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"We both know the danger that Parasite poses."
"That he can kill me and get supercharged at the same time? Yes, I—I get it. But that doesn't mean I don't wanna go out there and fight him."
Alex Danvers and Kara Danvers on Raymond Jensen

"Parasite Lost" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the seventieth episode overall. It aired on November 11, 2018.




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"Parasite Lost" begins with James and Lena are at a lunch party — the previous is disturbed that patriot bunches are venturing out on the side of Guardian. Brainy beverages an excessive number of mojitos and winds up alcoholic. Kara acquaints Nia with J'onn and Alex. After a snappy rest, Brainy calms down and sees Nia at the gathering and the two tease.

Specialist Jensen is multiplied over in torment from the parasite Liberty embedded in his mind. The two have a metahuman tied up and Liberty trains Jensen to contact him. Upon the contacting the meta, the parasite inside Jensen assimilates the meta's forces, murdering the meta however giving said forces to Jensen.

At the DEO, Alex is talking with Colonel Haley about Jensen. Haley urges Alex to keep doing awesome.

Kara and Nia go to the loft of Amadei, a metahuman who they've heard can recuperate harmed and crippled metahumans. Amadei at last awards Kara a meeting where he communicates his needs of having the option to recuperate people too.

Jensen appears at the National City Promenade. Immediately, cautions beginning going off at the DEO and Alex gathers a strike group to face Jensen. At the Promenade, a road entertainer is utilizing his shapeshifting powers, of which Jensen needs to take. Kara and Jensen start battling, however it's past the point of no return — Jensen's ready to murder the shapeshifter and retain his forces. Jensen escapes.

Alex briefs Colonel Haley on the circumstance, who arranges that Kara remain down from the battle as a prudent step.

The following day, Kara and Nia are perusing the remarks area on Kara's Amadei meeting and they're loaded with negative remarks, a few including passing dangers against all metahumans.

J'onn's having a care group meeting with Amadei's aide surges in requesting help. He and J'onn go to Amadei's loft and locate the recuperating metahuman in debilitated wellbeing. Kara flies in and J'onn educates her that Amadei is kicking the bucket.

With Cassian's authorization, J'onn guesses what Amadei might be thinking and gets some answers concerning Elizabeth Hawkings, the last individual to see Amadei in a non-vegatative state. Kara and J'onn fly to Hawkings' home and keeping in mind that Kara occupies her, J'onn look through her home.

J'onn inadvertently encounters Elizabeth's mother, Natalie, who shouts forhelp. Elizabeth runs in the room and J'onn and Kara reveal that Elizabeth was the last one to see Amadei healthy. It's then that Elizabeth reveals that she's never observed Amadei in light of the fact that he's her deadbeat father.

James and Lena show up at the supper the Mayor of National City welcomed them to. Quickly upon their appearance, James is drawn nearer by Ben Lockwood. James educates Lockwood that he doesn't concur with Lockwood's enemy of outsider position however the last doesn't remain down — he keeps attempting to persuade James that by far most of Americans are hostile to outsider.

Kara lets J'onn realize that she laments composing the sparkling piece about Amadei prior, disturbing about his activities against his little girl. J'onn isn't so certain the Hawkings' story is totally precise so the pair does some burrowing, and discovers that Amadei and his better half talked more than his significant other let on.

J'onn and Kara return to the Hawkings' home, where Amadei's Natalie admits that she was extremely upset when she and Amadei broke up, making her decide to keep Elizabeth away from him. Now, Elizabeth went to see Amadei after learning the truth. Natalie reveals she's the one that stole Amadei's talisman and offered it to a Child of Liberty she met on the dark web.

Group Supergirl understands that Amadei's talisman was more than likely offered to Agent Jensen so he could post as Amadei and still the forces of any metahumans that stayed with him.

The DEO limits a potential area of Jensen and meets on the spot. They encase a few square range in an arch that Brainy fabricated. They show up on scene and quickly start battling Jensen, who's attempting to get away.

At the mayoral supper, the city hall leader reports that a mass assault is going on in midtown and Lockwood makes some noise, referencing that James ought to go help out as Guardian. Jensen splits an opening in the arch and understanding that he's more remarkable than they suspected, Alex brings in Kara.

The battling stops and Jensen ends up in a stalemate with Kara and Alex. Alex takes a stab at persuading Jensen to hand himself over yet the rebel DEO operator winds up taking out Amadei's special necklace, apparently winding up murdering himself.

J'onn reinserts Amadei's special necklace and the outsider is in a split second recuperated. He's acquainted with his girl and two offer some kind of reparation.

Colonel Haley compliments Alex on her work prior in the day and uncovers that Jensen is as yet alive, however braindead. She at that point uncovers she's enemy of outsider, saying she helped dispatch the crusade to expel J'onn from power at the DEO.

Soon thereafter, James and Lena are talking about the day's occasions. James reveals to Lena he needs to get to the base of the counter outsider patriot development. He discloses to her arrangements on invading their framework.

Kara tries out another plan to Nia which would highlight an alternate National City outsider every week, permitting individuals to become more acquainted with them.

Back at his refuge, Lockwood is irritated with Jensen's passing. James calls him and requests to get together.




  • The episode's title is a play on the John Milton epic poem Paradise Lost.
  • The episode was previously titled "Parallax".[1]
  • The People's Veritas is most likely an allusion to the extremist conservative organization Project Veritas.
  • This is the lowest-rated episode of Supergirl.
  • When Danvers and her DEO team go to find Jensen at the people's support for Amadei in midtown, Brainiac 5 activates ionic spheric dome and says "Enter the Matrix", a reference to the The Matrix franchise, including its video game, Enter the Matrix.


  • When Kara and Nia walk in to see Amadei Derros, he is in the process of healing a presumed paralyzed child. After healing the child, he runs to his mother to hug her. However, even through being healed by Amadei, the child would still need to undergo physical therapy or other means to learn how to walk.
    • Though it is unknown if this child was only paralyzed recently or if Derros has the ability to restore muscle memory as well.
  • When Kara and Nia are reading the comments about Kara's interview with Amadei Derros, the first post has the possessive form of Kara's last name, Danvers, punctuated incorrectly as "Danver's".
  • When Alex is taking Jensen down, Brainiac 5 tells her there is 30 seconds left, however it takes another 56 seconds before Alex gets him to stand down