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P. Parks[1] is a corrupt former police officer of the Star City Police Department.


P. Parks held Roy Harper captive on behalf of Ricardo Diaz, beating him in order to convince him to testify against Oliver Queen. He left the room for some time, but when he came back he found Roy about to escape, causing him to beat him down.[2]

During Oliver's trial, Parks watched over Oliver between sessions as he and Jean Loring talked. When John Diggle and Dinah Drake attempted to hurt Diaz, Parks and the police force aimed their guns at them, before letting them go.[3]

When A.R.G.U.S. director Lyla Michaels entered the Star City precinct, he questioned why she was there, to which she claimed to be there investigating Ricardo Diaz. Telling her to wait where she was, Parks went to alert Diaz in the other room. Discovering her to be a decoy, a firefight ensued.[4]

Parks sent flying by Dinah's sonic scream.

After sentries at the SCPD didn't respond, Parks went to investigate, whereupon he ran into the Green Arrow. Initially surprised that he had come alone, Black Canary subsequently appeared and sent him flying with her sonic scream. He was soon arrested along with all the people under Diaz's payroll.[5]


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