The Palmer family is a prominent family who are residents of the United States.


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Known family members

  • David Palmer (Sandy's husband, Ray and Sydney's father, Bryce's 5th great-grandfather; status unknown)
  • Sandy Palmer (David's wife, Ray and Sydney's mother, Bryce's 5th great-grandmother; status unknown)
  • Ray Palmer (David and Sandy's son, Sydney's brother, Nora's husband, Bryce's 4th great-granduncle)
  • Nora Darhk (Ray's wife)
  • Sydney Palmer (David and Sandy's son, Ray's brother, Bryce's 4th great-grandfather)
  • Ray Palmer's cousin
  • Bryce (David and Sandy's 5th great-granddaughter, Ray's 4th great-grandniece, Sydney's 4th great-granddaughter)
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