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"Where's the Captain? Where's Rip?"
"I'm Captain now.
Sara Lance informs Jonah Hex she is the new leader of the Legends

"Outlaw Country" is the sixth episode of the second season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the twenty-second episode overall. It aired on November 17, 2016.




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The group learns of a abberation in Colorado, 1874, where they spare Jonah Hex from execution. He uncovers that he is battling a criminal manager named Quentin Turnbull. Nate uncovers that the variation is Turnbull driving the Western US in its severance to shape "Turnbull Country". The group discovers that Turnbull is extricating small star, which Ray utilized for his A.T.O.M. suit, and that Turnbull is wanting to wreck a basic mountain pass associating the Eastern US toward the West, preventing the US Army from providing the West. While Sara and Jonah connect with Turnbull, Mick and Amaya obliterate the mine and Nate utilizes his forces to stop the train. Rather than murdering Turnbull, Jonah chooses to convey him to the specialists. With the small star reappropriated, Ray intends to revamp his suit and shows Nate the suit he has made for the last mentioned. Amaya chooses to instruct Mick to control his indignation. Martin and Jax conclude that, because of the previous' connection with his past self, he may have modified the past. Sara advises the group that they have to come back to 2016 to support their companions.


Preparation ran from September 6 until September 14, 2016. Shooting ran from September 15 until September 26, 2016.[1]


  • Nate attempts to use the stock Western phrase "This town ain't big enough for the two of us", before realizing that there are multiple people there.
  • Ray gives the advice that "Courage is the mastery of fear, not the absence of fear". This is a misquotation of Mark Twain, "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear".
  • At the end, Sara tells Ray and Nate that their friends from 2016 need their help, setting up Invasion!.
  • The origin of Jonah Hex's facial scars is different from his comic book counterpart where he was given the "mark of the demon" for being considered a cheater in a trial by combat. In the show, his face was burned while escaping a fire caused by Quentin Turnbull.


  • When Nate, Jax, and Ray are deciding on whether to enter Turnbull's mine, Ray is not wearing his cowboy hat, but when the camera returns to him seconds later, he is, then he isn't again.
  • While running from Turnbull, the Legends hide behind a wagon which Turnbull blows up, but they immediately hide behind the same wagon again, which is unharmed.
  • When Nate is first shot and placed in the med bay, he is still wearing his Western outfit. When he wakes up later on however, he is wearing modern clothes. This should not be possible unless Ray or someone else dressed Nate while he was healing.