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"I've been through a few things in my life that taught me not to be afraid of anything. I think fear is what holds people back from being who they should be."
—Patty Spivot to Barry Allen[src]

Patty Spivot is a former police detective of the Central City Police Department, formerly an officer and a former member of the Anti-Meta-human Task Force. She is also the daughter of a late unnamed man and the ex-girlfriend/friend of Barry Allen.


Original multiverse

Early life

Patty Spivot was born to an unnamed man and an unknown mother in Chesterfield.[1]

When Patty was nine years old, she hit her head on a diving board while attempting to jump from it, knocking her unconscious. She then fell into and nearly drowned in the swimming pool, causing her heart to stop for two minutes. However, Patty's father was able to resuscitate her in time, saving her life.[2] When Patty was a child, her father once gave her a Mr. Jiggle Wiggle teddy bear as a Christmas present.

Growing up, Patty and her family didn't have a lot of money, so she would work part-time at her father's shoe shop after school.[3]

Patty graduated from Hudson University with a triple major in biology, chemistry, and physics.[1] She aspired to become a CSI and was to attend Midway City University to study in their forensic science program.[4]

Sometime in 2011, Patty's father was shot and killed by Mark Mardon while on his way to the bank during a mugging for a couple hundred dollars he had in his pocket.[1] Patty was guilt-ridden over her father's death as she was supposed to take the shop's deposits to the bank that day, but ditched work to hang out with her friends instead. Ever since then, Patty sought revenge on the Mardon brothers and completely devoted her life to working in law enforcement so she could get justice for her father.[3]

Around spring 2015, Patty became a police officer with the Central City Police Department.[1] At one point, she went on a dinner date with her boyfriend at the time, who got drunk and insulted the waitress. Patty then cited him for public intoxication, ending their relationship.[2]

Patty arrives in the CCPD

Patty arrives at the CCPD.

Joining the Anti-Meta-human Task Force

When Patty discovered that Detective Joe West has an Anti-Meta-human Task Force, Captain Singh suggested she inquire about a position on it. However, Joe refused her a position. Patty later showed up at the site of an arson at the waterfront, where she introduced herself to Barry Allen, as well as gave him evidence she'd found. Despite her help, Joe still refused her being on the task force. She again tried to help him by stopping Eddie Slick, who he'd been chasing after. They took him to the precinct, where Patty and Barry talked, the latter promising to put in a good word for the former. They were forced to let Slick go, however, and she attempted to interrogate Joe, before they were interrupted by Earth-2 Slick, who had returned and used his meta-human powers to take Patty. He took her to an abandoned Woodrue warehouse, where he tied her to a chair and placed a concussive bomb under her seat. Eventually, The Flash of Earth-2 arrived and distracted Slick long enough for The Flash of Earth-1 to arrive and save Patty, but she was knocked unconscious by the shockwave. Once she'd come to, she called for The Flash, with both coming to her aid. She returned to work not long after being saved and approached Joe once more. She finally confessed the story of her father's murder, explaining that she saw murderers getting powers as unfair, and thus wanted to join the task force. He promptly had her promoted to police detective, before allowing her to join.[1]

Barry Allen and Jay Garrick approach Patty Spivot

Barry Allen and "Jay Garrick" approach Patty.

Patty arrived early at the scene of a crime, taking a look before Barry or Joe arrived, of a murder victim without a head but was unable to determine the cause of death as the method for decapitation didn't match up with any weapon she knew of. The victim was identified as an associate of career criminal Lewis Snart and Patty quickly pointed out his relation to Leonard Snart/Captain Cold though Joe told her not to call him "Captain Cold". After Leonard was arrested for murdering Lewis, Joe had Patty arrange for him to be moved to the meta-human wing of Iron Heights. Patty ran into Barry later at CC Jitters and she gave him her number, which she claimed was so she could reach him faster for police work though there were clear signs of a developing attraction between the two.[5]

As Patty got used to her position in the task force and as a detective, she started looking into reports of a meta-human shark and asked Barry to look at a sample. Patty and Joe investigated the break-in at Mercury Labs and discovered that it was Harrison Wells that broke in. Patty later saw the results of Barry's tests and discovered the teeth she gave him were human. These were false as later Barry was attacked by the shark and Patty tried to fight it, but was shot by Earth 2 Harrison Wells.[6]

Harry saves the Flash

Patty witnesses Harry Wells saving the Flash.

Barry asked Patty out on a date, but she was skeptical as she had been stood up by past boyfriends. Before their date, Barry lost his sight after an encounter with meta-human Dr. Light and tried to cover it up. After a few hours, Patty told Barry that she could tell he was blind. After dinner, the two kissed, but got called away on a case and helped the team investigate Dr. Light.[2]

Patty Spivot during her date with Barry Allen

Patty on a date with Barry Allen.

