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"I need you, the team needs you, the city needs you. I'm not saying you shouldn't do your penance. You probably should, but do it as Spartan."
Oliver convincing Diggle to return to Star City

"Penance" is the fourth episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the ninety-sixth episode overall. It aired on October 26, 2016.



The scene opens with Team Arrow pursuing a hoodlum through Star City. Ragman is MIA, most likely because of Felicity, however the remainder of the group is in position. Sadly, Wild Dog starts terminating early, which distracts the whole activity. After Mr. Dynamite gets destroyed, Green Arrow mediates and afterward tells everybody they're taking a couple of vacation days.

After the strategic, reveals to Oliver that he stopping the group, as Felicity helps him an excessive amount to remember all that he lost. A while later, Lyla appears at the Arrow Cave to design Diggle's arranged jail break. Felicity's not actually ready for that arrangement, so Lyla recommends they take another bit of tech (an "against sub-atomic compound) to make the break-in simpler.

In a flashback, Anatoly and Oliver incubate an arrangement to grill one of Kovar's men. Anatoly pours alcohol on Oliver, and Oliver acts like an alcoholic to get captured.

Back in the current day, Oliver asserts that he has a dreadful instance of gout so he can take a couple of vacation days to save Diggle. He undertakings Adrian and Quentin to continue constructing a body of evidence against Tobias Church.

Curtis finds that Church's criminal was attempting to take a typical processor. He additionally discovers that somebody is attempting to break into Palmer Tech. At the point when Felicity calls Oliver about the robbery, Oliver answers....from inside Palmer's extra space.

At the point when Oliver comes back to the Arrow Cave, he and Felicity contend about whether Oliver should break Diggle out of jail. Felicity says that it's Diggle's call, however Oliver says he trusts she wakes up and furthermore prescribes she converse with Rory.

Adrian and Quentin show up at the prison to move proof, however Church has carried a little armed force to get the processor. Turns out, the processor was a bomb, so Church could bust into the proof storage and get some overwhelming weaponry out.

In the interim, Team Arrow 2.0 faces Oliver about skipping town. Things rapidly regress into a fistfight, and Oliver leaves his learners lying on the ground before driving off.

Felicity enables the group to lick their injuries back at the Arrow Cave, when Thea and Quentin appear at enlighten them regarding Church's jail break. Felicity arranges the group to hit the road and discover what Church has arranged.

Lyla acts like a military truck driver to get into the jail doors, and Oliver gets inside the jail itself by covering up in some clothing. He fixes the camera framework so Lyla can control him to Diggle's cell. Be that as it may, when Oliver gets to the cell, it turns out he's been moved to the jail's all inclusive community, implying that he won't be back in his cell before their extraction window is up.

In a flashback, Oliver "talks" to Kovar's flunky inside the prison by hacking him in the throat. He compromises the attendant's family, so the toady gives him the IP address to an "advanced deaddrop" to contact Kovar. He at that point snaps the flunky's neck and executes him.

Felicity has her discussion with Rory. She is sorry again and says Havenrock will be her inheritance, however Rory says he can't work with her.

Felicity and Team Arrow finds that Church is following Star City's Anti-Crime Unit.

So as to get Diggle once more into his cell, Oliver takes out one of the gatekeepers and leaves him there for another watchman to discover. That triggers the watchman to require all the detainees to be sent back to their cells right away.

At the Anti-Crime Unit, Chase attempts to get Church's man (the one Team Arrow caught before) to flip by undermining thim and killing the cameras. Simply at that point, Church appears at bring down the Anti-Crime Unit.

Felicity is reluctant to send Team Arrow without hesitation, yet Rory shows and up persuades her to release them into the field.

When Diggle shows up back in the cell, Oliver drops down from the roof. Oliver reveals to him that if Diggle needs compensation, he ought to do it as Spartan and not in a jail. That persuades Diggle to go with Oliver, so Oliver utilizes the counter atomic operator to make an opening in the floor for them to get away.

Oliver and Diggle head through the sewers, yet somebody sticks the comms to keep Lyla from revealing to them how to get out. They wind up moving into the jail yard, where a plane truly grabs them up off the ground before the military MPs can capture them

Group Arrow shows up at the Anti-Crime unit to protect Chase and the remainder of the police out. The group functions admirably together from the start, however Church throws a blade into Mr. Dynamite's back and afterward beats the hell of Wild Dog as the remainder of the group get away. Spear shows up in a van to get Artemis, Mr. Fabulous and Ragman, however Wild Dog gets left behind.

Lyla and Oliver put Diggle into a deserted distribution center, before Oliver leaves to deal with his new group.

Back in Russia, Oliver discloses to Anatoly he finished the mission, subsequently gaining him a spot in the Bratva.

Pursue tells Thea and Quentin that his feeling on vigilantes have changed, and furthermore says that Church likely has Wild Dog.

Felicity pummels herself for losing Wild Dog, yet Rory (surprisingly) solaces her and says she settled on an outlandish decision. Oliver shows up back at the Arrowcave and advises the group they're going to discover Wild Dog.

That is most likely something worth being thankful for, as the scene closes with Church disclosing to Wild Dog that he's going to break him and leave him for the Green Arrow to discover.


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  • A soldier at the military prison stated he was going to "The Head" (the bathroom). However, Army soldiers refer to the bathroom as "The Latrine". "The Head" is a term used by personnel of the US Navy and Marine Corps.
  • Lyla, who is dressed as an Army soldier, calls an Army Sergeant "Sir" rather than by his title.




Production ran from July 27 until August 8, 2016, with a break for British Columbia Day on August 1. Shooting ran from August 9 until August 18, 2016.[1]