Peter Declan is the husband of the late Camille Declan, and the father of Izzy Declan.



In 2007, Peter Declan learned from his wife, Camille, that her workplace, Brodeur Chemical, was dumping toxic waste into The Glades. He became worried and frustrated when Camille revealed she had told her supervisor about her discovery. They argued very loudly over Peter's fear of retaliation from the company's CEO Jason Brodeur, to the extent that the neighbors could hear. The couple's daughter, Izzy, started crying so Camille decided to spend the night in her room. The next morning, Peter went to apologize to Camille, only to find her dead. Horrified, he grabbed Izzy, ran outside, and called the police.[1]

Peter was found guilty of Camille's murder due to their argument and the murder weapon containing his fingerprints. He was convicted in August 2008 of first-degree murder[2] and incarcerated at Iron Heights Prison, but continued to maintain his innocence. Over four years later in late 2012, Peter was sentenced to death.[1]


24 hours before Peter's execution, legal aid attorney Laurel Lance decided to look into his case. When she questioned him at Iron Heights, Peter insisted he would never take Izzy's mother from her and recounted the night Camille was murdered, mentioning the supervisor. Laurel then assured Peter that she believed him.

The Hood interrogated and threatened Camille's supervisor, Matt Istook, and retrieved her file with incriminating evidence against Brodeur, which would aid in proving Peter's innocence. However, Laurel was unable to stay Peter's execution.

That night, Peter gave up on the prospect of clearing his name in the face of Brodeur, despite Laurel's promise that her "friend" believed in his innocence was working on a new angle. Just then, a prison riot started. As the convicts began attacking the guards, Peter and Laurel were caught in the crossfire. However, The Hood rescued them, bringing the pair to safety. Afterwards, Brodeur's bodyguard, Ankov, confessed to murdering Camille and arranging the Iron Heights Prison riot on the former's orders, exonerating Peter.

The next day, Laurel took Peter to a park, where he thanked her and shared a joyful reunion with Izzy.[1]



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