"Among the many misconceptions humanity holds dear is the fallacy that all beings are created equal. In truth, there are those who are greater. They are called heroes. But even among heroes, there are different echelons. The highest belongs to those known as the paragons. And they are the only hope of all creation."
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Paragons are a class of the multiverse's greatest heroes. The Monitor has described them as seven beings of the purest will who had ultimately defeated the Anti-Monitor.


Crisis of 2019

After Oliver Queen died earlier than expected and Earth-38 was destroyed, The Monitor went back in time and consulted the Book of Destiny, discovering of the existence of the Paragons, and their part to play in defeating the Anti-Monitor. In doing this, he explained their existence to a group of heroes, among whom two existed, Kara Danvers and Sara Lance, giving them the task of finding the others. They found one on Earth-96, Clark Kent, and ultimately discovered another of their own to be one, Kate Kane.[1]

After Ray completed the Paragon detector with the help of Cisco, they were able to identify J'onn J'onzz, Barry Allen, and Ryan Choi as the last three, being the Paragons of Honor, Love, and Humanity, respectively.

With the entire multiverse destroyed, the Paragons were sent to the Vanishing Point by Pariah. However, due to Lex Luthor meddling with his own fate by rewriting a page from the Book of Destiny, he replaced Earth-96's Clark Kent as the Paragon of Truth.[2]

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  • This is the second team of heroes from multiple Earths, the first being The Trinity, two of which are also Paragons.
  • This is a diverse team of heroes consisting of vigilantes, aliens, a meta-human, scientists, time travelers, and even a terrorist.
  • This is a third organization to control the Vanishing Point, the first being the Time Masters and the second being the Legion of Doom.
    • However, they are the first team of heroes to control the Vanishing Point.


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