"All he seems to do lately is to talk to his old pal from the force or listen to the police ban radio."
Nora Allen about Pete Donello and Henry Allen to her son[src]

Pete Donello (died 1990) was the partner of Henry Allen and his neighbor.[1]


Early life

At some point in 1971, during his life as a CCPD officer, he and his partner Henry Allen went after the notorious bank robber Johnny Ray Hix and they both succeed in arresting him despite being injured at the right leg and failing to recover the stolen money.[1]

Murdered by Hix

In 1990, he and Henry were talking about sport in their garden and when they talked about their past life as police officer, Henry revealed him that Hix broke out of jail and both agree to handle him their way. Days later, at the precinct lab, he met Henry's son Barry and his college Julio Mendez. In private, he informed Henry about someone called Danny Duffy that has tie with Hix and also informed him of his bar. They then secretly left the building and Pete dropped Henry near the bar. Later that night, he was investigating where Hix could have hid the money but Hix appeared. Hix figured out where Henry was hidden due to some Intel found in Pete's house and when Pete tried to run, he was stabbed by Hix causing his death.[1]


His death was avenged when Barry and Henry arrested Hix and his crew days later.[1]


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