Paloma Aguilar is the daughter of Peter Aguilar. She was targeted by Marcos Trachmann in order to force her father to not testify against Reuben Calderon.


Early life

At some point, after that Reuben Calderon murdered her brothers, her father sent her to live with her uncle and aunt.

Targeted by Calderon

In 1990, when her father was about to testify against Calderon, she served food to Barry Allen to celebrate the first year of the Tomarquin family as an American citizen. Later, with her friend Javier O'Hara, she convinced him not to hurt Barry who came to ask a question. The next day, after an incident at the church, the Santero told them that the incident is a reminder of the power of Chango. Paloma dismissed it as a superstition, and her aunt told Barry that her niece knew nothing. Barry would ask Paloma to call him at the station if she had learned anything. The next day, after that the santero's shop has been vandalized, the Santero gave her a black magic talisman for human sacrifice, but she refused it leaving it on the floor. Later, at a restaurant with Barry, she explained the belief of the neighborhood and the risk of her life for her father after the murder of her brothers. Barry would bring Paloma to S.T.A.R. Labs, but she would be kidnapped by the Flash. Imprisoned by Marcos Trachmann, she insulted him, but he did not care. Later, the Flash would try to release her, but she didn't trust him and so caused Trachmann to notice the Flash's presence and mind control him. Trachmann had put a mind control micro ship on Paloma in order to control her and force her to kill her father. At the festival, she almost killed her father, but she was stopped by the Flash. Days later, she would celebrate Calderon's arrest at her uncle's restaurant. When the Santero gave Barry a small vial of powder, Paloma read it and explained that is a love potion which makes Barry smile.[1]

In 2018, The Monitor invaded Earth-90 and seemingly killed all of its residents. Because of that, her fate remains unknown.[2]


The Flash


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