"You stand tall. Stand proud. You're a Lockwood. You're human. This planet belongs to you. Stand up and fight for what's yours."
—Peter Lockwood's last words to his son, Ben[src]

Peter "Pete" Lockwood (died June 18, 2018) was the father of Ben Lockwood and the paternal grandfather of George Lockwood. Peter's death during Reign's terraformation of Earth and his anti-alien views indirectly led to his son becoming Agent Liberty.


Original multiverse

Peter owned Lockwood Family Steel, which was used to process steel for businesses such as L-Corp. However, after people began using a new metal called Nth metal he had to eventually shut down his factory. After that he and his family suffered from money problems.[1]

During the Daxamite invasion he and his family hid in their house until they were forced to leave, he was against it though as he believed they should instead stand up and fight for what is theirs, he witnessed the fight between the Green Martian and the Daxamite which destroyed their home. Once the whole world was being rebuilt by the Worldkillers he went to his steel factory where he was trapped in the debris. His son tried to save him but he didn't want to be saved as the steel factory was all he had and he wanted to die there. He made his son promise to stand up for himself and protect what is his.[1]

New multiverse

Alternate timeline

In a timeline that Mxyzptlk and Kara created in an attempt to make things right with Lena, Peter, instead of hating aliens, worshiped Supergirl and converted his factory to a church for the Cult of Rao. Because he falsely assumed that Supergirl would save him, he, along with his daughter in law and grandson jumped off a roof, plummeting to their deaths. This enraged his son and his son would become Agent Liberty and swore revenge on Supergirl, Lena, and the cult's founder, Thomas Coville.[2]


Peter's death during the Worldkillers' attempt to terraform Earth is one of the reasons why his son, Ben Lockwood hates aliens and what turned him into the man he is today. However, even before Peter's death at the hands of the Worldkillers, his negative attitude and actions is what caused his son, Ben to develop an anti-view and hatred towards all aliens in general, despite the fact that Ben had been initially more fair-minded.[1]


Peter had always hated aliens for no clear reason, simply due to their destructive capabilities, completely disregarding the fact that most aliens, such as Superman and Supergirl respectively are good, not evil; proving that he was both short-sighted and narrow-minded.[1]

When Peter's employees were arrested by the FBI for attacking and assaulting two innocent aliens simply due to their extraterrestrial heritage, he tried to defend their actions but was put in his place by J'onn J'onzz, who states that his workers are actually guilty of breaking the law by attacking innocent aliens and that the FBI serve the American people; as the alien amnesty act gives all aliens in general the same equal rights as humans.[1]

Peter was a traditionalist who refuses to consider adapting to a changing world, as a result, he always tried to blame aliens for ruining his life; however, in truth, he was actually responsible for ruining his own life. This is evident, since he could've turned the Lockwood Steel Mill into manufacturing Nth metal, like Ben originally suggested, but stubborn and traditionalist as he was, he refused.[1]

Peter values his family most of all, his son, Ben Lockwood, was one of the few individuals who could talk sense into him.[1]



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