"It's Pazuzu, the Assyrian god of famine, locusts and storms. As John would say, it's bloody awful."
Chas Chandler on Pazuzu[src]

Pazuzu is a demon king, who was once the Assyrian god of famine, locusts and storms. He was summoned by John Constantine and possessed the warlock, but ended up banished by God due to a light magic ritual used by Anne Marie Flynn.


From God to Demon King

Pazuzu is a powerful entity, stronger than even Lamashtu, a demon goddess who existed back during the times of the Garden of Eden. At some point the two became soulmates and were a couple, until they broke up violently, hating each other ever since. Both he and Lamashtu were worshiped as gods by Mesopotamians: for example, the Assyrians considered Pazuzu the deity of famine, locusts and storms. Later on, he became known as "demon king", aligned with the dark magic of Satan, sought out by forces like the Brujeria[1]

Possessing John Constantine

At some point John Constantine acquired the Icon of Pazuzu, a demonic artifact connected to Pazuzu's powers. He used the artifact to unleash Pazuzu's rage upon Lamashtu during a confrontation with the demon goddess, "leaving the two lovebirds to sort it out". Pazuzu unleashed purple flames upon Lamashtu, presumably banishing her into Hell. However, John and Anne Marie Flynn were then attacked by Invunche, a dark creature awoken by the Rising Darkness. To escape Invunche, Anne Marie shot John with a pistol and escaped with the babies that Lamashtu kidnapped.[1]

To escape certain death, John used the Icon of Pazuzu to remove his protective wards and invite Pazuzu into his body, essentially using the dark magic of Satan. Pazuzu entered John's body, making his eyes glow red and saliva foam at his mouth and scared Invunche away. His presence also healed John's wounds, as the demon king intended to turn the warlock into his way to come to Earth. Leaving Lamashtu's hideout, John was scolded by Manny for not asking God for help and instead choosing Pazuzu, an ally of the First of the Fallen, who, according to Manny, gives temporary power to those who believe his lies, but they end up becoming his possessions. Angered by John, Manny said that he won't help him to escape the dark fate, even though he can. John then met with Chas Chandler, explaining the situation to him. However, before the two could walk away, Pazuzu has taken over John, and screamed at Chas that he won't be cast out.[2]

Knowing that they only have a few days of the "incubation period" before Pazuzu takes permanent residence, John Constantine's team devised a plan to banish Pazuzu. Meanwhile, the demon king went on a rampage, killing members of the Santa Muerte gang. Because of that, John was arrested and taken into Mexico City prison. There Pazuzu has taken over him in murderous rage a few more times, leading to John getting the alias "El Diablo". The team managed to get into the prison and tried performing exorcism on John Constantine at a basketball court, but were interrupted by Nahash, who also absorbed the power of Phurba while being dissolved, leaving the team without a way to banish the demon by piercing John's heart. The exorcists then escaped with John's body from the prison and quickly journeyed to Jasper Winters' millhouse. Pazuzu was now at full power, able to influence John's thoughts and actions, and even taunt his team using John's memories. However, after an epiphany, Anne Marie Flynn was finally able to banish Pazuzu using light magic aligned with God to command Pazuzu to be banished to Hell and ask God to forgive John Constantine and protect him from the demon king.[2]

Powers and abilities


John Constantine unleashed Pazuzu on Lamashtu, allowing him to consume her in purple flames.

  • Demonic/godlike physiology: In addition to being a demon, Pazuzu is also a god and is thus extremely powerful. His power is even superior to that of Lamashtu, a demon goddess who has existed since the Garden of Eden. He has displayed the related powers.
    • Divine power: Pazuzu is able to grant his powers through prayers and holy relics, like the Icon of Pazuzu.[1]
    • Immortality: Pazuzu is an ancient being that lived at the very least since the times of ancient Assyrians.[2]
    • Regeneration/Healing: After possessing John for the first time, Pazuzu healed his body.[2]
    • Pyromancy: When John unleashed Pazuzu's rage upon Lamashtu through the Icon of Pazuzu, the demon king covered the floor, walls and his former mate in purple flames.[1]
    • Portal creation: After being unleashed through the Icon of Pazuzu on Lamashtu, Pazuzu created a fiery portal which sucked Lamashtu inside, her fate unknown.[1]
    • Superhuman strength: Pazuzu was incredibly strong, enhancing John Constantine's powers greatly and allowing him to rip whole gangs into shreds.[2]


  • Multilingual: Pazuzu answered to prayers in Mesopotamian languages, particularly Asyrian, allowing John Constantine to summon his powers upon Lamashtu. He also spoke English.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Possessing John's body, Pazuzu tore whole gangs of criminals into shreds.


  • Phurba: A Phurba could potentially banish, damage or destroy Pazuzu.[2]
  • Light magic/Exorcism/God's powers: With great dedication and belief, Anne Marie Flynn was able to get God to protect John Constantine as she banished Pazuzu in His name.[2]
  • Archangels: He was a servant of Satan and thus is presumed to be weaker than him



Behind the scenes

  • Historically, Pazuzu is a deity of Mesopotamian mythology, Assyrian included, primarily known as the king of the demons of the wind, brother of Humbaba and son of the god Hanbi. He also represented the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and drought.
  • Pazuzu is the third Mesopotamian deity, after Lamashtu and Nergal, to appear in Constantine TV Series as a demonic entity.


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