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"There's no such thing as coincidence."
Khalil Payne

"Painkiller" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Black Lightning, and the fifty-second episode overall. It aired on April 12, 2021.



Grace and Anissa travel in a cutting edge driverless vehicle into Akashic Valley, which gives off an impression of being an amazingly innovative city, for their vacation. They go to a club however a man comes to take their photographs, blinding them with streak. Irritated, Grace gets up to utilize the bathroom, yet is curbed and grabbed on her way to the washroom. Anissa, who had gone to get the check, sees Grace being hauled away and seeks after however Painkiller likewise appears and assaults Anissa.

Inside his head, Khalil and Painkiller in a real sense go up against each other about murdering Anissa. Despite the fact that Painkiller knows it's customizing from the ASA, he is in torment until he slaughters every one of the Pierces. Khalil and Painkiller in a real sense battle each other inside the brain, however Khalil is at last triumphant and extras Anissa, taking her back to his sacrosanct refuge underneath the bar. Khalil watches film from what occurred and asks his companion, Philky, what occurred. Philky put a "rationale bomb" within his head to help give Khalil better control, yet he can "sense" the Pierces which let Painkiller supersede it. Khalil thinks Painkiller carried Anissa to Akashic City. Obviously Painkiller has been quiet for a year and this entire set up was paid for by some mystery A.S.A. fortunte that Philky and Khalil found and took.

Another of Khalil's partners, Donald, deals with Anissa and reveals to her she will be OK however Anissa is as yet feeble. After some coercing, Khalil chooses to go get Grace. Somewhere else, Grace's hijacker - the photographic artist from the bar - reports back to his manager Maya, revealing that his associate was slaughtered in the departure. Maya is shocked they caught a metahuman. Khalil tracks him the picture taker down before long. He guarantees individuals he works for are simply inspired by minds. Khalil puts a tracker on the man and the vehicle, Philky gets an area and sends Khalil there.

Maya notices Grace and orders that they keep her calmed. She says she has "exceptional plans" for her. In the mean time, Khalil invades the structure he was shipped off. He takes out the gatekeepers individually and tracks down a bizarre room where individuals are in units, their brains snared to PCs. Khalil takes the workstations for proof.

Turns out the casualty's cerebrums have been "cryptojacked" (think to cultivate bitcoin) and have been divided to control a type of PC activity while the remainder of the mind has been placed in a non-working kind of state. Khalil figures they could possibly utilize it to dispose of Painkiller.

Philky and Khalil visit a lady named Wo to inquire as to whether she thinks about Maya and it turns out she does, giving them data and weapons however cautioning that Maya is awful information.

Khalil appears at Maya's. Inside his psyche, Painkiller requests to be let out. They choose to cooperate to save Grace and get the innovation and get out. Painkiller comes out and manages the watchmen. Maya watches from her office, captivated. She actuates a fall to pieces to obliterate her safehouse then leaves. Beauty, who awakens and becomes Wylde, battles out, yet the structure is going to blow. Painkiller needs to end everything, except Khalil works him out of it. They escape.

Afterward, Anissa visits with Khalil and he requests that she not disclose to Jen where he is to shield her from Painkiller's execute request. She advises him to continue to do great.

The PCs uncover that Maya truly is cryptojacking minds, however Philky thinks it is for an option that could be greater than bitcoin.

Incidentally, Maya is Odell's girl and she discloses to him Painkiller is there. She says it isn't fortuitous event.

Khalil found the ASA's mysterious millions to support his lab/refuge/bar. He additionally cherishes the Pierces, however he battles with Painkiller who needs them dead.



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