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"Living with fragments of the people we love pales in comparison to the real thing."
Alex Danvers

"Phantom Menaces" is the third episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-ninth episode overall. It aired on April 13, 2021.



Nyxly saves Kara from the bandits

Nyxlygsptlnz saves Supergirl from bandits.

Lena Luthor, now in charge of Luthor Corp, asks Querl Dox for help in banning Lex Luthor from the company's computers.

Meanwhile, Silas has called J'onn J'onzz and M'gann M'orzz because he was possessed by Prime Phantom who has exited his body and scratched him and his roommates at his apartment.

In the Phantom Zone, Supergirl has broken her leg; she and Zor-El hitched a ride on a phantom through a portal and upon exiting, she fell hard upon the ground. As she struggled in pain, bandits kidnapped Zor-El. Kara would have been taken as well but Nyxly tricked them into leaving without her.

After Nyxly and Kara exchange origin stories and trust, Nyxly explains to Kara that the bandits sacrifice people to a beast they fear. As Kara rests to prepare to raid the bandits' cave, Nyxly regains her magical powers, heals Kara's leg, and prepares for the confrontation.

Lena and Lex in Luthor Corp

The Luthor family argues.

Lex is not pleased because Lena is slowing the deals that he is making with Kasnia, so he confronts her and tells her that he is having District attorney Matthews investigate her for her part in Project Non Nocere to get her to relinquish control.

Alex Danvers sits in her apartment and cries as she watches Kara's video will, but Kelly Olsen talks to her and gets Alex to help with the diagnosis of Silas who, in the Tower, loses his soul and transforms into a phantom. The sight of the transformation triggers Alex's PTSD.

Acting as the leader of the Superfriends and missing Kara but trying not to be too emotional, J'onn gives M'gann commands not to chase phantoms on her own. M'gann responds by going anyway when the police are alerted that phantoms are attacking citizens. By the time the other Superfriends arrived on the scene of the attacks, M'gann was infected.

Lena and Querl transfer some of Lex's money to a children's hospital; Lex gets Otis Graves to bomb the place and to tell the press that Lena was in charge of the place's faulty wiring. Lena wishes Lex death, but Brainy takes the suggestion seriously. Lena talks Brainy who is filled with rage out of his emotional breakdown and she realizes that she needs to end her toxic relationship with her brother.



J'onn literally has a piece of M'gann's soul; when M'gann transforms into a phantom, the Superfriends transfer that piece back to M'gann to revert to normal. This inspires Alex to ask Kelly to live with her permanently.

Lena ends her war with Lex by declaring him the winner and telling him that he has sole possession of Luthor Corp. Lex tells his butler that even though he has everything he wants, he still wants more.

After a relatively easy confrontation with Scar's bandits to free Zor-El, Kara reveals that Alura Zor-El created the Phantom Zone, so there must be a hidden passage for escape that they will find.



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  • This episode's original title was "Phantoms of the Opera", which was a play on the novel The Phantom of the Opera.[1]
  • This is the first episode of Supergirl to feature Peta Sergeant (Nyxlygsptlnz) as a series regular.
  • As Brainy is ranting to Lex Luthor, he says "You shouldn't have a future. You shouldn't even be able to. You should be haunted by a Kryptonian heart beating ceaselessly beneath your floorboards!" This is an analogy of Edgar Allan Poe tale, the 'Tell-Tale Heart.
  • Lena brings up the "little boxes" metaphor from season 4 again, realizing repressing her feelings are what ate her away.
  • Brainy had already half planned how to kill Lex at this point; half as he wished to give the honor to Lena.
    • His plain was to electrocute Lex so he was only paralyzed, allowing Lena to choose the method to finish Lex. From there, they'd dismember him and dump the parts on separate planets to destroy them and ensure he couldn't come back.
  • Lex Luthor's butler calls Lex "the man who has everything", a reference to the classic Superman story For the Man Who Has Everything by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.


  • Alex states that J'onn and M'gann bonded to stop Myriad. In truth, they bonded to stop Lex's satellites, and the Myriad program was used to free everyone from his brainwashing.