Peter Paul Aguilar was a D.E.A. Bureau Chief that testified against Reuben Calderon.


Early life

At some point, Peter sent his daughter Paloma to her uncle in order to protect her during his testimony against Reuben Calderon.[1]

Stopping Calderon

In 1990 after a delayed trial, Peter was about to testify against Calderon but his daughter was taken hostage by Marcos Trachmann. He agreed not to testify if they bring back his daughter. During the Day of the Dead Festival, Paloma tries to kill him but the Flash prevented that. While worrying about his unconscious daughter, the Flash took him to Calderon and Trachmann but when he was ordered to kill Peter, the Flash did not obey his command and attack him. Peter runs after Calderon and during the fight he knocks him out. The next day, he celebrates the arrest of Calderon with his family at the Mexican restaurant. He thanks the Flash for his action and tells Barry Allen that apparently, Trachmann is at the hospital diagnosed with brain damage.[1]


The Flash (CBS)


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