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An unnamed man (died 2011)[1] was the owner of a shoe shop in Chesterfield and the father of Patty Spivot.


When his daughter, Patty Spivot, was nine, she hit her head on a diving board and nearly drowned in a swimming pool. Fortunately, the man got to his daughter in time and pulled her out of the water. He then performed CPR on Patty, saving her life.[2]

At some point, the man gifted his daughter a Mr. Jiggle Wiggle teddy bear as a Christmas present.[1]

In 2011, while waiting in line at the Fairfield Bank to make his weekly deposits, the man was shot in the face and killed by Mark Mardon for the few hundred dollars he had on him.[3]


Patty blamed herself for her father's death as she ditched work to hang out with her friends instead of being the one to take the deposits that day. Patty became a police officer after he died and joined the Anti-Meta-human task force at the Central City Police Department to find and kill Mardon.

The man got justice for his death after the Flash defeated Mardon and had him imprisoned. The Flash also convinced Patty not to kill Mardon and move on from her vendetta.[1]


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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the New 52 DC comics, Patty Spivot's father is named Jim Spivot.