"She is chosen. So are you."
"I'm sorry, who did you say you were?"
"A follower.
—The woman and Samantha Arias on the Cult of Rao[src]

An unnamed woman was a member and pamphlet distributor of the Cult of Rao.


The woman joined the Cult of Rao at some point after being saved by Supergirl. She was also responsible for tracking down potential recruits and giving them pamphlets with details of a cult meeting.

A mysterious woman approaches Samantha at Ruby's soccer game

The woman offers Samantha a chance to join the Cult of Rao.

In late 2018, several weeks after Samantha and Ruby Arias were saved by Supergirl, the woman approached Samantha at Ruby's soccer game, where she made friendly conversation with Samantha about her daughter. The woman then declared that Ruby was "special", as she and her mother have been "chosen". Confused, Samantha pointed out she didn't tell the woman Ruby's name. The woman gave Samantha a pamphlet, asking her and Ruby to come to their community. Slightly uncomfortable, Samantha politely thanked the woman before she left.

The woman was later seen at the cult meeting that night, listening to Thomas Coville's sermon and Olivia's story about being saved by Supergirl.

The woman presumably left the cult after Supergirl revealed she wasn't a god.[1]



Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • She was credited as "Soccer Mom".


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