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Philip Carlberg (died c. 2011)[1] was a high school dropout.


Philip flunked high school, causing him to begin smoking weed and playing video games with friends. Due to this, he was kicked out of home by his grandmother. He decided to hitch a ride in to the city, but the driver lost control of the car, running in to a tree and killing him.[1]


Following his death, his grandmother struggled to forgive herself. She went to Papa Midnite, wishing to talk to him. Due to her immense guilt, it was powerful enough to bring back Philip's ghost. His ghost began haunting the roads near where he died, hitching rides before forcing the cars to hit the same tree he had hit. Zed Martin, who had been investigating his ghost, began to get through to him, discussing his grandmother's guilt, before she let go of her guilt and Philip's body was burnt, causing his ghost to vanish.[1]



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