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"Among the many misconceptions humanity holds dear is the fallacy that all beings are created equal. In truth, there are those who are greater. They are called 'heroes'. But even among heroes, there are different echelons. The highest belongs to those known as the Paragons. And they are the only hope of all creation."
Mar Novu on Paragons[src]

Paragons are a class of the multiverse's greatest heroes. The Monitor described them as seven beings of the purest will who would ultimately defeat the Anti-Monitor, which they eventually did by the end of a Crisis. Aside from Jennifer Pierce and refugees from various destroyed Earths, the Paragons are also the last remnants of the original multiverse and they currently reside on Earth-Prime within the new multiverse. They were succeeded by a new team formed on Earth-Prime.


Anti-Monitor Crisis

The Paragons are identified.

After Oliver Queen died earlier than expected and Earth-38 was destroyed, The Monitor went back in time and consulted the Book of Destiny, discovering of the existence of the Paragons, and their part to play in defeating the Anti-Monitor. In doing this, he explained their existence to a group of heroes, among whom two existed, Kara Danvers and Sara Lance, giving them the task of finding the others. They found one on Earth-96, Clark Kent, and ultimately discovered another of their own to be one; Kate Kane.[1]

After Ray completed the Paragon detector with the help of Cisco, they were able to identify J'onn J'onzz, Barry Allen, and Ryan Choi as the last three, being the Paragons of Honor, Love, and Humanity, respectively.

Pariah teleports the Paragons to the Vanishing Point

With the entire multiverse destroyed, the Paragons were sent to the Vanishing Point by Pariah. However, due to Lex Luthor meddling with his own fate by rewriting a page from the Book of Destiny, he replaced Earth-96's Clark Kent as the Paragon of Truth.[2]

Stuck at the Vanishing Point

Lex replaces Superman as the Paragon of Truth

The Paragons remained trapped at the Vanishing Point for months, where each member dealt with it in their own different ways. Barry tried to access the Speed Force to find a way to escape, but his powers were too weak. They met a newly-resurrected Oliver, who is now the Spectre. He told the Paragons that the Anti-Monitor had gone back to the Dawn of Time to cement his antimatter universe and that they need to stop him. Using his multiversal connection, Oliver gave Barry a "boost" and Barry took J'onn, Kate, and Sara to the Dawn of Time and Kara, Lex, and Ryan to the planet Maltus to stop Mar Novu from commencing his experiment. After the trio met with Novu, Barry returned and took them to the Dawn of Time as well.[3]

Battle at the dawn of time

The Paragons at the dawn of time in the netherverse

While traveling to the dawn of time through the Speed Force, Barry, J'onn, Kate, and Sara were attacked by the Anti-Monitor knocking them into the Speed Force. Oliver used his new powers in order to keep them from being spat out into the antimatter void. Barry was able to locate everyone and then traveled to Maltus to retrieve Kara, Lex, and Ryan. On Maltus, Lex used his new powers, that he gave himself using the Book of Destiny, to knock out Kara and Ryan. He then went to find Mar Novu. Lex tried to bargain with Mar Novu promising to share his knowledge of the future with Mar Novu as long as Mar Novu helped Lex rewrite history to Lex's will. Before they could make a deal, Kara arrived and started to fight Lex. While Kara and Lex were fighting, Ryan was able to convince Mar Novu to abandon his experiment. Barry arrived and took Kara, Lex, and Ryan, as well as the other Paragons, to the dawn of time to fight the Anti-Monitor. The Paragons fought off an army of Shadow demons, while Oliver fought the Anti-Monitor. Oliver used his new powers, at the cost of his own life, to create a new multiverse seemingly destroying the Anti-Monitor in the process. While Barry and Sara mourned the death of Oliver, the Paragons were transported to a new Earth.[3]

Battle on Earth-Prime

The Paragons and other heroes of Earth-Prime face off against the Anti-Monitor

Transported to the newly-formed Earth-Prime, the Paragons are the only ones who retain any memory of the original multiverse. After they regrouped and J'onn restored the memories of Team Arrow, Team Flash, the Legends, the Superfriends, Harrison Nash Wells, and Black Lightning, they helped fight off a giant Beebo in Star City. After defeating the giant Beebo, while having a conversation, Barry and Sara were attacked by a Shadow demon making them realize that the Anti-Monitor was back and targeting the Paragons. The Paragons, minus Lex, regrouped in the Arrow Bunker and along with Team Arrow, the Superfriends, Ray Palmer, and Nash Wells, they came up with a plan to defeat the Anti-Monitor once and for all. After successfully defeating the Anti-Monitor, Barry formed a new team to protect Earth-Prime in the future.[4]


"I mean, I'm already a blind, time-traveling Paragon who can see the future, so might as well add wannabe god to the list."
—Sara Lance[src]
  • Kate Kane told Luke Fox that even though she was the Paragon of Courage, she didn't feel courageous because she wore a disguise and let people believe that she was dating Slam Bradley.[5]
  • When Alex Danvers and Kara discussed who had their memories of the previous multiverse, Kara included the Paragons in the list.[6]
  • Charlie blamed the Paragons for causing the pieces of the Loom of Fate to end up on one Earth following the rebirth of the multiverse.[7]
  • Sara made a list of "her accomplishments" when she decided she would drink from the Chalice of Dionysus, citing that she is a Paragon.[8]
    • Upon learning that Sara had gained the power of precognition after she survived seeing Atropos's true form, Charlie stated that since Sara is the Paragon of Destiny, it's extremely plausible for her to have gained the gift of foresight.[9]
  • To emphasize the insincerity of Joseph Carver, Ralph Dibny said that Carver was not the Paragon of Truth.[10]
  • Caitlin Snow reminded Barry that he is the Paragon of Love in order to inspire him since he missed his wife because she was trapped in another dimension.[10]
  • Harrison Wells reminded Barry that he was the Paragon of Love and that running towards love was the key to stopping Eva McCulloch.[11]


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  • This is the second team of heroes from multiple Earths, the first being The Trinity.
  • This is a diverse team of heroes consisting of vigilantes, aliens, a meta-human, scientists, and even a terrorist.
  • This is the third organization to control the Vanishing Point, the first being the Time Masters and the second being the Legion of Doom.
    • However, they are the first team of heroes to control the Vanishing Point.
  • Earth-96's Clark Kent is the only one of the Paragons to not reside on Earth-Prime following the rebirth of the multiverse.
  • Six of the Paragons embody the same qualities as the AllStone Totems. The sole exception is Honor, which takes the place of the Dream Totem.