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"Wonderful! Miss Fayad said you like to play games, Damien. Now you're just wasting our time. We came here to check on your progress with Genesis, not to watch you exercise a personal vendetta."
—Phaedra Nixon to Damien Darhk[src]

Phaedra Nixon (died May 2016) was a high-ranking member of H.I.V.E., acting as an important figure behind Operation Genesis.


Phaedra Nixon, along with other partners of H.I.V.E., arrived in Star City to check on Damien Darhk's regarding Operation Genesis. While there, she witnessed how Oliver Queen revealed Darhk's identity and his role as the leader of H.I.V.E. to the media because of his attack during the clean-up of Star City Bay.

Later, when Darhk welcomed her and the rest of the board, Nixon bluntly stated that they did not travel to Star City to watch him exercise a vendetta. Their discussion was interrupted when Oliver called Darhk to trade his life for those of his friends.[1]

Nixon later joined the board in discussing Ruvé Adams' questionable business acumen regarding the mayoral race and also brought up the matter of Quentin Lance's betrayal to the organization.[2]

When Damien was imprisoned, Malcolm Merlyn visited him, informing him that Nixon and the other partners had decided to move ahead with Genesis without him.[3]

Nixon and Milo Armitage were present at H.I.V.E. headquarters when Damien returned, flanked by Merlyn, Andy Diggle, and Michael Amar, having been freed from prison by the three. Nixon and Armitage were worried that Damien would seek vengeance for allowing him to rot in prison. However, Darhk seemed very calm, lulling the two into a false sense of security. Once Darhk learned that Genesis had continued without a hitch even during his imprisonment, he promptly killed Armitage. Nixon tried to escape but Darhk killed her as well by telekinetically snapping her spine. Her body was later found by Team Arrow.[4]



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