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Patricia "Patty" McCabe (born September 20, 1961)[1] is the wife of Chuck McCabe. She was the adoptive mother of Mari McCabe in the original timeline. However, the Legends prevented the destruction of Mari's village in the current timeline so she was never an orphan.


Original timeline[]

Patty was born on September 20, 1961 in Detroit, Michigan. At some point, she met and married Chuck McCabe. Around 1992,[2] the couple adopted an orphaned baby girl, whom they named "Mari McCabe". Having no information on their adoptive daughter's background other than the Anansi Totem, Patty decided to give the heirloom to Mari once she was ready.[3]

One afternoon in 2002, Mari came home from school crying, having been bullied about her birth mother. Patty comforted her adoptive daughter. In hopes that Mari could gain some answers to her past, Patty presented her with the Anansi Totem, left for Mari by her biological mother.[3]

Mari's independent, assertive, yet often rash nature growing up often got her into trouble, much to Patty's exasperation, though she was secretly proud of her adoptive daughter for standing up for herself.[4]

In later years, Patty was no longer present in Mari or Chuck's life for unspecified reasons.

Current timeline[]

Because of the Legends' intervention in Zambesi 1992, Mari never became an orphan. Therefore, she was never adopted and raised by Patty and Chuck.[5]



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