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Paris was the capital city of France. It was destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, along with the rest of Earth-1.


Paris was the site of Nazi operations in 1942 as a result of World War II. Eobard Thawne traveled to Paris to give a super serum to Baron Krieger in exchange for the Askaran Amulet. The Justice Society of America pursued Krieger to Paris. However, the Legends discovered that the JSA would die on this mission and followed them there to prevent their deaths, meeting up with them at a nightclub.[1]

In early 2015, Osgood and Rachel Rathaway bought a painting titled Fire & Ice for $25 million at an auction in Paris.[2]

In December 2019, the city was destroyed by antimatter, along with the rest of Earth-1, during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.



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