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Painkiller was a potential television series, acting as a spin-off of Black Lightning. The seventh episode of the fourth season of Black Lightning served as a backdoor pilot for the potential series.[1] On May 24, 2021, it was announced that The CW had passed on the potential spin-off.[3]



Confirmed plot points

Confirmed new characters

  • Maya: A strikingly attractive woman yet is icy and mysterious, and a natural leader who immediately gives the impression that she is someone who expects results and is not to be messed around with.[2]
  • Philky: A ruggedly handsome [man] with long raven hair, ink art on his body, and one born from a strong and honorable Chinese lineage. Philky was once a homeless alcoholic from Gotham but now works as an inconspicuous bartender and an exceptionally gifted tech wiz helping Khalil.[2]
  • Cousin Donald: A larger-than-life, gentle giant who wears a distinct uniform – head-to-toe leather with matching boots – a juxtaposition of his military past. He was a medic in the Marines and knows medicine well but also has the ability to talk perspective to others. There is a duality about Cousin Donald, which is why he understands Khalil better than others.[2]