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"Someone just reminded me that... we're no good to the people that we love if we can't find the strength to move forward and forgive ourselves."
"Thanks, Oprah."
Barry trying to help Hartley through his grief.

"Pay the Piper" is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-thirty-second episode overall. It aired on May 5, 2020.



Fifth unnamed Godspeed

Another Godspeed.

Joe is in witness protection when Barry appears and astonishes him. He's come to enlighten him concerning Iris and is stressed that he can't spare her this time. Joe puts stock in him. Barry then breaks the news to Team Flash and Cisco adopts a grim strategy, recommending that the genuine Iris, Kamilla, and Singh are dead. Cecile quiets everybody down and the group embarks to attempt to locate their missing companions.

In the Mirrorverse, Iris is beginning to battle with the neuro-dissonance as she makes a video for Barry should he discover the video but not her. In reality, Barry is attempting to make sense of the artificial speed power when Godspeed appears. Nash can spare Barry; however, Godspeed escapes.

Roderick Smith

Roderick Smith

Team Flash attempts to find out what's new with Godspeed and find that he is utilizing sonics to take the speed from different speedsters. They'll require Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper, yet he detests The Flash since things went amiss during their last standoff in this post-Crisis course of events, bringing about his right-hand man, Roderick, being gravely harmed. Ralph goes to see Frost and finds that Frost is uncertain to go see Caitlin's mother for help that she truly requires for her injury.

Flash faces Pied Piper and reveals to him that he imagines that he can help Roderick; however, Hartley says that nobody can. He has tried. The Flash has Nash come in and clarify how he imagines that Roderick can be spared. Hartley consents to assist them with Godspeed on the off-chance that they fix Rodrick.

In the Mirrorverse, Iris discovers Kamilla at the Mirror STAR Labs. She's attempting to make sense of a way to escape utilizing the things the Mirror Gun recently sent there.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Nash completes the arrangement to spare Roderick utilizing Allegra's assistance, and keeping in mind that it at first seems to work, it falls flat. Hartley leaves and won't help them. Godspeed at that point appears and undermines Barry, allowing him an hour to conform to his requests or the city will be destroyed.

After a motivational speech from Nash, Barry makes sense of why Hartley is so crushed about Roderick. It turns out Roderick is Hartley's lover and Hartley additionally reprimands himself for what occurred. Barry offers him a chance to help if Hartley needs to. An alert sounds. Godspeed is at Iron Heights and has taken the speed of the "Godspeed drones".

Charged sound

Charged sound

Barry races off to manage Godspeed and a speedster pursuit starts; Barry's speed runs out while he's dashing up a building. Luckily, Pied Piper comes to support him. Pied Piper additionally has a plan to stop Godspeed: they simply need to imitate the lightning in addition to soundwave occurrence that hurt Roderick and use it on Godspeed. The "crossing streams" works. Godspeed is down; however subsequent to smashing onto a vehicle, he begins bleeding some unusual blue substance. Turns out, it's charged sound - and it might be the answer for fixing Roderick. It works. Roderick is saved.

Not such an upbeat closure with Godspeed, however. Despite the fact that they've gotten him, this Godspeed likewise became something of a "Godspeed drone". The genuine one is still out there and still needs Barry's speed.

Barry gives the group a motivational speech about how they're going to confront Eva and get back those they love. Cisco has a plan to spare Iris and the others: an perpetual motion machine and the one piece they need is in Atlantis. Somewhere else, Eva awakens in a type of stasis chamber prepared to take on her significant other.



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  • Unknown as a Godspeed clone
  • Unknown as a Godspeed clone
  • Unknown as a Godspeed clone
  • Unknown as a Godspeed clone
  • Unknown as a Godspeed clone


  • The title references the phrase from the tale Pied Piper of Hamelin.
  • Cicada's dagger makes an appearance in this episode.
  • Iris mentions to Kamilla that only she is allowed to wear Cisco's Chewbacca t-shirt, referencing the character from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Barry states that the events of "Love Is A Battlefield" through this episode have occurred over a period of 5 weeks.
  • The way Godspeed runs around the side of a building to incapacitate The Flash is in exactly the same way as in the season premiere ("Into the Void") albeit the roles are reversed.
  • Ralph slightly breaks the fourth wall by saying, "Finally, Crisis pays off in a good way for once." This could be a reference to Atlantis being on Earth-Prime due to the Anti-Monitor Crisis.
    • The city of Atlantis is home to the DC superhero Aquaman.
    • It's also reference to the fans, who have seen negative consequences of Crisis for the heroes of Earth-Prime such as the Speed Force dying, Kate losing the chance to replace Alice with her sane doppelgänger, the Superfriends losing the D.E.O.'s resources and the Loom of Fate's pieces being put within the Fates' reach.
  • Barry is shown throwing lightning during his flashback battle with Hartley. This means Barry learned the power earlier in the new, post-Crisis timeline, presumably from Eobard Thawne since Hunter Zolomon's storyline without being from Earth-2 would've been entirely different.
  • Hartley initially thinks Nash is his Wells. Nash tries to explain the multiverse, but Barry passes him off as a twin brother.
  • Godspeed's thirst for Barry's speed and homicidal tendencies easily resemble Zoom's behavior back in season 2.
  • The one sending the Godspeeds seemed aware that Barry only had a limited amount of Speed Force left in him; hence why the fifth Godspeed was more violent and proactive in stealing it.
  • Frost is shown reading the novel Uncaged Desire, which was written by Mick Rory. She previously mentioned to Mick that she read it.
  • When Flash and Pied Piper combined their powers to defeat Godspeed, Cisco commented that they "crossed streams"; this is a reference to the 1984 film Ghostbusters where the heroes were warned to "never cross the streams" of their proton pack guns because the results were unpredictable.
  • Frost texts Ralph with an "emergency," but when he shows up, there is none, and she calls it "payback," a reference to when Ralph did the same thing to Frost in "Into the Void".


  • It was previously established that post-Crisis, Hartley has meta-human powers that just so happen to have more-or-less the same effect as the tech he utilizes anyway. However, this plot point is never brought up once in this episode, and in battle he still only uses his gauntlets, even though he has a sonic scream that can serve the same purpose.
    • It's possible they serve as amplifiers in Earth-Prime's version of reality, or that he simply prefers using his gauntlets over utilizing his sonic scream.
  • It was previously established that "reflections" possess all their mirror templates' memories. So Kamilla asking Iris to recall a personal detail would by no means prove that she is the real Iris.
    • However, it's likely that Kamilla is unaware of this, given she's never properly met a reflection.
  • A flashback is shown that would be a scene from the first season of The Flash, in which Barry throws lightning at Roderick. However, in season 1, Barry didn't launch lightning, because Zoom did not teach Barry how to throw lightning until season 2.
    • This could be another change caused by Crisis.
  • The Mirrorverse version of the Flash suit appears as it would in the normal world. It should be reversed, appearing as a reflection of the Earth-Prime version.