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"No one should be above the rest of us. We need to put our country first."
—Phil Baker to Supergirl[src]

Phil Baker is the corrupt former president of the United States; he is the former vice president, having taken on the position of president after the resignation of his predecessor, Olivia Marsdin. Paranoid about further alien crises and his dropping ratings in the polls, Baker turned around the country's policy on anti-alien movements, putting him at odds with the D.E.O. and Supergirl.

Baker was eventually revealed to be a traitor, having been working with Lex Luthor in secret to help Kaznia take over the U.S. in exchange for the presidency. To aid Lex's agenda, Baker pardoned Ben Lockwood/Agent Liberty from prison and had the latter serve in his office, eventually deputizing the Children of Liberty.

Baker was impeached and arrested when his involvement with Lex was exposed to the public.


Early life

Baker was originally a senator of the United States before he met Lex Luthor. Lex somehow elevated his position to the vice president under Olivia Marsdin by taking out her running mate.[1]

Rise to the Presidency

In late 2018, the Children of Liberty with the assist of Lex's henchmen, Mercy and Otis Graves, exposed Olivia Marsdin as an alien and caused her to resign from office and Baker to be subsequently sworn in as the new president. Prior to his inauguration, Baker was visited by Supergirl, whom he thanked for capturing Mercy Graves. After Supergirl affirmed her unconditional support for America, he promised he would do his best to carry on Olivia's legacy.[2]

Conflicts with the D.E.O.

With the Children of Liberty's influence rising, he would frequently contact director Alex Danvers of the D.E.O. to ask her what she was doing to stop them as his approval ratings were dropping as the Children of Liberty began getting more support, he also told her to keep a tighter lease on Supergirl as he believed that she was making the situation worse, he was going to threaten her until he had other matters to attend to. Seeing how ineffective the D.E.O. was against the Children of Liberty and since Alex defied a direct order, he sent Colonel Lauren Haley to supervise the place and turn it back to the organization it once was before J'onn ran the place.[3]

Even though Ben Lockwood was now imprisoned for his crimes as Agent Liberty, it didn't stop Baker's approval ratings from dropping and only made it worse since most Americans saw Ben as a hero, seeing how Ben gained more supporters after showing who he really was and what he was fighting for, this gave Baker the idea that he wanted to know who Supergirl really was to gain more supporters of his own and improve his approval ratings, when he tried to convince Supergirl to reveal her identity to put his plan into fruition, even telling her that he had to put his own family into protective custody after becoming president, she still refused as it would put her and all her loved ones in danger. He then unjustly fired Supergirl from the D.E.O., even though she had good reasons to keep her identity a secret.[4]

Working with Ben Lockwood

With his approval ratings continuing to dwindle, he was desperate to find a way to raise them, he would watch the news and see that Ben Lockwood is the key to his popularity to bounce back, but he had no way of getting him out since Ben's charges were serious, he told his secretary, Sarah Walker, to find a way around this, after some time of researching, she told him that the law was to protect human civilians, not aliens. With that, Baker gleefully ordered Ben to be pardoned. Because of that, Ben would find himself to become a free man.[5]

Apparent victory

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Exposure and impeachment

With Querl Dox's help, Kara Danvers was able to get back the evidence that Baker had taken from her (regarding Lex Luthor's involvement with the Kaznian army and Red Daughter impersonating Supergirl during the attack on the White House) after which, she blogged the evidence on the internet, exposing Lex's crimes to the public. Following the fight at Shelley Island; Baker is subsequently removed from office, impeached and arrested for his involvement with Lex.


During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, because of Baker's actions towards the aliens while working with the likes of Lex Luthor, Ben Lockwood and the Children of Liberty, Querl Dox showed concerned for the human population of Earth-38; due to the fact he was not sure they would be saved, given the aliens owned much of the resources needed for a mass exodus to Earth-1 in order to save them from Mobius's Antimatter wave that destroyed Argo. Though thankfully, Baker's actions didn't hinder the evacuation. Thanks to the aliens and heroes from both Earth-38 and Earth-1 with the sacrifice Oliver Queen made, 3 billion citizens were saved. This showed that good human-alien relations survived despite the actions of Baker.


Initially, Baker appeared to be a thoughtful political leader who would do anything for his country, but then, as the crisis with the Children of Liberty started to mount, costing him approval ratings in the polls, he revealed himself to be a selfish individual, who would only do anything for his own self-interests; ordering Kara Danvers (under the persona of Supergirl) to reveal her public identity as a U.S. citizen so it would not affect his approval ratings anymore. After Supergirl refused to reveal her civilian identity to the public, since it would endanger her loved ones, he fired her from the D.E.O.. Later on, Baker pardoned Ben Lockwood to improve his poll ratings, once the administration discovered a loophole to release him and later on, appointed Ben as the director of Alien Affairs; after an unpleasant encounter with Supergirl.

Baker is proven to have a degree of paranoia, by ordering the construction of a satellite with a cannon attached to it, that would destroy any alien spacecraft enters the solar system, despite such a project being a break of the protocol even for any president of the United States. Baker's unprecedentedly strange and, immoral actions caused him to lose the complete trust and respect, from Kara Danvers and Alex Danvers respectively, and later caused Lauren Haley to ponder on whether the president's strange decisions regarding Ben Lockwood and the satellite had ulterior reasons beyond the polls.[6][7]

Baker is proven to be a corrupt and power-hungry individual (as has been working with Lex Luthor; prior to him becoming the vice president, later, the president of the United States) when the White House was attacked by Red Daughter (under the persona of Supergirl) he knew it wasn't the real Supergirl, as it was an imposter, but still publicly declared the superheroine as public enemy number one and after Lex betrayed the Kaznian army (which was part of his plan was in order make himself look like a hero to his country) he blamed the Kaznian invasion on Supergirl, as well as those pardoning Lex of his crimes, just to simply stay in power and to further improve his approval ratings.

These negative traits of Baker's, are what eventually led to his deserved/justified incarceration.



The Flash

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Behind the scenes

  • Brent Spiner was originally cast as Vice President Baker,[8] but had to step down due to a family emergency and was replaced by Bruce Boxleitner.


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