughter's fiancée. He appeared cordial toward Alex, and after learning that Maggie didn't have any childhood photos, took out a picture of Maggie as a child and placed it on a board. When Maggie and Alex were opening presents, they share a kiss, upsetting Oscar, causing him to loudly leave the apartment.

Maggie confront her father

Being confronted by his daughter

Maggie ran after her father and confronted him, and he opened up about why he couldn't accept Maggie for who she was. He stated that he worked his whole life to try and make sure that Maggie fit in, and that she was accepted, and that her being gay meant that she couldn't. Maggie tried to convince him that the world had changed, but he didn't believe her and left. The following day, Maggie intercepted him as he prepared to leave the city. She told him that she had come to terms with how he felt, and returned her childhood photo, telling him that she didn't need him.[1]


Ever since moving to the United States, Oscar has been hardworking and determined, hoping only for the best for his family. However, he is also a devout conservative, being extremely hateful at his daughter for her homosexuality, seeing it as another a reason for him to abandon her has his daughter as well as a reason for others to attack her for being different, since it is reality's nature to smite those that are different.[1] He is also somewhat hypocritical, despite wanting his daughter to be accepted, he turned his back on her after he learned she likes women.



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