Patty meets Joe at the Police Department and tells him some interesting facts about Doctor Light. He notices that the detective is trying to deviate from the topic, but tries to explain how light can be defeated. Detective West interrupts and announces that the case is now closed without leaving his partner a note as to why. Sometime later, Patty interrupts Joe in "paperwork." She admits that she kissed Barry, but she doesn't care about her private life. The policewoman reveals that she does not want any secrets from her partner and suggests that he should confide in her too. The detective declines and walks away. A day later, Patty tries again to talk to the detective about Doctor Light, but just as before, she notices that the man doesn't want to. Frightened, she asks if Joe has anything to do with this. The policeman denies it and walks away, and soon meets Barry, who refuses to have dinner together as he has something important to do. After some time, Allen interrupts the girl talking to her friends. As they leave, the boy kisses Patty saying that he must focus on the things that are important to him. Sometime later, the girl, along with other policemen, tries to stop Zoom, who showed up with a stunned Flash in the Police Department.[7]

Patty called Barry, who had been sick for a week. She wanted to know if everything was alright. She also offered to give the boy a broth, but the boy refused, explaining that he preferred canned soup. Despite assurances that Barry won't get out of bed, Patty senses that he is hiding something. Due to Allen's absence, Detective Spivot looked to investigate the murder of scientist Jeffrey Shore. It tells Joe about the whole incident, as well as about a previous similar murder. After a while, the woman asks about Barry, to which the man replies that she intends to disappoint him with broth, as he hates canned soup. Sometime later, Patty calls Joe with the result of a strand of hair found at the investigation site. It turns out that they do not belong to humans, but to the gorilla. Detective West seems to know something about it, which surprises the girl extremely. Later that evening, the recovered Barry visits Spivot in the lab. The woman is glad to see him, and he admits that he was not sick. He reveals that his father visited him and wanted to spend some time with him. After a short conversation about the honesty and trust in the relationship, Patty kisses Barry.[8]

Some time later, Patty was out getting coffee when she saw Harrison Wells loading materials into his car. She followed Wells back to Star Labs and confronted him, placing him under arrest. Thinking his injector was a gun, she shot him, alerting Caitlin Snow, who told her to call Joe, which Patty did. When he arrived, he ordered her to go, not giving her any explanation.[9]

Patty and Barry kiss in the CCPD lab when she says they should be more professional in their relationship. The man playfully blames the policewoman when Iris suddenly enters. Detective Spivot acts as if nothing happened a moment ago and leaves. Some time later, Patty investigates the Iron Heights prison from which Captain Cold and Trickster have escaped with the help of Weather Wizard. Barry later learns what Mardon did to Patty's father and tries to talk to her about it. However, she rebuffs his attempts and declares that Mardon will pay for his actions before leaving. As soon as Trickster started broadcasting their "Christmas show," Patty quickly tracked him down and headed to the abandoned Okamura Toys magazine. She met The Flash there, but it turned out to be a trap. The hero managed to save Patty, but he was angry that she had come to the place without back-up. Patty attempted to justified her decision by stating that her father had died because of her, because one day she did not show up at work and he had to take the money to the bank, and then left. Some time later, when the meta-human managed to defeat the criminals, Detective Spivot arrived and immobilized the hero using a B.O.O.T.. After a while she aimed the gun at the overpowered Mardon, intent on pulling the trigger. Flash explained to her that the man would not take anyone from her anymore if she would not allow it. After a hard moment of reflection, Patty opted to arrest the Mardon, closing the case. After the incident, she joined the West family for a Christmas party. She explained to Barry that she had to deal with something and that she was ready to tell him because someone reminded her of the most important things. Hearing that, Barry smiled and Patty gifted him a Christmas sweater. When Joe saw this, he was happy that the two finally admitted officially that they were together.[3]

Patty met Iris while at the Police Department and she wanted to talk to her very much. They went to CC Jitters, where the policewoman began asking about Barry over coffee. She was tormented by the nightmares of the boy he refused to talk about. After talking and giving some advice, Detective Spivot went on duty. Later, she ran into Barry at the police station. The boy revealed that since his mother's death, the New Years period has been a difficult time for him. He also invited Patty to a romantic evening, which she was very happy about. Some time later, however, the criminologist postponed the time and place of the meeting for unknown reasons. They both showed up at the museum, where Barry suddenly ran out after a while. The fight between Flash and the Turtle began there. After a few hours, Allen showed up at the girl's house, wanting to apologize to him. After the brawl was over, Patty gave the boy time to think about their relationship, but as soon as Allen left, a meta-man showed up at her house and kidnapped her. After several hours of struggle, the enemy was defeated and the policewoman was released. The next day, Allen wanted to talk to the girl, but the girl revealed that she got into the investigative technique at Midway City University. She became a policewoman only to capture her father's killer. When she did, she decided to move forward, start over. To Barry's surprise, Patty said goodbye to him and walked away.[4]

Leaving Central City

"Please don't make me feel any more stupid than I already do. Look, I'm a detective and I should have known. I was just... I was so smitten with you."
—Patty Spivot to Barry Allen[src]
Patty talks to Barry

Patty urges Barry to tell her the truth.

