"The British are coming!"
—Paul Revere[src]

Paul Revere was a historical figure from 1775.


The Midnight Ride

In 1775, Paul Revere caught sight of the British approaching and shouted, "The British are coming!", when he was suddenly displaced from his midnight ride due to the Legends' accidental creation of a time storm, to the point in time of the first arrival of the Beatles at JFK Airport. He then asked the Legends why the women were screaming, but before he could comprehend his alien surroundings, the Legends accosted him. Mick Rory proceeded to knock him out with a right hook before Revere was placed on the back of his horse as Nate Heywood took his place to restore the proper course of history. As soon as they entered the time portal, Revere fell into the mud as Nate left him behind.[1]


According to Ray Palmer, Paul Revere did not actually shout his distress call of the arrival of the British. Presumably, his quote was attributed to him in classic literature and/or pop culture.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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