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Paul Holt[1] is the ex-husband of Curtis Holt and a physical therapist.


Paul first met Curtis Holt as his physical therapist when the latter suffered from Achilles tendinitis and needed it treated for his training to qualify for the Olympics. Because of Curtis's impatience, it took Paul a while to get him to focus on his actual recovery.[1]

After Curtis was fired from Palmer Technologies, he mentioned how Paul was always saying how he wanted to go on a trip, and Curtis supposed that his recent unemployment gave them the time and opportunity to finally do so.[2]

Paul later attended Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak's holiday party with Curtis. They revealed that they had been married for five years and Paul proposed by placing a ring in the reef while they were scuba diving for Curtis to find.[3]

Paul and Curtis also later attended the couple's engagement party. After Curtis gave Felicity the bio-stimulant implant that would help her walk again, Paul told her how much work Curtis had put into the gift.[4]

After Felicity received the implant that would help her walk again, she met with Paul as her physical therapist to help her through the process.[1]

According to Curtis, they came close to leaving Star City in October 2015 before the Green Arrow's speech inspired them to stay.[5]

Paul began to feel worried that Curtis may never make it home alive, after he began his vigilante activities. During the City Hall Christmas party, Paul was witness to Prometheus attacking and taking down Curtis, which put him in the hospital. Later, Paul visited Curtis after he woke up, asks him where he learned to fight and why he being targeted by Prometheus.

The next day, Paul confronts Curtis, told him that he could no longer face another lie from him. Curtis tells him about his side activity, which is working with Green Arrow. Paul said that he can't handle Curtis being both his husband and being Mr. Terrific at the same time. He told Curtis to choose before leaving. Less than 24 hours later, Curtis comes home and sees that Paul has packed his belongings and is moving out. Paul moves out to his brother's house, leaving Curtis devastated.

A few months later, Paul meets with Curtis at a restaurant and tells him that he is divorcing him and sadly leaves him.


Paul loves Curtis very much and did not want him to get hurt due to Curtis being a vigilante. Paul gave Curtis an ultimatum at first: to choose between their marriage or vigilantism. Paul later decided to leave anyway, because he did not want to take away from Curtis what made him happy, albeit leaving them unable to be happy together.



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