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For The Flash episode, see "Out of Time".
"As flawed and unruly as you are individually, together you are the best crew, the best team a captain could ever hope for. So... stick together. And remember: history is yours now, my dear Legends. Good luck!"
Rip Hunter's message to the Legends

"Out of Time" is the first episode of the second season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventeenth episode overall. It aired on October 13, 2016.




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Dr. Nate Heywood races to Star City City Hall and meets with Oliver Queen to inform him that the Legends may be dead (as of 1943). He and Oliver head down to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean where the sunken Waverider is. The two find and revive a Mick Rory in stasis, where Mick fights back, only to be pinned down by Oliver. Mick is confidant the rest of the team is okay, and that the ship still works as the food hasn't expired in the time the Waverider had been down there.

Mick begins his story in 1637, where they were protecting a king in France. The Legends had to ensure the Queen conceived an heir with the King or else there would be no Golden Age of France in the future. Unfortunately, Time pirates attacked the King, resulting in Atom and Firestorm using their powers, in violation of Rip's orders; Mick was annoyed as he left his gun behind as ordered. Sara runs outside, telling the now-safe King that the Queen is waiting for him; Jax realizes the Queen is now "warmed up" for the King, with Sara threatening him to be silent.

Later on the Waverider, Rip berates Stein, Jax and Ray using their powers, potentially causing a chance to the timeline. He is also less than pleased Sara seduced the Queen of France; however, Sara defends herself, explaining the Queen came on to her. However, at that moment the ship shakes. Rip asks Gideon what happened, to which she says that a nuclear bomb destroyed New York in 1942. With this turn of events, the Allied Forces withdrew from World War II, letting the Nazis win.

Despite Rex's warning that they will meet their demise in that era, the Legends head there and decide to kidnap Einstein (the only person capable of building a nuclear bomb in that era), placing him in the brig. Ray and Mick question him, learning that Einstein's ex-wife is also capable of creating a nuclear bomb. They deposit him back at his event, heading to intercept the bomb heading New York by using the Waverider as a shield. As the impact will kill the occupants. Rip sends Ray, Sara, Stein and Jax away into other times; due to his injuries, Mick is placed in stasis. The bomb hits the Waverider knocking it into the ocean.

In the present, Mick finishes his story, along with the fact Rip is missing. Oliver leaves Nate with Mick to travel the timeline and rescue the Legends. Nate is taken to the library to look for eras the Legends went to.This leads them to the Prehistoric Era, where they save Ray from a T-Rex. They next head to Salem, during the time of the witch trials, where Sara is going to be hanged for "corrupting" the women of a village. Ray and Mick save her, as Sara accidentally knocks Nate down. They next head to the Medival Era, where Stein and Jax attempt to entertain a child king with their cell phones. The Legends arrive and save them.

Back on the Waverider, the team finds a message from Rip, telling him that he is proud of them and that the mission to protect the timeline is now up to them. The Legends head back to 1942, but before the event they kidnapped Einstein at, where Mick, Nate and Stein pose as OSS agents, telling Einstein to let the public know about his wife is just as much a genius as him. Mick tells Einstein not to be a jerk as it's the right thing to do. Einstein takes their advice and introduces his wife at the event, effectively getting both of them protection from the Nazis. Stein explains to Nate that the only change to the timeline will be the phrase "a regular Einstein" becoming "you're just like the Einsteins."

The Legends regroup deciding it's time to leave 1942, but are stopped by Stargirl, Vixen, Obsidian, Dr. Mid-Nite and Commander Steel, who introduce themselves as the Justice Society of America. They demand that the Legends come with them.




Preparation ran from July 7 until July 17, 2016. Shooting ran from July 18 until July 28, 2016.[1]