"Because transparency is about more than just not wearing a mask. I've made mistakes. I'm sure that I will make mistakes again. But what I will not do is lie. That is my promise to you, the people of Star City."
Oliver Queen
"Past Sins" is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-forty-ninth episode overall. It aired on January 28, 2019.


The past comes back to haunt both Oliver and Laurel. Curtis is upset when he discovers that Diggle and Lyla have restarted the Ghost Initiative with Diaz, China White, Kane Wolfman and Carrie Cutter.[src]


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  • This episode marks David Ramsey's directorial debut.
  • Joe Wilson refers to "Elseworlds, Part 2" when he reminds Diggle that "he is only alive because of his friends".
  • Before he got interrupted by Lyla, Curtis was about to refer to the Suicide Squad when he realized that's what the Ghost Initiative is.
    • In reality, Warner Bros. prevented the show from mentioning the Suicide Squad due to the DC Extended Universe films.
  • Peter Graham-Gaudreau also has an uncredited role as the Brett Collins of Earth-2 despite the end credits listing the Earth-1 counterpart as his only role in the episode.


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