As Barry and Patty got closer, Patty realized there was something Barry wasn't telling her. After the Turtle kidnapped Patty, Patty decided to leave Central City and go to college at Midway City University to become a CSI. A few days before she left Patty discovered that Barry was the Flash by connecting his cases to the fact that he always knew what had happened, like he had been there. She told Joe about this, who told Barry to talk to her although Barry was hesitant. Right before she left, she visited Barry and told him that if he was the Flash, she would stay in Central City to be with him, though Barry decided to make a sacrifice and let her go.

Then, because she wanted to prove that Barry was the Flash, Patty called Barry while she was on the train to school, lying that there was a man with a gun on the train. Barry came running as the Flash which finally proved to her that she was right, Barry was the speedster. This did not change her decision to go to college, though, as Barry left and she stayed on the train.[10]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Patty, as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[11] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[12]

New multiverse

At some point, Patty Spivot worked for the CCPD investigating meta-humans, but she was reassigned and eventually left.

Curious about CCPD's handling of meta-human related cases such as Rainbow Raider, Kristen Kramer looked through the case files and those assigned to them. She saw that Patty was reassigned at one point from working on meta-human related cases along with Julian Albert which piqued Kramer's curiosity and concern with CCPD.[13]


"I just watched a half man-half shark take on the fastest man alive. I love this city."
—Patty Spivot[src]

Patty is kind, caring, selfless, highly intelligent, compassionate and very passionate about her work as a police detective, and is very stubborn to the point of not taking no for an answer. She is also brave, even when facing meta-humans, despite knowing the fact that they have superpowers. She has a hatred for Mark Mardon who murdered her father in cold blood. Despite this, she does not hate meta-humans in general, as she knows full well that Mark was an ordinary human before he was affected by the particle accelerator.

Patty is a big fan of Barry Allen and the Flash, as she has read all of his reports all the time, like Barry, she is socially awkward, as she sometimes gets nervous and babbles, and is a comic geek. Patty is also very observant; she was able to tell that Barry was temporarily blind based on the sunglasses he was wearing. However, Patty does have a darker side, as she has dedicated her whole life towards getting revenge on Mark for killing her father, which is another thing her and Barry have in common; him wanting to kill Eobard Thawne for killing his own mother, but Barry, as the Flash, was able to convince her to let him live so he couldn't ruin her life anymore.


"I triple-majored at Hudson in biology, chemistry, and physics. I'm in prime physical condition. And I rated top of my class in marksmanship."
—Patty Spivot to Joe West[src]
  • Peak of human physical condition: As a police detective, Patty is in top physical condition. Cisco Ramon described her as "ripped" after seeing her in the CCPD gym.[14]
"You should have gone into CSI work."
"I love the science, but out here's where all the action is.
Barry Allen and Patty Spivot[src]
  • High-level intellect/Expert detective: Patty is highly intelligent, as she graduated from Hudson University with a triple major in biology, chemistry and, physics and is proficient at crime scene investigation, like Barry Allen. Despite being a police officer for less than a year, Patty is proven to be an excellent detective; for example, she was able to figure out that Sand Demon was building a concussive bomb,[1] deduce that Barry lost his vision,[2] and track down the Trickster.[3] Patty was also eventually able to figure out that Barry was the Flash; based on his excuses and comings/goings.
  • Expert markswoman/Firearms: As a police detective, Patty is highly skilled in the use of firearms. She shot Sand Demon multiple times in the torso without missing and the latter only surviving due to his superpowers.[1] She did the same with King Shark, who survived due to his shark-like durability.[6]She shot Harry Wells in a branch of his pulmonary artery.[9]
"The endorphins were flowing, so I asked Patty if she'd be game for some light sparring. Two seconds later, she had me pinned down, spread-eagle, with a knee on my chest and a triumphant gleam in her eye. Looks like Barry's not the only lightning fast one in that relationship! She offered to teach me some hand-to-hand combat maneuvers, like the deadly elbow strike and crushing ax stomp."
Cisco Ramon[src]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As a police detective, Patty is an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant, as she had received training, as all Central City Police Department members do. She was able to subdue a fleeing Eddie Slick.[1] She easily pinned Cisco Ramon in a sparring session and offered to teach him some techniques.[14]



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  • Patty is a fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.[1]
  • Patty's favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.[3]
  • In a deleted scene from "Running to Stand Still", Patty stated that she was 17 when her father died.
  • Patty was the second cop in the Arrowverse to fall in love with a vigilante before breaking up with him due to a job-related issue, following McKenna Hall in Arrow. However, unlike McKenna, Patty was able to learn the vigilante's secret identity before leaving town.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Patricia "Patty" Spivot was Barry Allen's friend and lab assistant, who eventually becomes the CCPD's full-time forensic-blood analyst. She had an unrequited crush on Barry. In the New 52, Patty is Barry's girlfriend, who eventually learns but accepts his identity as the Flash.