Pamela Isley is a meta-human from Earth-38, who is referred to by Lex Luthor as Poison Ivy.


At some point at time, Lex Luthor became aware of Pamela, as well as her identity as Poison Ivy. Lex wrote in one of his journals that Pamela had began to exude a pheromone that had the ability to mind control others. Lex intended to take a sample of this pheromone in an attempt to mind control Superman. Supergirl learnt of this when she found Lex's journal in his prison cell at Stryker's Island.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Pheromone control: Pamela has direct control of her pheromones, being able to manipulate them presumably to create any chemical she desires.
    • Mind control: Pamela is known to be able to exude a pheromone that can be used to control the minds of men and women alike.



Season 4


Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Pamela Isley is a botanist turned eco-terrorist with the ability to control plants. She is an adversary of Batman known as "Poison Ivy".


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