"I was outed before I wanted my parents to know. I wasn't about to do the same thing to you, and if you're wondering if I'm going to tell anyone about you, I'm—I'm not."
—Parker Torres to Kate Kane[src]

Parker Torres is a student of Gotham Prep and reformed cyberterrorist. After being disowned by her parents for being a lesbian, she took on the moniker Terrier and blackmailed every citizen of Gotham City for their secrets in exchange for $5 billion before being apprehended by Batwoman. Batwoman eventually revealed her true identity and sexuality to Parker, becoming her role model. She was later let off for her crimes in exchange for community service.


Billion dollar scheme

Parker had an ex-girlfriend named Kayla Mason who outed Parker as a lesbian to her homophobic parents when she chose to end their relationship rather than be open about her sexuality. This caused Parker's parents to disown her. Hurt by this, Parker used her hacking abilities in an attempt to blackmail Gotham citizens with the release of their secrets in order to get the five billion dollars she needed to leave the city while having previously hacked the subway train she was riding so her parents would focus on the fact she almost died rather than their homophobia towards her.

Parker was abducted by Alice who planned to use Parker's hacking skills to out Kate Kane as Batwoman so they could finally be sisters. Parker, however, refused to out Kate the same way she was and instead tipped off law enforcement about Alice's location and to the C-4 bomb the latter hid at Parker's school dance while only messaging both Kate and Alice's phones to give the false impression that Batwoman was exposed. Alice then quickly set Parker free, allowing her to escape while Kate dealt with her.

The next day, Parker arrived at Wayne Enterprises to inform Kate that she's keeping her secret. Kate signs Parker to community service to make up for her crimes and offers her condolences, for which Parker thanks her. Later, Parker reads an article from CatCo about Batwoman coming out as a lesbian, making her smile.[1]

Temporary job

Hush attempts to kidnap Parker Torres

Parker kidnapped by Tommy Elliot.

Following this, Parker and her parents (or at least her mom) made amends with each other. One day after school, Parker was on the phone with her new girlfriend when she rounded a corner to see Tommy Elliot pointing his guns at her. Binding her, Tommy put her in a van; inside, she realized that she must be necessary alive for whatever he planned or else the bandaged man would have killed her already. She did not arrive at the destination as Batwoman arrived and rescued her.

The two went to the Batcave, much to the disapproval of Mary Hamilton; Kate wanted Parker's computer skills as tech support for the Bat Team because Kate refused to apologize for her and Luke's argument. When Sophie Moore arrived at Wayne Manor to talk to Kate, Parker, with Mary, eavesdropped on the two's love lives.

Parker used her skills by modifying the computers in the Batcave to find a professor that Tommy had abducted, leading Kate to Arkham to ultimately free Luke Fox from captivity. When Kate returned with Luke, Parker left, after advising her to be with Sophie.[2]


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  • Genius-level intellect/Computer specialist/Expert computer hacker: Parker was able to hack into the internal computers on the Gotham City's trains.



Season 1


  • Parker is interestingly among the very few people Alice seems to genuinely like.
  • Parker is so far the youngest individual to who know Batwoman's true identity and become her ally.


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