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For the Supergirl​​​​ episode, see "Menagerie".

"Fight it? Why would I fight it? This is the most powerful I have ever felt! And I am not Pamela. We are Menagerie!"
—Pamela Ferrer to Kara Danvers[src]

Pamela Ferrer is a jewel thief who became bonded to an alien symbiote that resembled a snake. Calling herself Menagerie, she used her newfound powers for her thefts before she was stopped by Supergirl and subdued by the Children of Liberty. She soon escaped with the help of Manchester Black and joined his Elite.


Bonding with the Symbiote

Pamela Ferrer and her accomplice Chuck robbed an upscale social party and were driving away shortly thereafter, Pamela found an invitation to the National City Heart Association's Annual Masquerade Ball in the loot. As they drove, a meteor crashed very close to the car, causing them to swerve onto the side of the road. Pamela got out to investigate and found an alien symbiote slithering in the crater. The symbiote bonded with her, granting Pamela powers. She proceeded to tear Chuck's heart out and abscond with the loot. A mile from the crash site, Pamela killed a couple by ripping out their hearts and then stole all of their jewelry. She then managed to kill Madison Sinclair, a known diamond broker, and Anthony Stuart, whom Sinclair was having an affair with.[1]

We are Menagerie

At her apartment, Pamela was greeted by J'onn J'onzz, Brainy, Alex and Kara Danvers. Brainy proceeded to roundhouse kick her unconscious, but Pamela quickly woke up. Kara and J'onn tried to reason with her, but Pamela revealed her powers to them and gleefully announced that they were Menagerie. She shot snakes at the group, forcing Brainy to jump onto the ceiling. J'onn was ensnared by them and Alex was cornered before Kara subtly used her super breath to knock the snakes away from her. Pamela tried to bite Kara, but couldn't due to her invulnerability. Pamela then recalled her snakes and super-sped away.

Later, when the Children of Liberty investigated the ruckus, she killed all but one of them and mused that the D.E.O. had taken her loot. The symbiote agreed with her, claiming that it was what humans do on this Earth. Pamela decided to get more loot by robbing the Masquerade Ball.

At the ball, Pamela proceeded to kill people by ripping out their hearts for the symbiote and stealing their valuables for herself. When the Children of Liberty stormed the event, Pamela unleashed her snakes on everyone and fought them. Alex and the D.E.O. arrived, but Pamela merely set more snakes on them and tried to leave. Supergirl arrived and flew her outside into a limousine. Pamela rose quickly and shot snakes to bind Supergirl, berating her for protecting humans. Supergirl responded that she protected everyone, but Pamela dismissed her and tried to rip her heart out. However, Dreamer blind-sided her and hit her upside the head with a pipe, knocking her out. When she recovered, Pamela floated into the air and taunted Supergirl, saying that Kryptonians think that they are powerful, but she has more because she and the symbiote are a team. Supergirl readied her Heat vision, but Pamela managed to shoot acid in her eyes, negating it. Kara used her Super-breath to throw her into a stone column. Despite Kara's protests, George Lockwood cut the head off the symbiote, supposedly killing it. Pamela was then made an example of by the president and sent to prison.

In prison, Pamela received a letter from Manchester Black, a fact which made her smile evilly as the still-alive symbiote slithered underneath her skin.[1]

The Elite

Later, Pamela was recruited by the Elite. She was seen with her members in Rio in Brazil, Manchester in England and in military base Devil's Tower in Wyoming where they attempted to reprogram the military satellite (used for destroying alien ships) and target it into the White House. Supergirl and her friends managed to prevent this.[2] After being detained by Supergirl and Dreamer, she was arrested by the D.E.O..[3]

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"Gucci all day, Prada all night!"
—Pamela Ferrer[src]

Pamela is a cold individual, as she took hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewels from partygoers before she bonded with the symbiote. After she bonded she became arrogant and proclaimed to Kara that she had never felt so powerful before. She then declared that she was more powerful than Supergirl because of her relationship with the symbiote. Pamela displayed a playful and cheeky side to enemies and allies alike especially towards Manchester Black.

Powers and abilities


  • Symbiote physiology: Pamela bonded with the snake-like symbiote, which manifests as a snake protruding from her neck. This enabled her to access her newfound powers.[1]
    • Snake manifestation: After merging with the Symbiote, she gained the power to summon and manifest snake-like creatures from her hands similar to the one that emerges from her nape. Presumably “children” to the prime Symbiote that Pamela keeps within herself, these lesser iterations can move about separately from Ferrer's body. These serpentine organisms, while unable to bypass a yellow sun-powered Kryptonian's invulnerability, are strong enough to bind one such empowered being in place - and even potentially strangle the said Kryptonian if given the opportunity. Pamela can also communicate and hear the Symbiote, although no one else can. Even after it was killed by the Children of Liberty, another grew back not too long after.[1]
      • Snake control: Pamela can mentally control the snakes she summons, setting them upon targets, and recall them back to her at will.
      • Acid: The snake can shoot an acid that is capable of blocking Supergirl's heat vision and momentarily even blinding the Kryptonian.
    • Enhanced speed: Pamela can move much faster than normal humans.
    • Levitation: Pamela can float and suspend herself in midair.
    • Enhanced durability: Pamela has more durability than humans, having survived being dropped onto a limo, blown into a concrete pillar, and hit on the head with a pipe.
    • Enhanced strength: While not as near as strong as full-powered kryptonians, Pamela is stronger than normal humans, and can overpower and harm them with relative ease.
    • Enhanced senses: Presumably, Pamela's symbiosis with the alien organism she hosts dramatically boosts her sensory capabilities enough to discern the location of the prizes she seeks, since every household of her victims were completely deprived of precious jewelry - all stolen by Pamela.


  • Expert thief: Pamela is a highly skilled thief, she stole many valuables with her partner before he had his heart devoured. She continued to steal valuables after merging with the Symbiote.[1]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Pamela has some rudimentary combat skills, able to fight on par against Nia Nal.[1]


  • Power-dampening cuffs: Just like with any other alien, Menageries's powers can be dampened by technology specifically designed to weaken her powers.[3]



Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Menagerie is a name shared by two anti-heroines, Pamela and Sonja, both members of the Elite. The two are Puerto Rican sisters who are linked with a symbiotic alien weapon crèche called symbeasts. Pam first appears in Action Comics #775 (March 2001). While the origins of her powers are unclear in that comic, Manchester Black states that the rogue Men in Black (from the Department of Extranormal Operations) once picked up the dregs of society, turning them into weapons and selling them off to the highest alien bidder. Black recruits Pam to be a member of the Elite, Sonja first appears in JLA #100 (August 2004).
  • This version of Menagerie shares many similarities to the Marvel supervillain Venom, though his symbiote expressed a preference for brains over hearts. Pamela refers to herself and the alien in the third person ("We... are... Menagerie!"), the alien communicates with Pamela as a raspy voice only she could hear and the alien manifests as a series of snake-like tentacles, similar to the film adaptation.
    • Interestingly enough, the original version of Menagerie from DC Comics was inspired by Venom, but the character was meant to be a parody rather than an outright rip-off.