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"In this war, we fight versions of ourselves. But when two sides are evenly matched, there is no winning. Only endless suffering. I know now you are strong. You are the advantage we need to achieve our goal."
"Which is?"
"To live! We did not ask to be born, but we do ask not to die. The others, they want your speed to give to their master, August Heart. But upon completion of their mission, they will bow down to his final edict. Total submission.
—"Godspeed" and The Flash

"P.O.W." is the sixteenth episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-forty-ninth episode overall. It aired on July 6, 2021.



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  • The episode title is a common abbreviation for "prisoner of war".
  • As mentioned by John Diggle, the events of this episode take place sometime after "Rebirth", when he visited Gotham City.
  • After the imprisoned Godspeed escapes the pipeline, Barry says, "We thought we were interrogating him. He was interrogating us." This is very similar to Barry's line from the end of "The Trap", "We thought we set a trap for him, but he set a trap for us."
  • Diggle shoots one of the Godspeeds with nanites and says, "Nanites, courtesy of Ray Palmer." This is a reference to Oliver Queen's line from "Rogue Air".
    • This is the second episode to reference this phrase, the first being "Elseworlds, Part 1".
  • Diggle references the events of Season 6 of Arrow, where he suited up as the Green Arrow to protect Oliver Queen's secret identity.
  • Nora only has purple lighting now; Bart has yellow. It's likely due to them being twins that caused the lightning color split.
  • The entropy trap used against the Godspeeds was said to have been one-of-a-kind because it was made of unique Time Trapper tech, referencing the Time Trapper, a time-traveling villain from the future in the comics also known as the Living Embodiment of Entropy. This implies A.R.G.U.S. faced the Time Trapper and obtained some of his tech at some point prior to this episode.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Kristen Kramer's first name was misspelt as "Kristin".
  • Cecile Horton mentioned that the events of this episode take place in 2021; however, the events of "Masquerade" take place roughly four weeks after "Mother" (which was set in mid-2020), making it unlikely for Cecile's statement to be accurate.
  • Barry worries that by going into the future to check on Nora in 2049 will cause another Flashpoint. However, he has it backwards; only changing the past (like saving his mother and imprisoning Thawne) would do that. Whatever causes the Godspeed army to start is in the future, so he can prevent it and keep the present unaffected.