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For the late criminal from Earth-1 also known as Captain Boomerang, see, Digger Harkness.

"I'm your worst nightmare, dumbass. And please, you can call me Captain."
—Owen Mercer to The Flash[src]

Owen Mercer, also known as Captain Boomerang, is a criminal who uses special boomerangs for his robberies, and is an ally of Red Death and a member of the Rogues. He was also nicknamed Captain Boomerang 2.0 by the Team Flash.


Early life[]

Criminal career[]

At some point, Owen Mercer began a criminal career in Central City, dubbing himself the new Captain Boomerang after the death of Digger Harkness, but at 19 he was locked up in Iron Heights Penitentiary, however, he eventually escaped from prison.[1]

The new Captain Boomerang[]

Working with Red Death[]

At some point after he escaped prison, he encountered Red Death and forged an alliance with her, becoming the first member of her team of Rogues. The two of them would then team up to take down the Flash.

The Flash against the new Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang against the Flash.

As part of their partnership, Owen took it upon himself to steal the battery from a Roemer Accelerator of Kord Industries, before being confronted by Flash and unknowingly, Owen faced his enemy in a time loop until he was defeated by Flash and Iris West-Allen, however, activated the accelerator to blow up the city, before teleporting away with the battery. After Flash stopped the bomb, Owen met with Red Death, handing the battery over and receiving his new boomerangs.[1]

Fight against the Rogue Squad[]

Flash's Team vs the Rogues

Boomerang and the Rogues face Flash's Rogue Squad.

Mercer later rescued Andrea Wozzeck from Hartley Rathaway's club.[2] A few days later, Mercer, Wozzeck and a new recruit named Michelle Amar infiltrated Fort L.U.K.I.A. to steal a power source for the Cosmic Treadmill. Entering the base, Mercer fought Goldface who put up a decent fight, surprising him Mercer and leading him to recognize the reformed villain as someone worth killing before throwing his boomerang and incapacitating him. Mercer then joined the Rogues in their escape before from being confronted by the Flash and his Rogue Squad. The Red Death then appeared and rushed Mercer and the others out of the battle along with the power source.[3]

After The Flash's capture, Mercer and the Rogues attempted to learn his identity before being interrupted by Mark Blaine. When Mark betrayed Red Death, Mercer and his fellow Rogues, now joined by Roy Bivolo, savagely attacked Mark while Barry and Iris escaped, with Flash's last view of seeing Mercer and the others about to kill Blaine.[4]

Invasion at CCPD and Defeat[]

Rogues (Earth-Prime)

Mercer and the Rogues at CCPD.

It turns out that Mercer didn't kill Mark, just knocked him out, and after Flash and his team escaped Red Death's lair, Mercer and the others chained Mark up and went to CCPD to start their citywide invasion. After Barry convinced Grodd to turn on Red Death, they combined their powers and overloaded the satellite dish that Mercer and Amar were standing next to. This caused the dish to explode and knock both of them out. What happened to Owen after this is unknown, but it can be assumed that he was placed back in Iron Heights prison.[5]


Owen's personality is similar to that of Mark Blaine's. Like Mark, Owen speaks in a sarcastic humorous tone; and is a charismatic bad boy who takes pride in his specialized equipment. He is also extremely sadistic and cocky; as he stated that Goldface was finally somebody worth killing.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Powers via boomerangs: Owen’s powers come from his boomerangs.[1]
    • Explosion inducement: Mercer’s boomerangs are capable of generating powerful energy based explosions. Some of his boomerangs can also explode like normal bombs.[1]
    • Force-field generation: Owen can use his boomerangs to generate strong shields of energy to protect himself from harm.[1]
    • Teleportation: Mercer can use his boomerangs to teleport by pressing a button on the boomerang that surrounds Mercer in a red light that makes him disappear.[1]


  • Acrobatics: Mercer was very agile during his fight against the Flash, as shown how he swiftly got off the truck. When fighting Chillblaine, Mercer was just as maneuverable and acrobatic as Mark was, being able to merge his incredible agility with his fighting style.[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As Owen has been in various nonstop fights since he was 19, he has years worth of combat experience and has likely become a highly skilled fighter himself. This is proven true when Owen was able to fight on equal grounds with Mark Blaine who is a well accomplished fighter himself.[1]
  • Master marksman: Much like the original Captain Boomerang, Owen is an incredible boomerang thrower. He knows how to properly throw them and catch them all without hurting himself as the boomerangs he uses are made of extremely sharp metal.
  • High tolerance for pain: When Iris shot Mercer with her laser pulse rifle and sent him flying into a car windshield, he only felt mild pain and got back up onto his feet without too much difficulty.[1]
  • Keen intellect: While Owen is more the muscle behind the operation, he is also quite intelligent. This is shown how he is a skilled strategist, as well as helping to set up the machine that stabilized the Red Death.[2]
  • Bilingual: Owen is capable of fluently speaking English, and can partially speak in American Sign Language as shown how he was able to understand and communicate with fellow Rogue Michelle Amar who uses sign language to communicate.[5]


  • Boomerangs: Mercer used Wayne Tech edged boomerangs to take out his targets. In close combat, he uses them like cutting weapons. His boomerangs are sharp enough to cut Goldface’s skin open and expose his inner gold armor. He also has boomerangs that; are made to explode on impact from C4 in specialized grooves, acting like grenades.[1][3]


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