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"Because transparency is about more than just not wearing a mask. I've made mistakes. I'm sure that I will make mistakes again. But what I will not do is lie. That is my promise to you, the people of Star City."
Oliver Queen

"Past Sins" is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-forty-ninth episode overall. It aired on January 28, 2019.



"Past Sins" starts with Oliver and Laurel on a night talk show. where they talk about their past vigilante lives. There is a flashback to Oliver getting closer to Emiko in the graveyard, and the scene cuts between the two moments.

After the show, Oliver and Felicity talk about Oliver's recently discovered sister. Oliver reveals to his wife that Emiko wants nothing to do with him.

At ARGUS, Lyla's taking a shot at collecting her new villain crew. As they're addressing Cupid, Curtis busts in upset that they're assembling back a Suicide Squad of sorts. Curtis at that point discovers they're contemplating putting Diaz on the crew and won't help them out. Diggle educates Curtis he has no other decision and will be compelled to help embed safeguard bombs in the villain's heads.

Laurel and Felicity meet an eatery for a discussion. They start drinking a jug of wine. At the point when Felicity goes to the washroom, Laurel gets up to watch a report on the TV, when she chances upon a previous enemy from her Earth.

That night, the TV host is going to his car when he's destroyed by an off-screen character.

The following morning, we discover the host was captured. Whoever's holding him prisoner discharged a video of the host saying that Oliver's is a constant liar and doesn't have the right to serve Star City — the video is run on all nearby news stations, which Oliver at that point sees.

At ARGUS, Curtis and Diggle proceed with their contention on whether to relaunch GHOST Protocol.

Laurel approaches Felicity about the puzzling man at the bar and advises her that the person may be from Earth-2 and inquires as to whether there's a method to check whether the person is, indeed, an interdimensional explorer.

The SCPD breaks down the video and can check an area in the Glades where it was sent from. They attack the zone and save the TV host, but the criminal gets away.

Oliver gets back and has Felicity begin investigating presumed hijackers. Oliver ultimately understands that the assailant is Samuel Hackett, the child of the man Oliver's father slaughtered on their lifeboat.

Curtis is beginning to run tests on the collected miscreants when he inadvertently directs an inappropriate medication to Diaz, briefly invigorating him super. Diaz overwhelms Curtis and wakes different villains trying to break out of ARGUS holding.

Meanwhile, Laurel keeps being followed by the strange man from Earth-2. She tracks him down to a rear entryway and goes up against him. The two battle for a second before Felicity shows up and splits them up.

Oliver converses with Dinah about the villain and reveals his charade. Oliver advises Dinah that Hackett's dad was the one his father murdered on the lifeboat. The two go to visit Hackett's loft however no one answers. They separate the entryway and search it, where Oliver finds a notice board brimming with papers clippings and such — they understand that Sam was attempting to discover his dad lost at sea the whole time. They realize that Hackett discovered the reality of what befell his dad when Oliver's reports with the jail recoil were made open.

A battle breaks out at ARGUS between Task Force X and ARGUS specialists. As the battles going on, Diaz gets down to the parking structure and attempts to get away. Curtis tracks him down and the two battle. The battle closes with Diaz snapping Curtis' neck. Diaz escapes in a van.

He's driving not far off when he begins glitching and it's revealed the whole last scene was only a fakeout. Curtis modified the microchip in his mind to take a stab at discovering subliminal data with respect to Dante's whereabouts.

Afterward, Felicity starts to get annoyed with Laurel since she assaulted a non military personnel in broad daylight. It's then Laurel uncovers that Collins — the person following her — is the individual who caused the accident where Laurel's father died.

Oliver and Dinah have gathered at the police headquarters to try scanning for intel on Hackett. It's then they follow him to a van outside, but it's past the point of no return, as he's utilized the weapon he based on a close by power transformer. Due to the weapon, the hardware inside the police department begins tp to detonate, knocking both Oliver and Dinah out.

In a little while, everybody inside the police department starts coming to as Hackett strolls in, holding three cops prisoner with vests bound with the electrical vitality. Oliver diverts Hackett while Dinah get away. Hackett gives the cops a decision — to either shoot and slaughter Oliver Queen or be shocked to death. Before anything occurs, Dinah's ready to shoot out the transformer outside, rendering the innovation inside futile.

The following day, Oliver backpedals on the late-night show and uncovers his dad killed Hackett's dad.

At ARGUS, Curtis presents Diggle the data he traversed his augmented experience program. Curtis is energized on the grounds that he trusts that they're ready to drop the GHOST Initiative. Diggle reveals to him they're not going to close the program down in light of the fact that they need boots on the ground. Curtis won't take orders from Diggle.

Felicity and Laurel approach Dinah about Collins and the latter reveals that Collins is currently in jail because of open inebriation.

Thereafter, the scene closes with Dinah going out to her vehicle, where she finds a note left on her guiding wheel that coordinates the ones Laurel got.


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  • This episode marks David Ramsey's directorial debut.
  • Joe Wilson refers to "Elseworlds, Part 2" when he reminds Diggle that "he is only alive because of his friends".
  • Before he got interrupted by Lyla, Curtis was about to refer to the Suicide Squad when he realized that's what the Ghost Initiative is.
    • In reality, Warner Bros. prevented the show from mentioning the Suicide Squad due to the DC Extended Universe films.